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magician northampton


magician northampton


magician northampton

Being only a stone’s throw away, if you’re after a Northampton magician to add something amazing to your next event then I’m your magic man!

If you need to hire professional entertainment for a special event then why not consider a close-up magician?

Jaw-dropping entertainment to make any event unforgettable!


Breathtaking miracles...

It's a real icebreaker, ideal for those guests who might not be acquainted with everyone.

Something different...

Close-up magic is absolutely mind-boggling and defies all logical explanations, making it the absolute star of your party! Prepare to have your mind blown!

Great photos...

If you're in the market for a local magician, brace yourself for some seriously mind-blowing reactions that you'll want to capture and reminisce about for years to come. Trust us, it's like having a time machine of awesomeness at your disposal.

talent from Chris

“The best I’ve seen!”

Glennis, Corby

wedding magician northampton

“Simply incredible!”

Rose, Daventry

performing for guests

“Just WOW!”

Janice, Kettering

Wedding Magician Northampton

Hiring a wedding magician to entertain your guests is a genius move! Say goodbye to those dull moments during the long day and hello to a successful and unforgettable wedding.

Let me work my magic during the drinks reception or how about experiencing “The Close-Up Corner” for the evening reception? It’s guaranteed to create wild reactions, every time!

Here are a few reasons why booking a wedding magician is a no-brainer:

  • It’s an absolute blast – because who doesn’t want some fun at their wedding?!
  • Sets the perfect atmosphere
  • Acts as the ultimate icebreaker – connecting guests like magic!
  • Creates fantastic photo opportunities – your wedding photographer will thank you
  • Becomes the focal point – your guests will be craving a piece of the action!
  • A great way to get your evening guests up to speed.
  • Beats the lull after your wedding breakfast.

Do you want more wedding entertainment ideas? I’ve got you!

Northampton Magician for your private party

Hosting the party of the year just got easier! You won’t believe how booking a close-up magician will kickstart your party with a bang… and then some!

Whether it’s a house party or a venue, I’ve got some seriously brilliant tricks up my sleeve as a magician:

  • Party at home? brace yourself for the Room of Mystery! It’s the ultimate splash-proof formula to bring shocks, laughs, and… you guessed it, mystery to your private parties
  • For venues, get ready for the Close-Up Corner extravaganza! Your guests won’t be able to resist approaching for a mind-blowing session of top-quality magic.

With magic so mind-boggling, even Mr Universe would be proud! Hiring a party magician will create an atmosphere like no other form of entertainment! It’s truly INCREDIBLE!

Whether it’s an 18th, 21st, 40th, or 70th, I can bring A-class entertainment to you and your party animals! So, let’s make your celebration unforgettable!

Close-Up magician for Corporate Events

Magicians, because everyone loves magic, right? They can deliver mind-blowing reactions, endless fun, and laughter to any event. So why not hire a magician for your company parties and tradeshows? Trust me, it’ll take your event to a whole new level and create a truly memorable experience for your VIPs and delegates!

With table magic, mix and mingle illusions, after-dinner cabaret or my unique Close-Up Corner, me and my team have the perfect act to perform fun, interactive magic.

Now, let me introduce myself. I’m a Professional Corporate Magician with twenty years of experience, so you can trust that your event is in safe hands. But that’s not all! I’m also a multi-talented entertainer who brings a whole bag of tricks to the table:

  • Close-up magic (obviously!)
  • Theatrical pickpocketing (don’t worry, you’ll get it back…)
  • Mind reading (I promise, I won’t reveal your secrets… unless you want me to!)
  • Professional socialising (I’m like the life of the party but with a touch of magic!)

Incredible sleight of hand so cosmopolitan you could sip it from a Martini glass!

I also have a great team of Magic Circle-approved magicians so if you’re after magical entertainment for a large audience, we’ve got you covered!

Northampton magician at corporate events
Northampton magician at corporate events
Northampton magician at corporate events

Magician Northampton Prices

To give you a rough idea of what you’d have to shell out for a quality Close-Up Magician in Northampton, feast your eyes on the following tidbits:

For a two-hour session, brace yourself to fork out a minimum of £450. Anything significantly lower than that, well, you might want to think twice before booking! Trust me, if you’re looking for a pro magician who relies solely on magic gigs to make ends meet, you won’t find them charging below this mark.

Now, hold onto your hats, because there are a bunch of hidden costs that magicians like me include in their quotes. I won’t bore you with every single one, but here’s a sneak peek:

  • Advertising (gotta let the world know about our magical awesomeness)
  • Travel costs (we don’t teleport, unfortunately)
  • Website design and hosting (gotta have a snazzy online presence)
  • Admin time (magic doesn’t run on its own, you know)
  • Fully customised tailored suits (we need to look dapper while pulling off mind-boggling tricks)
  • Membership to professional bodies (because we’re legit)
  • Insurance (just in case the rabbit gets too mischievous)
  • Photographer fees (to capture those jaw-dropping moments)
  • Videographer fees (because magic deserves to be recorded in all its glory)
  • And the list goes on!
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As you can see, being a magician is more than just showing up to an event, doing a few card tricks, and laughing all the way to the bank. There’s a whole lot more behind the scenes!

Now, brace yourselves for certain factors that can bump up the fee:

  • Time of the year (Christmas and New Year, folks, that’s when the magic comes at a higher price tag)
  • Additional travel time (we’re not fans of teleportation, remember?)
  • Overnight stay required (gotta rest our magic-wielding hands)
  • Tailor-made magic for your event (think tradeshow magic, it’s next level)
  • Length of time required (because magic takes time, my friend)
  • Skillset of your performer (the more mind-blowing the tricks, the higher the fee)
  • Experience of a magician (seasoned magicians don’t come cheap)

For a detailed breakdown of what you should pay for your close-up magician, check out this link: How Much Does a Close-Up Magician Cost?

Who is Chris?

Chris has been entertaining the crowds of Northamptonshire for over twenty years. No big deal. Whether it’s a fancy event or just a casual hangout, Chris brings the laughs and mind-blowing tricks with a side of pickpocketing skills (because why not?). And guess what? He’s fully insured. Yep, fully.

Plus, he’s not just limited to Northamptonshire, oh no! He covers the entire UK. And did we mention the 5-star reviews? Yeah, they’re pouring in and he’s currently reigning as the number 1 magician in the whole UK. Pretty impressive, right? So if you want some top-notch entertainment, Chris is your guy. Prepare to be amazed!