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Chris Peskett Magician
Magician Chris Peskett

Close Up Magician for Weddings, Parties & Events

Hi, I’m Chris, a Professional Close Up Magician and I’ll make your next event unforgettable.

Using many skills, I create OMG moments that bring guests together in a shared experience of fun, laughter and jaw-dropping amazement!




Ranked 1st out of 299 UK Magicians

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Chris Peskett magician and lady
Close Up Magician for weddings
Chris Peskett professional magician with Megan the Bride


I’m Chris Peskett, close-up magician, boy next door, and sensational socialiser who’s ready to perform electrifying feats of kick-ass magic at your celebration!


Close Up magic is an ice-breaker, party starter and your secret weapon in ensuring an unforgettable event!


With 20 years experience, you’re in safe hands.

Combining expert sleight of hand, pickpocketing, mind reading and a splash of comedy, I’ll create a fun atmosphere, laughs and long lasting memories.


So if you want thrills and spills, amazing photo opportunities, talking points and plenty of WTFs get in touch to see why this guy is currently ranked second of all UK magicians!


Your wedding is the most magical day of your life. You want it to be absolutely perfect – and that means ensuring you and your guests enjoy a day you’ll never forget.


Close up magic is the best wedding entertainment! That’s where I come in… (cue mini firework display)

I’m the perfect ice-breaker for people who don’t know each other.

I’ll wow your guests (whatever their age) with outstanding magic that will leave them gob-smacked! (Imagine the photo opportunities)


More than a sideshow, close-up magic creates a shared experience that brings your guests together. It creates laughs and smiles and livens up those dreaded wedding lulls. And if that’s not enough, I also have some very cool tricks reserved just for the bride and groom. Let’s make your wedding memorable!

Close Up Chris Wedding Magician
Close Up Magician and wedding entertainer
Chris Peskett Magician


-Ash Harper, Lichfield



Close-up magic is the perfect entertainment – whatever your party. Let me mingle with your guests and leave them speechless and aghast with a tailored selection of jaw-dropping tricks.

As well as countless Christmas parties, I’ve performed at thousands of 18th, 21st, and 40th birthday (and all the numbers in between). Even a 90th! That’s the best thing about magic… it’s adaptable to any situation and any age group.

And if it’s a family get-together with guests that span the generations, I can adapt the tricks to different groups – so no one is ever left out.


So if you want to host a party to remember, invest in a party magician that can get your celebration started. You can trust me to create an atmosphere where everyone is having so much fun – they won’t want the party to end.

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Chris Peskett Magician
wedding magician Chris Peskett


-Mr and Mrs Hadleigh, Birmingham



Do you own or manage a restaurant, bar, or café? Are you looking for an easy way to draw customers back again and again? If so, a close-up magician can create the atmosphere and the buzz that makes your restaurant the only place to go. It’s a real crowd puller.

But not only that… because your customers will be so impressed, they’ll fuel the word-of-mouth train too, which could get your bookings through the roof!

My style of close-up magic and witty banter is perfect for keeping customers entertained whilst waiting for their meal. It’s the ideal way to ease frustration during long wait times and can stimulate new conversations (and laughter) between customers. In turn, you get more happy customers (and more glowing reviews).

What’s more, if you have a space you hire out for parties, having a magician you can call upon makes it easier than ever to entertain large groups. Kaboom!

Chris Peskett professional magician with bride and groom
Chris Peskett Magician
Chris Peskett Magician

“…a class act, worth every penny!”

-Stuart Willdigg



How will you draw the crowds at your next exhibition or event? You’ll find it easier to break the ice with a close-up magician (and professional socialiser) on your team. So let me woo the masses with jaw-dropping magic and awesome tricks that will leave people wondering HOW?

I promise, a professional magician creates far more crowd interest than a free pen! And the more footfall you generate, the better the results for your company.

You can use close-up magic in so many ways. For example, it can maintain people’s interest whilst your product or service is being demonstrated. It can keep potential customers at your stand longer and by breaking the ice, it makes meaningful conversations easier to start.

Best of all, I can tailor my performance so it perfectly supports your exhibition objectives. Ready to chat?