FAQs About Hiring A Close-up Magician For Your Next Event | 2022
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FAQs About Magic & Hiring A Magician

frequently asked question

What is Close-Up Magic?

Close-up magic is performed in an intimate setting usually no more than a ten-foot distance from one’s audience and is usually performed while sitting at a table. Use is made of everyday items as props, such as cards, coins, rings, rope and elastic bands are used.


Related terms are; Mix and mingle magic, micro magic, close-quarters magic, close hand magic, table magic

frequently asked question

What will it bring to my event?

Like a shark attack in your local swimming baths – your guests won’t know what hit them!


Close up magic transforms boring events into a thing of the past. The era of sequin waistcoats and stuffy rope tricks is well and truly over and the magic I perform is so cosmopolitan you could sip it out of a cocktail glass!


Cards, coins, rings and some really rather random items pop up in my performances -and not only that – I’ll give you all one hell of a good giggle too!


Close Up Magician is much more than just “tricks”.  The tricks are merely a vehicle for your guests to get on board a magical journey. Destination; Good times City!


This unique form of entertainment is a fantastic ice-breaker and a cracking party starter for an unforgettable event!

frequently asked question

Why should I book you?!

In short – I GET IT!


Entertaining complete strangers in an intimate setting is no mean feat – a skill that has been honed over decades.


I carry a full arsenal of skills too: sleight of hand, pickpocketing, mind-reading all wrapped up in a nice comedy parcel!


If you combine this with what I believe is the best way to present close-up magic; The Close-Up Corneryou’ve just found the secret weapon to a successful and memorable event.



I’ve been doing magic a long time so I know what works! Aside from my technical brilliance and outrageously good looks… I’ll personally ensure that your event starts with a bang and ends with an even bigger one! In short, I love entertaining people!

frequently asked question

How long should I book you for?

Great question!


This really depends on the event and what you’re you after.


I try not to perform by the hour but instead, by the event.


For this reason, each quote is bespoke and tailored to your event and requirements.


Typically for events that have 50-100 guests, 2-3 hours is great. If you’re expecting more guests, you’ll benefit from adding one of my trusted team members who also specialise in close-up magic. See this page for more information on the team.

frequently asked question

I’ve had a cheaper quote. Why?!

As with all industries, prices vary and typically, are a good indication of their value to the market.


There will always be cheaper options and if you’ve ever seen a terrible performance from a close-up magician you’ll know the stink they can cause!


A quality act isn’t cheap (but you knew that!) and the price you pay for a poor act will be more than the peanuts they charge.


Performing Close-up magic to a professional standard is a skill that takes time and effort, hard work and dedication. Beware the cowboys! 


For more information on how much a close-up magician charges, click here

frequently asked question

Do you have any reviews?

Sure, right HERE.


I’m proud of every review. All provided on independent review site, FreeIndex. Think of it like the Tripadvisor for guys like me.


These reviews have helped me to a ranking of 1st of all UK magicians!

frequently asked question

What’s the booking process?

See this page!

I have an online booking form for you to complete and request a deposit to secure the date.


The final payment is due before the event.


I accept bank transfer, Paypal and all major credit/debit cards.


Payment before the event makes life so much easier: I once had a Groom tell me the Best Man had lost the envelope of cash for my payment. They had to have a whip-round for my fee so they essentially paid twice! Lesson learnt!

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