Sustainable Policy


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A greener us 

As a wedding magician, I’m committed to sustainability and ensuring that my services are as eco-friendly as possible. Here’s a brief overview of my sustainability policy:

Digital Communication: I prioritise digital communication methods like emails, video calls, and online bookings to reduce paper usage.

Energy Efficiency: All electronic devices used for my performances, such as sound systems or lighting, are energy-efficient models.

Travel: I try to minimize carbon emissions by choosing the most direct travel routes to venues and carpooling whenever possible.

Reusable Props: The props I use in my magic shows are durable and reusable. I maintain them well to extend their lifespan and reduce waste.

Eco-Friendly Outfits: My outfits are made from sustainable materials and I work with suppliers who share the same values.

Local Suppliers: I recommend suppliers to my clients that are local to their wedding venue to support local businesses and reduce carbon footprint due to transport.

I believe that every little step counts towards making our planet greener and more sustainable, and I’m always open to new suggestions on how to improve my practices.