Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Weddings are a long drawn out affair if you ask me. We've been all been there; sat bored at at table, DJ blasting his Spotify playlist on 11 and those delightful pests we call children won't show any sign of fatigue! But it needn't be...
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Progression of a PickPocket!

Progression of a pickpocket! I'm primarily known as a close up magician. Performing wonderful, jaw breaking feats of magic at close quarters. Hidden within this skill set is a silent assassin called...Bruce. Bruce helps me take my performance to the next level by covertly borrowing wallets,...
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How much should you pay for a close up magician?

If you’ve not hired a magician before, you may be unsure what fees you can expect to pay. And once you start shopping around and discover how prices vary, you can get even more confused! That’s why I’ve written this piece… With so much choice,...
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It’s a filthy habit!

It's a disgusting habit! Came across this video I did a while back. You'll be pleased to know I've completely kicked the addiction 😉
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Coffee and tricks from a Birmingham Magician

Fancy a coffee? I understand there are a boat load of magicians in the Midlands and it may seem hard to make a decision on which close up magician you should book for your wedding or party. Well, I'm here to help. Let's meet up! I'll wear...
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What’s a table magician?

Table Magician? I suppose we close up magicians take it for granted that our readers are au fait with the terms we use (wait whilst I check what au fait means...) So lets explain; A table magician is perfect wedding entertainment to be used during...
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Birmingham Magician @ Botanical Gardens Wedding

birmingham-magician-botanical-gardens-wedding Here's a shot from a recent wedding I performed at the Botanical gardens in Birmingham. It's a lovely place for weddings and I had a great time entertaining the guests whilst the bride and groom had their photos taken and pre-dinner drinks were quaffed!...
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TV Magic Vs. Close Up Magic

It’s a question that no one has ever asked but…TV magic or close up magic: Which is better? There’s only one way to find out…Fiiiiiiiiiiight! Of late, there’s been plenty of magic on TV: The likes of Troy, Dynamo and Ben Hanlin have recently offered...
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Looking For A Table Magician Online

Table magician? I’ve just been doing a trawl around the interweb looking at other magicians’ websites and I’d hate to be in your shoes trying to pick out the best table magician for your event (I’m very particular with my footwear). It seems that there’s...
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House Party Magic Review

This morning, I received a very nice email from a recent booker who’s house party I was asked to attend and entertain the many guests. It was a great night, enjoyed not only by myself but as you will see below, the host: "To set...
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Using Magic To Shock The Staff At Selfridges In Birmingham (Video)

The video above is at Selfridges in the Bull Ring. Watch how my stunning volunteer nearly soils her self much to the delight of her colleagues! But my entertainment doesn't stop at department stores for the rich and famous! Whether it’s for a wedding, a...
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I’ve Magically Appeared On Facebook

Because I haven’t got real friends (being a magician is lonely work), I’ve set up a Facebook page to make me look really popular. Are you on Facebook? Do you have a friend (or two) who is getting married and could do with a wedding...
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Hire Me To Perform Magic At Your Christmas Party

Chris Peskett – Christmas Party Magician Covering Birmingham, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Shopshire & Leicestershire Let’s be honest, it’s something you’ve not thought about right? You have the spangly decorations, Delia’s finest nibbles and maybe a quick game of spin the bottle planned but there’s something you’ve omitted…...
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Why booking a wedding magician is a fantastic idea!

As a wedding magician I get around Staffordshire and Birmingham entertaining plenty of guests, brides and grooms. From my point of view, to book a wedding magician is a must but it would seem entertainment isn’t always first in line… The wedding to-do list: Choose...
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A Magician In London For Weddings, Parties, Restaurants & Corporate Events

Seeking a Professional close up London magician? Stop reading, contact HERE right now! For those who require further convincing, continue… With almost 20 years in the trade, I’ll guarantee you and your guests a memorable experience. Close up magic is a unique way to make...
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What To Look For When Hiring A Magician

 If you’re thinking of hiring a magician for a party or wedding soon, please grab a coffee and read on for some useful information to keep in mind when making your selection…   Last month I returned home from the mania that is the Blackpool...
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Wedding entertainment & photographers


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