Reasons to hire a wedding magician

hire a wedding magician

Reasons to hire a wedding magician

wedding magicians

Hey you!

I’m Close-Up Chris – a professional wedding magician and it will come as no surprise that I’m banging the drum for the inclusion of hiring a professional magician at your wedding. You see, we’re more than just OMG tricks – we’re like a veritable Swiss army knife: Packs small, plays BIG.

Reasons to hire a wedding magician

Social lubricant Extraordinaire

A good wedding magician will help ease any tensions or cliques between groups who don’t know each other. Your wedding party will no doubt be made up of friends, family and possibly stray dogs that would rather keep their heads down and avoid eye contact than engage in conversations with strangers. Enter stage left, Close-Up Chris (that’s me) – quicker than you can say “big awkward gathering”, I’ll whip out that wow factor that allows guests to ease up, drop their barriers and become an active member at your wedding.

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The Ice-Breaker

Large gatherings can sometimes feel as lively as a tax seminar, and wedding receptions are no different. Sure, things might get a bit zesty when the rum and coke start flowing, but by then, we’re halfway to midnight! Setting the right ambience early on is not just a nice-to-have, it’s the secret sauce to a memorable day. And that, my friends, starts with your DRINKS RECEPTION.

You see, small cliques and marathon events mix about as well as oil and water. So while your photographer is off trying to capture your best angles, you need something to keep the crowd entertained – and no, your uncle’s dad jokes don’t count. Enter stage right this time, a magician (guess who), who can kick those frosty vibes to the curb faster than a rat up a pipe.

Imagine the whirlwind of laughter, chatter, and good times as I steal thoughts, wallets and watches to get the fun started.

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Amazing Photo Opportunities

There’s a little secret that photographers won’t openly admit and I’m here to spill the beans. Photographers. Love. Magicians.

There, I said it. Cue the gasps.

Is it because we dress nice and make wonderful partners? No, of course not.

It’s because when we’re working our charm around small groups, they get to snap some of the most epic, Instagram-worthy photos this side of Kim Kardashian’s feed.

Sure, on your big day, you’ll want those posed portraits that you’ll dust off each anniversary and show off like a proud peacock. But let’s be real, the true magic of any wedding (no pun intended) is those candid, unplanned moments that have your photographer clicking faster than a teenager texting their crush.

Hiring a wedding magician (that’s me) is like hiring a fairy godmother for your wedding album. We can turn even the dreariest parts (and people – come on, we all know one) into the stars of the most captivating wedding photos you’ve ever seen. So sit back, relax, and let me add a pinch of pixie dust to your wedding day. Just don’t blame me if your photos end up breaking the internet.

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The Lull Buster

Things that are long: Yardsticks, a giraffe’s neck, Peter Crouch and your mother-in-law’s face (stop it). But what else rivals these in length? You guessed it – wedding days.

From your guests’ perspective, they’re expected to clock in earlier than the bride, endure some syrupy vows nabbed from a 90s rom-com, and all this while their stomachs are playing a symphony of hunger pangs. And it’s not even teatime yet. There’s the cocktail hour, the group photos, the speeches, and they’re still several bread rolls and a bowl of cream of chicken soup away from satiation. A quick peek at the watch reveals a daunting 7 hours until they can make their escape. By the time evening rolls around, it’s less “celebration” and more “The Walking Dead”.

Should you trim down the day? Not on your life! But it’s crucial to have some emergency “entertainment parachutes” ready to deploy during the lulls. In my experience, the most monotonous part of a wedding is right after the wedding breakfast. There’s this slump, you see. A carb-induced coma that needs to be tackled with the determination of Roy Keane in his pomp.

Cue the wedding entertainer distress signal. Time to pump in some fun that’ll invigorate your guests, shaking them out of their food stupor and gearing them up for an evening of revelry.

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The X-Factor

I see what you’re doing. You want your wedding to outshine your sister’s. It needs to be more dazzling, more thrilling, more momentous – and I’ve got just the ticket. Close-up magic is like a secret weapon for weddings, and here’s why.

