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Modern, amazing, close-up table magicians.

Experience close-up magic just inches from your face that will create an unforgettable experience and a memorable event. My team of professional magicians are experts in their fields and are ready to help raise your next corporate event with magic so cosmopolitan, you could sip it from a Martini glass!


Table Magician for hire

Ideal for corporate events, a birthday party or indeed, any place with a table and a bunch of guests! Table magicians are an excellent form of interactive entertainment that can filter out any of the awkward situations you get at an intimate gathering.

It’s the ultimate icebreaker, it brings out the fun in your guests and sets the tone for the rest of the evening.

And these aren’t your run-of-the-mill, cracker tricks! These are turbo-charged people-pleasing, get the guests out of their seats tricks.

Combining mind magic, pickpocketing, comedy and sleight of hand, a table magician is the ultimate party guest who can bring small groups together in an instant.


“The Creme-de-la Creme!”



9 Reasons we’re a perfect match!

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I'll kick that frostiness to the curb within seconds of meeting your guests

wow your guests with a magician
Your omg maker!

OMG's, WTF's and Oh no you didn't's EVERYWHERE

close up magic
Start with a bang!

Dynamite entertainment to kick-start your drinks reception

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More whoops than Goldberg to keep the atmosphere HOT

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The Close-Up Corner

The X-factor to engage a room of guests

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Perfectly framed!

I'll create fantastic reactions for you to remember your day by

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Ranked 1st of UK magicians by independent review site Freeindex

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An industry expert with magic so cosmopolitan you could sip it from a martini glass

Make it unforgettable!

Corporate Event Table Magician

Stuffy corporate events are at times, hard going, aren’t they and that’s why inviting a professional magician to your next corporate function could be the ace up your sleeve.

Creating small talk at a table is no mean feat so why not hire a table magician so your guests can kick talk of weather, children and work to the side.

perform magic at table

Close-up magicians pack a punch when it comes to these types of events and can help leave a lasting impression on the room and your guests.

Ideal for award nights, company celebrations, galas and anniversaries, table magic is a popular (and brilliant) form of event entertainment.

Make it unforgettable!

Table Magicians for hire

Do you have a large event on the horizon? One table magician not going to be enough? We’ve got you!

We have a large team of excellent table magicians for your next event with numbers over 100. Hiring multiple magicians in the UK can help spread the magic so everyone gets a slice of the action.

We use both magic circle members who know a thing or two about holding an audience’s attention with gold star trickery that tables won’t forget. Got a bunch of VIPs and dignitaries? No problem, we’ll float over and give them hard-hitting close-up illusions that will create a memorable experience.

table magician
inner magic circle
professional magicians

“having you there really made it special and memorable”

-Ladder Association

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Table Magicians at your birthday party

Looking to liven up your birthday bash or private party? Make yourself the perfect host by hiring a talented close-up magician to work the tables at your upcoming celebration. Alongside amusing your guests with interactive magic tricks performed right before their eyes, our professional table magicians allow you to truly relax and enjoy your special night.

No more worrying about bored attendees or a stale atmosphere when you’ve got a skilled illusionist mingling with your guests. With card tricks, mind reading, and other sleight-of-hand wizardry happening at arm’s length, your dinner party is guaranteed to be buzzing with excitement and wonder. Bring the ambience up to eleven by letting our table magician provide unforgettable entertainment at every table. Now you can focus on having fun with your loved ones while our mobile magician is wowing your guests with fantastic micro-illusions.

wedding magician
The Cosmopolitan!

During the drinks reception

table magician
The Main Event

Table to table magic

magicians for weddings
The Showman!

Drinks reception and evening combo!

Make it unforgettable!




Jaws Dropped


Watches Stolen


Ranked No.1 in the UK!

Table Magician for your Wedding

Bring an extra dash of delight to your wedding breakfast by hiring a talented table magician to mingle amongst the tables. With guests made up of both strangers and awkward family members, a close-up illusionist helps break the ice and smooth over social frostiness.

One part amazing entertainer, one part sensational socialiser, a table magician not only wows with slick card tricks and impossible mind reading but gets everyone laughing and bonding. They are the ultimate wedding breakfast energizer, fascinating strangers and family alike with their charming magic skills.

A close-up magician is not only great during the wedding photos but hiring a table magician for your wedding breakfast is becoming an essential piece of wedding planning. Let them work their magic, transforming stiff conversation into laughter and wonder.

Make it unforgettable!


Best table magician


The scene opens on a quiet table of wallflowers at your fabulous soiree, politely keeping to themselves. Enter your charismatic close-up magician, armed with nothing but a deck of cards, his rapier wit, and a twinkle in his eye.

In minutes, this reserved group transforms into a bundle of thrilled, wide-eyed guests, hooting and hollering as our table magician performs miracles right under their noses. Gasps of astonishment as a signed card teleports into a sealed envelope. Squeals of delight as watches disappear and reappear in impossible places. Peals of laughter as mind reading reveals juicy secrets.

The inspector arrives, startled by the commotion. “What sorcery is this?” he demands. Just good old-fashioned close-up magic, the table magic guy explains.

Using everyday objects and borrowed items, he worked his magic inches away from their eyeballs. With sleight of hand and a magnetic personality, this talented table magician unlocked the group, getting even the shyest to relax and enjoy themselves.


A rough rule of thumb allows one magician to cover 80-100 attendees over a two-hour period. This will differ slightly depending on what else is happening during the meal. For large events, we would always recommend having more than one magician to help spread the magical entertainment.


Generally, our audience comprises adults however, close-up magic is suitable for all ages and our versatile performer can entertain both young and old with ease.


You name it, we’re there. Our close-up magicians can entertain and delight guests at virtually any event you can imagine. Such is the versatility of interactive magic performed right before your eyes. Of course, we specialise in weddings, private parties and corporate bashes. But our magic is also perfect for trade shows, product launches, anniversaries, graduations…even on a world cruise! Whether your VIPs are standing and mingling or seated at tables, we’ll make sure everyone has a great time.

The portability of close-up magic means we can perform in any setting or venue. Tight quarters? No problem! Outdoors? We got it covered. Want to add excitement to a dull conference? Presto – we’ll liven things up! So whatever your event, our talented magicians will amaze and amuse. Anywhere there are people looking to be entertained and brought together, our mix of magic, mentalism, sleight of hand and charm will do the trick. Just say the magic word and leave the rest to us!

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Table Magic Expert, Chris

A UK magician, comedy performer, and pickpocket. Amazing audiences all over the world. Hire Table magician Chris today.

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