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Amazing Close-Up Magician in Birmingham offering sleight of hand, pickpocketing and comedy to ensure OMG moments at your party, wedding or corporate event.

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magic circle mind reading

“You’re so funny”

Nicci-Grace, Birmingham

highly recommended birthday parties

“You were quite fantastic”

Sharon, Solihull

corporate entertainment

“You rocked the party”

Debbie, Redditch

9 Reasons to book a Birmingham magician:

wedding magicians

Close-Up magic will get your guests relaxed within seconds

wedding magicians
Party STarter

Guaranteed to provide excitement to any event

wedding magicians for hire
Top dog

Ranked 1st of UK Magicians by independent review site Freeindex

wow your guests with a magician
Your personal OMG maker

I'll be readily on hand to set your next event alight

close-up corner
The Close-up Corner

Get ready to engage a room of guests with this unique format

sleight of hand magician
The safest of hands!

Over 20 years of professional experience. Book me before I get a proper job

close up magic
Start with a bang

Magic so cosmopolitan you could sip it from a Martini glass

wedding magicians
insta ready

Out-of-this-world reaction shots for the ``gram``

Book with confidence

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Make it unforgettable!

Looking for the X-factor?

You need…

Surprise & delight your guests with this amazing focal point!

Magician in Birmingham
Magician in Birmingham
Birmingham magicians

What does it look like?

It looks very much like this…

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experience magic

“Just incredible!”

Dave, Shirley

award winning magician

“Seriously – WTF?!”

Kate, West Midlands

fantastic entertainment

“Do that again!”

Jan, Birmingham

wedding magician birmingham

birmingham magicians

Let me be the ultimate wedding guest, keeping your wedding brimmed with excitement and fun! Book me to bring the magic in more ways than one!


I’ll guarantee to:


  • Create a focal point during those lulls (drinks and evening reception)
  • Bring guests together with a shared experience
  • Provide amazing photo opportunities for your photographer!
  • Perform magic that generates a party atmosphere like no other entertainment can


With twenty years of professional experience, you’re in safe hands. As a multi-skilled performer, you won’t find many magicians with the skill set I possess (I’m sick of being modest!):


  • Sleight of hand expert
  • Theatrical pickpocketer
  • Mind reader
  • Professional socialiser!


Invest a little thought and time into your wedding entertainment – your guests will love you for it!


Here’s a blog piece on MY OWN WEDDING and why booking entertainment was key to our AMAZING day


wedding day entertainment
wedding guests
wedding magician Birmingham

corporate magician birmingham

birmingham entertainer

Corporate events need not be stuffy occasions – hire a great close-up magician to entertain the troupes. Ideal for award nights, impressing new and existing clients or for novel entertainment at the Christmas party. Close-up magic can be the perfect icebreaker!

With countless events under my belt, I know the drill! I’ve engaged with every type of audience so you’re in safe hands.

For a large corporate event, I have a fine selection of other professional magicians (local to Birmingham) whom I can call upon to entertain the masses.

For tradeshows, my Close-Up Corner format is perfect for pulling in the crowds. For an instant quote, get in touch today.


See this page for more information on my team of magicians

magic and mind reading
break the ice
dinner show

Party Magician!

You want to throw a great party, but don’t know how to entertain your guests.

It’s hard to know what to do when you’re the host of a party. You don’t want it to be just another night where people stand around in small groups, not talking to each other.

Hire me – a private party magician! I’m an expert in getting people excited and engaged making your party an unforgettable evening that your guests will be talking about for weeks afterwards.

I’ve got a couple of cool formats for your house party too – The Room of Mystery and the Close-Up Corner. Two unique entertainment options to help get the party started!

magician Birmingham
magicians in Birmingham
magician Birmingham

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Recent venues I’ve performed at in and around Birmingham:



I’m often booked to perform my close-up and table magic at the NEC, NIA, and ICC for company parties and exhibitions.

how much does a close up magician charge


Firstly, if you’re looking for the cheapest, I’m not him! I understand everyone has a budget but if you’re limited on what you can spend, I suggest you save your pennies!

They say you get what you pay for, and this is certainly true. Searching for the cheapest magician may seem like a good idea but ultimately, it will be money wasted. There’s nothing worse than watching an act that isn’t slick and can’t deliver on entertaining your guests.


Expect to pay between £500+ for a quality close-up magician in Birmingham. Other variables will increase this; time of year, location, additional hours required, type of event etc.


This isn’t a hard and fast rule though. There will be exceptions but can you afford to take a risk? If you have received a quote that is significantly lower than £500 do a little homework; Check for videos and recent photos – are the audience having a great time? Next, check for recent reviews on third-party platforms such as Google and FreeIndex.

If you like what you see – then go for it!

Read here for a detailed guide on how much a close-up magician should charge and what you’re really paying for!

Who’s Chris?


Hey – I’m Chris, a professional Birmingham magician, sensational socialiser and funny guy! I’m your secret weapon to help kick-start any event providing OMG moments that will live long in the memory.

Using sleight of hand, comedy, mind reading and a little pickpocketing, I’ve got the skills to help make your next event unforgettable. With over 20 years of professional experience, you’re in safe hands.

I know every trick in town to bring a bunch of strangers together to ensure a memorable occasion. Be it a private party, Christmas party, anniversary or tradeshow, just wind me up and let me do my thing.

magician in Birmingham

Book local magicians



Despite my youthful appearance, I bring a wealth of experience as a professional magician. I understand the pulse of any event and I’m quick to alleviate any concerns that my performance might be laden with clichés that often make adults cringe.

