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Worcestershire Magician

A Close-Up Magician In Worcestershire For Weddings, Parties & Corporate Events

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worcestershire magician
worcestershire magician
worcestershire magician

Worcestershire magician

Close-Up Chris here, available for hire!


Have you got a wedding, party or special occasion coming up and realise that it may need an injection of fun? If so, I may be the answer!


Be it a party in Bewdley, a wedding in Kidderminster or a trade show in Redditch, I can provide you with some fantastic entertainment to make your event stand out.


A few reasons to book a fantastic close-up magician for your event:


Guests will be stunned with miracles performed inches from their face.

Creates atmosphere!

It'll get your guests laughing and chatting within seconds!

Fantastic photos!

Amazing OMG moments captured by your photographer!

Make it unforgettable!

Recent venues I’ve performed at include:



But you don’t need to a grand venue for an excuse to hire me. I’ll come to your flat, place of work or restaurant to perform my magic! The beauty of close-up magic is its flexibility. I can work in the smallest of venues!


No fancy setups, lighting rigs or pa systems needed, everything needed is neatly packed upon my person (and then thrown into a case afterwards!).


Keeping your guests amazed with the type of mind-blowing effects that only Moses could dream of will transform your party or wedding from Okay to Oh My God!

worcestershire magician
worcestershire magician
worcestershire magician

Make it unforgettable!

Wedding Magician in Worcestershire

I’m a professional close-up magician who specialises in keeping your guests entertained during those lulls at a wedding.

Sure, weddings are great fun but the difference between a good wedding and a memorable one hang on the fine details! Hiring a quality close-up magician will:

Helps break the ice

Provides a focal point

Fills predictable lulls

Worcestershire Corporate Magician

If you’re planning an event for your business and looking for ways to make it a memorable occasion, let a close-up magician be the answer!

Well versed in every type of event, I can create intrigue, excitement and bewilderment to help lift your next corporate event.

I also have a small team of professional magicians to help spread the magic at larger events when one magician just won’t do!

Ideal for:

Gala dinners

Company anniversaries

Award evenings

Hospitality events

Christmas parties

worcestershire magician
worcestershire magician
worcestershire magician


Planning a 21st, 40th, 60th? Hire me to be the ultimate house party guest!

These days, your guests will be expecting much more than sausage rolls and homebrew! They’ll want some entertainment. Booking a magician to create talking points, laughter and amazement are just what the party doctor ordered!

In fact, I have just the format for hiring a Worcestershire magician for a house party – it’s called the Room of Mystery. It’s the BEST way to utilise a magician and guarantees to have your guests entertained and then some!


Here’s some more information on THE ROOM OF MYSTERY 

worcestershire magician
worcestershire magician
worcestershire magician

Make it unforgettable!

How much does it cost to hire a magician?

An excellent question but one with many answers!

Typically, expect to pay north of £500 for a quality close-up Worcestershire magician. Then we need to take into account travel costs, time of the year (Christmas, New Year and peak wedding season will be more expensive) and length of time the magician is required.

Some magicians offer not just their close-up skills but also pickpocketing and mind-reading too. These multi-skilled magicians will charge accordingly – you’re getting more bang for your buck!

For lots more info on this, read my guide to booking a close-up magician here