A top-notch wedding magician (FYI, I’m currently holding the UK’s number one spot, thank you very much), delivers a wallop. I’m not talking about a playful elbow nudge to the ribs, no siree. I mean a full-on, take-your-breath-away, call-it-a-night kind of whammy.

My magic isn’t pulled from a hat; it’s inspired by the wizarding world of Harry Potter. It’s crafted to metaphorically de-pants your guests, leaving them questioning their grip on reality. And what’s the fallout of this madness? Unforgettable memories of an epic day. There will be stories told long after the last slice of cake has been devoured, about how the magician invaded Zoey’s mind, how the magician made off with the groom’s watch, and so forth.

In my humble opinion, when it comes to wedding entertainment, nothing holds a candle to a wedding magician. Maybe a chocolate fountain. But THAT’S IT!

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Unparalleled fun

Whether it’s during the cocktail hour, the wedding dinner, that notorious post-lunch slump, or the evening celebration, bringing in a top-notch wedding magician (or any other form of live entertainment, for that matter) is like performing CPR on your party. It injects a much-needed jolt of fun into the proceedings. Let’s face it, most guests at weddings are on the prowl for something to do, and interactive entertainment is just the antidote for those wandering eyes.

Sure, call me partial, but magic is by its very nature an OMG-inducing spectacle. So yes, while the chocolate fountain might offer a saccharine delight and the DJ can crank up the decibels till the cows come home, close-up magic is the real game-changer here. Think of it as the secret ingredient in your wedding day soup – it adds that extra ‘oomph’, taking your special day from ‘nice’ to ‘WOW.

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It’s Super Versatile

We wedding magicians possess a peculiar talent – conjuring up awe-inspiring moments at the drop of a hat. No grand spectacle necessary – just a few everyday items and voila, we’ve got wedding entertainment so refined you could swirl it around a wine glass! But wait, there’s more. Procuring the services of a top-tier wedding magician is like getting an insurance policy against any wedding day hiccups:

The caterer’s timing on the roast beef has gone awry? Not an issue. Position the magician in front of your famished guests for an impromptu performance that will distract them from the delayed dinner.

The groom is a jittery mess before his speech. No worries. Let the close-up magician work his charm and provide some light-hearted entertainment to lift his spirits.

That reclusive family member refusing to mingle? Don’t stress, your trusty entertainer will draw them out of their shell, diffusing any awkward tension.

You’re welcome 🙂

reasons to hire a wedding magician

It takes the pressure off

Your Personal Pressure Valve: Think of your top-tier magician as a superhero sidekick, warding off all kinds of party poopers. Having a pro entertainer in your corner is like having a secret weapon on this incredibly emotional and hectic day. You’ll be whizzing around like a pinball on steroids, and the last thing you need is to worry about guests nodding off during what should be the bash of the decade.

Just wind me up and let me loose – I’ll keep your guests so riveted they won’t even notice you’ve snuck off to snap some pics, mingle with your VIPs, or even sneak a peek at your dashing magician (that would be me).

So go ahead, toss that worry overboard and enjoy your day. After all, it’s not every day you get married, right?

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Amazing bang for your buck

After two decades in the magic business, I’ve collected quite a few complimentary remarks (and yes, I’m about to toot my own horn a little here):

“Hey Chris…you were the undisputed star of the show – our guests are still raving about you.”

It’s a strange paradox that we wedding magicians often find ourselves at the bottom of the pecking order when it comes to wedding planning/wedding entertainment. But let me tell you, the seismic shift we can trigger at your reception is nothing short of extraordinary.

It’s not at all rare for newlyweds to gush about how we were the secret sauce in their wedding entertainment recipe. And hopefully, after reading the benefits I’ve outlined above, you’ll see why we’re more than just a ‘nice-to-have’ – we’re a ‘must-have’.