For me, it’s all about ensuring everyone has a fantastic time. My magic tricks are designed to incite laughter and provoke ‘OMG’ moments. This potent combination of amazing magic, hearty laughs, and high levels of engagement is what sets my act apart.


If you’re looking to hire a magician for the following, I’m your man:

Corporate events
Christmas parties
Private Parties
After your wedding breakfast
Drinks reception
Networking events
A Corporate function
Hen and stag parties
Small parties
Garden parties


Absolutely! I am a proud member of Equity, which not only affirms my status as a professional entertainer but also provides me with comprehensive public liability insurance cover up to £10 million. This ensures peace of mind for all involved, providing assurance that your guests’ valued possessions are safe and sound during my performance.


My performances are laced with sophisticated humour, intricate card tricks, and mind-reading feats that might go over the heads of our younger spectators. Think of it like this: It’s akin to serving caviar at a kids’ birthday party – sure, it’s possible, but hot dogs and ice cream would probably be more appreciated. So, while I’m perfectly capable of entertaining all ages, I must admit, I do enjoy the subtleties and nuances an adult audience brings to the table.

My close-up isn’t suitable for children’s birthday parties but I do know plenty of great options if you’d like the wow factor for your little one’s big bash. Visit Magic Russ – he’s a great guy.


I deliver a captivating blend of performances, featuring everything from mind reading and pickpocketing to deft sleight-of-hand tricks with cards, coins, rings, and more. However, my act isn’t just about the tricks – it’s about creating an engaging, fun-filled atmosphere. Sure, I have amazing tricks up my sleeve, but what truly sets me apart is my knack for banter that leaves audiences thoroughly entertained. That’s where the real magic lies!


As a professional close-up magician, I possess the uncanny knack to pull out mesmerizing, nearly divine feats right from my jacket. Now, don’t let the term ‘close-up magic’ fool you into thinking it’s a one-trick pony. It’s as versatile as a Swiss Army knife – ready to spring into action at (almost) any given moment. And for those who crave a bit more zest in their entertainment, I’ve got my Close-Up Corner set up. But don’t worry, it’s like a self-cleaning oven – it requires absolutely zilch from you. Just sit back and let the magic unfold!


Oh, absolutely! I’m as much a staple at Christmas parties as awkward family photos and unidentifiable canapés. As a Christmas party magician, I bring all the mystery of Santa’s workshop and none of the elf labour issues.

Picture this, if you will: A hush falls over the room as I pull an entire Christmas tree – tastefully decorated, mind you – from my hat. Impossible, you say? Well, so is a portly man in a red suit delivering gifts to billions in one night, but here we are.

Let’s face it, the only thing more magical than the holiday season itself is a holiday season sprinkled with a dash of spellbinding magic tricks and mind-boggling illusions. And let’s not forget the wit! My performances are seasoned with a pinch of sarcasm, a dollop of self-deprecation and garnished with a sprig of wordplay.

So, am I any good for Christmas parties? Well, let’s just say that by the end of the night, even your grumpiest uncle/work colleague will be more dazzled than the lights on the tree, and your guests will remember this party long after the last of the fruitcake has finally been thrown out… sometime around July, probably.




But on a serious note, if you’re digging my magical mojo, reach out to me sooner rather than later. My schedule fills up faster than a badger on a bypass – especially when it comes to weddings, which are often booked 12-18 months in advance. Despite having a team of spellbinding magicians at my disposal, there’s only one original – yours truly. So, if you’re in the market to hire a magician to keep your guests entertained and you want the cream de la cream, I’d recommend beating the clock.


So you want to hire a magician, do you?

All you need to do is fill out an online form that’s simpler than… your cousin. Then, part with your deposit or full payment and voila, we’re all set! The finer details? We can hash those out via email, a phone chinwag, or even a Zoom call (dealer’s choice).

On the big day, I’ll show up earlier than a rooster’s crow, ensuring we both get to bask in a stress-free event. It’s as easy as stealing watches off the elderly… but don’t worry, I only do that on stage!


Look no further for those on the lookout for a sophisticated engagement party magician! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m the perfect ingredient for you to throw an epic party in honour of your recent commitment 😄

Rest assured, you’ll be absolutely smitten with my performance, and a wedding invite might just be in the cards! I excel at being a sophisticated wedding magician, so how about we team up for an extra special experience? If you’re keen on wedding entertainment in Birmingham, check out this thorough look at ideas to enhance your day.



Magician Birmingham

Areas Covered Include:

    • Solihull
    • Shirley
    • Aston
    • Chelmsley Wood
    • Selly Oak
    • Quinton
    • Maypole
    • Kings Heath
    • Jewellery Quarter
    • Hodge Hill

    • Sutton Coldfield
    • Edgbaston
    • Walsall
    • Moseley
    • Hockley
    • Hall Green
    • Great Barr
    • Garretts Green
    • Frankley
    • Five Ways

    • Four Oaks
    • Harbourne
    • Halesowen
    • Bromsgrove
    • Erdington
    • Digbeth
    • Cofton Common
    • Castle Vale
    • Brindley Place
    • Bournville

    • West Bromwich
    • Handsworth Wood
    • Wolverhampton
    • Knowle
    • Boldmere
    • Birches Green
    • Bartley Green
    • Alum Rock
    • Accocks Green
    • Rednal