The Room Of Mystery!

“It was fantastic!”

Martin Layton


Ranked 1st out of 299 UK Magicians

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You want to throw the party of the year - but how?



The Room of Mystery will ignite your party!

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You can rest easy knowing your party will be a sure-fire-hit!

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room of mystery

“Such good fun – really pleased!”

Daniel & Jen, Oxfordshire

highly recommended birthday parties

“You absolutely ROCKED the party!”

Louisa & Martin, Staffordshire

room of mystery

“There were cries of WTF?!”

Felix & Jo, Birmingham

Do you want to throw the party of the year (who doesn’t!)?


Whether you’re hosting a not-so-average house party or a ‘bash at a venue’ that will go down in history, here’s something different that will make your event mega memorable.


Simply give me a spare room – and I’ll transform it into (cue fanfare) “The Room of Mystery”


Let me explain how it works…

Room of Mystery

room of mysteryIntroducing the Room of Mystery

A professional magician is a sure bet for entertainment at a private party.


That’s because they can mingle with your guests, impress them with awe-inspiring magic, and ramp up the atmosphere.


But a close-up magician at a party is a little like a busker. It’s great entertainment, but it can be on the sidelines. And that means your guests don’t always get the full experience of the magic.


After all, tricks get interrupted, guests join midway through, and people get distracted by party shenanigans.


But that doesn’t happen inside ‘The Room of Mystery’.


That’s because, with this party experience, your guests come to the magic show – instead of the magic coming to your guests.


It’s so easy to set up.

Shropshire magician

Just provide me with a dedicated room (it doesn’t have to be big) and then invite small groups of people to enter ‘The Room of Mystery’. As a guide, 4-8 people at a time works well.


Once inside, your guests will be treated to a

10-15 minute heart-pounding, jaw-dropping, close-up magic show.


Yes! They’ll get a ringside seat to all the tricks with zero interruptions and maximum wow factor.



  • Something different.
  • Something unique.
  • Something that creates memories, which will last long after the party is over.


Once each group leaves they’ll be sworn to secrecy – so they don’t spoil the surprise for everyone else.


So before you know it, there’ll be a buzz sweeping your party as everyone will want to know…

room of mystery


Just imagine how cool that will be…

room of mystery

Tailored to you!

The Room of Mystery suits all ages and all kinds of private parties – from memorable birthdays to anniversaries, and family celebrations. Anything goes because I’ll simply tweak the tricks to suit the people who enter the room each time.


So if you’ve got a party that crosses the generations, this is perfect party entertainment.


And depending on your party, I can even do a grand finale or a reveal once everyone has had their turn inside the room. There are LOADS of options for this and we can discuss the specifics when you call to find out more.


(I’m excited already!)


9 Awesome Reasons To Book The Room of Mystery Experience

room of mystery
You’ll be the coolest party host EVER!

Just imagine what your guests will be saying about this experience.

room of mystery
It’s different! I mean seriously…

When was the last time you entered a ‘Room of Mystery’ at someone’s party?

ace of clubs
It’s memorable!

If you’re hosting an important party for someone special you want it to be remembered (for all the right reasons). ‘The Room of Mystery’ experience is not easily forgotten.

room of mystery
Create anticipation and intrigue

I promise, your guests will be itching for their turn inside The Room of Mystery. And just wait until the buzz gains momentum as people try to work out what’s happening on the other side of the door.

room of mystery
No one misses out on the magic

Every guest will have their chance inside the room. They won’t be waiting for the magician to come to them.

room of mystery
Control the atmosphere

‘The Room of Mystery’ can have an atmosphere of its own away from the main party. Imagine the fun you can have with that!

the room of mystery
Magic without the interruptions

Once inside the room, your guests can focus all their attention on the magic without being distracted by what else is happening at the party

the room of mystery
No competition

With the magic taking place in a dedicated room, you can turn up the music, carry on the conversations, and crack on with dancing without worrying about spoiling the tricks.

room of mystery
Tailored to you

As each Room of Mystery experience is bespoke, we can tailor it to suit your guests and event.


Mystery Rooms attended


Jaws Dropped


Watches Stolen


Happy hosts


– Pete Holmes


What customers say?


“To set the scene, we had just built a beautiful home on the side of a lake. This was our showpiece for a lifetime of toil, to celebrate this we decided to hold a housewarming party. This had to be no average party; it had to be one that people would remember. So we searched the web for a magician who could mingle with the guests and amaze them with a bit of close-hand magic. The evening was without a doubt a great success. On the following days, whenever we bumped into our friends who attended I would ask, “So how was the party?”


Now being a shallow person I was really fishing for compliments on our beautiful new home! But oh no – Everyone’s first comments were “Great night, that magician was brilliant!!! Then go off on a tangent telling us about all the amazing tricks!!! So, in reality, he was so good he even managed to steal my thunder!


So the real moral of this story is if you want to hold a party to remember, you can save a fortune by not bothering to build a dream home first, just rent Chris for an hour or two!” –


Dominic Findlow



corporate magic


Hi, I’m Chris – an industry expert with 20 years experience. I’m also unofficially the world’s tallest magician, but don’t let that sway you.


Magic is truly one of the best forms of entertainment to get your guests interacting and having fun. Think of me as the ultimate party guest!


Whilst the string quartet may be music to your ears (I’m good at puns too) and the caricaturist is a treat to look at – magic brings groups of people together, gets them laughing and having a good time ensuring that they are talking about your event for years to come (making YOU the best party planner in all the land)!


I have been professionally entertaining with magic for almost two decades (I performed my first magic show aged 8) and have since perfected the art of making someone laugh whilst surreptitiously stealing their thoughts, wallet and watch – which let me tell you is no mean feat! Hiring me makes for bulletproof party success, so allow this card-toting magic aficionado to wow each and every one of your guests – not a cowboy in sight!

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