So, ready to add some spellbinding charm to your big day?

other wedding entertainment ideas

A Focal Point

Most wedding magicians follow the same script – they meander through your crowd, enchanting small clusters of guests. It’s perfectly fine, but let’s face it, it’s as predictable as a rom-com ending. I, however, am not your run-of-the-mill magician. I present to you a unique format – the ‘Close-Up Corner’. Think of it as the Times Square of wedding reception attractions.

If you’re a veteran of the wedding circuit, you’ll know that most receptions, especially in the evenings, suffer from a common ailment. Following the room turnaround, the first dance, and the cake cutting, guests tend to glue themselves to their seats, eyes fixated on the deserted dance floor, waiting for someone to make the first move.

What you need are pockets of intrigue, and elements of interactive fun that transform your guests from passive observers to active participants in the wedding festivities.

The ‘Close-Up Corner‘ is more than just entertainment — it’s an experience, ticking all the right boxes:

  1. A unique focal point
  2. Eye-catching
  3. Memorable
  4. Crowd magnet

So, if you’re in search of wedding magic with a distinctive twist, do consider my unique format.

Talking Points

This is two-fold: Talking points that provide instant discussions to help break the ice with other guests. But further to that, it’s a powerful memory hook for talking points after your wedding.

It’s not every day that Nanna has her watch stolen (relax, she gets it back eventually), or “one of the lads” gets completely taken to the cleaners with some slick back-and-fro’ banter from yours truly.

These unique moments are the stuff legendary weddings are made of. They cast your special day in a golden glow that lingers long after the last guest has left. And the best part? You get to bask in the adulation for booking such an extraordinary entertainment service. So go on, take a bow – you’ve earned it.

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All Day Solutions

Wave goodbye to the era of clock-watching magicians who’d pull out a few card tricks and then vanish quicker than you can say “abracadabra“. Oh, not anymore. You see, we wedding magicians – the competent kind (because let’s face it, some are as magical as a doorstop) – have identified that weddings come with certain “sticky” moments that could use our wizardry. Hence, we’ve conjured up packages for all-day entertainment – perfect for grandiose weddings.

Offering amusement during the drinks reception and evening, with a sprinkle of bonus extras, my ‘Showman‘ package has become a crowd favourite. It’s the magic potion that guarantees top-notch entertainment, leaving no room for yawns or awkward silences.

So, ready for a chat? I’m all ears… and magic tricks 😉

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Reasons to hire a wedding magician

And there you have it, the undeniable evidence that a wedding magician is more than just a deck of cards – it’s the secret ingredient to keep your wedding reception from slipping into the realm of mundane.

You see, hiring a professional magician isn’t just about the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs. It’s about creating an atmosphere, a fun factor, a certain je ne sais quoi that keeps your guests on their toes. It’s about turning a potential slow period into shared laughter, transforming strangers into friends, and ensuring that Uncle Bob doesn’t drift off during the speeches (we’ve all been there).

In short, a wedding magician is the secret sauce to a memorable, entertaining, and – dare we say it – magical wedding. So, are you ready to add a sprinkle of magic to your big day? Knew it!

About Close-Up Chris

Who is Chris, you ask? Well, if you haven’t connected the dots yet, Chris is the UK’s finest wedding magician – the pièce de résistance of matrimonial merriment. Juggling sleight of hand, pickpocketing (only temporarily, promise!), and a generous helping of comedy, he’s the trifecta of wedding entertainment. Think of him as the antidote to the yawn-inducing parts of any event.

Nursed on a steady diet of laughter from an early age, Chris has mastered the art of keeping guests of all ages engaged. Well, almost all ages – he does have a well-publicised aversion to children! But don’t hold that against him; after all, everyone has their kryptonite!

He’s been performing magic for brides and grooms for over twenty years and is currently ranked Number 1 of all UK magicians.

If you’re after a great wedding magician, get in touch today.

Chris also provides team-building workshops,  corporate away days and Christmas parties.

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