9 reasons to include magic at your next event

9 Reasons To Book a Magician

9 Reasons To Book a Magician

Looking for an easy way to throw the event of the year –


even if you’re not a full-time party planner? If so, you’ve just discovered the ace up your sleeve!

Whether you’re planning a surprise birthday party, an important corporate event, your dream wedding or a special celebration, you’ll find that a close-up magic show is the easiest way to wow your guests and leave them with a lasting impression.

And if you’re wondering if magic is as good as I’m suggesting, keep reading to discover nine reasons why magic will make your next event memorable – for all the right reasons.

Reasons to book a magician

cricket mix 1

1. Entertainment

Let’s start with the obvious. Magic is fun to watch! OK, so it isn’t if the magician is cheesy (are wedding magicians tacky?), clichéd, and full of the silly cracker tricks that Uncle John forced you to watch every Christmas! Instead, we’re talking about a close-up magic show that will amaze your guests and leave them clueless as to how every trick was performed.

But that’s not all… the close-up magic I perform uses items belonging to your guests. After 20 years’ practice, I’ve got seriously good at making watches, money, ties and jewellery disappear. But don’t worry, I will return it all, (promise!) and your guests are going to love it.

2. Create an atmosphere

People remember how they felt at an event – a 30th birthday, a Christmas party, an engagement party. It’s why you want to be focused on evoking emotions that feel good. Guess what… magic is an easy way to create the vibe you want. For starters, magic involves the audience – so there’s no yawning from the sidelines. And because magic evokes a response in people, the collective enjoyment creates an upbeat buzz that will infuse through your event to get everyone smiling.

Reasons to book a magician

3. Break the ice

If your event brings together people who don’t know each other then magic is a great way to break the ice. It offers a shared experience that everyone can enjoy and that creates a common talking point that can help people relax. So if you want to cut through the awkwardness, turn strangers into friends, and get the conversations flowing you need a close-up magician.

 4. Connect guests

In a similar way, a seriously awesome magic show will bring people together through a shared experience. You know what it’s like. When everyone’s in it together, people feel united. It’s a perfect way to break apart those annoying little cliques and create one big happy family at your event.

5. Amazing photos

OMG, how-did-he-do-that, I can’t believe my eyes magic (i.e. the type I perform!) leaves your audience impressed, amazed, and stunned. I get all sorts of reactions ranging from explosions of laughter to faces that are wide-eyed and open-mouthed with surprise.

Guess what kind of photos those expressions lead to…

You’ve got it. They are BRILLIANT! Check out this small selection captured at various events I’ve performed at. As you can imagine, the event/party organiser LOVED them. After all, how often do we see the people we love and care about looking so joyful?

cricket mix 2

6. A focal point

If you’re hiring a magician for a corporate event consider the Close-Up Corner at your next party. You’ll find that magic creates a destination, which people make a beeline too. A magic show offers guests something to focus on. It removes those awkward moments. And if you’re exhibiting at a big event, then a close-up magician can help to draw in the crowds and bring more potential customers to your stand.

7. Talking points

Clients often tell me that their wedding guests are still talking about the magic show years after the big day. Because magic inspires emotions and reactions, it becomes a part of an event that’s memorable.

As a result, close-up magic is an easy way to give your next party of celebration longevity that lasts far beyond the time that the final glass is finished and the final guest leaves.

corporate magician Close-UP Chris

8. Avoid lulls

Ever noticed how some events have a natural lull? For example, at weddings, things tend to go a bit quiet while all the photos are being sorted. This isn’t a problem if you’re involved in the photos, but if you find yourself at a bit of a loose end then some lulls can feel dull, uncomfortable, or even awkward. With a magician on hand, this needn’t happen. Instead, your wedding guests can be professionally entertained and their spirits kept high. It’s an easy way to ensure every single minute of your big day is as perfect as possible. Looking for tips on writing your wedding day speech? See here

 9. As a surprise

Sometimes it’s fun to keep your guests on their toes. They don’t need to know that a magician is part of the entertainment. You can take the surprise angle a step further if you’re holding a house party or if you have a spare room available to use. With the Room of Mystery Experience, your guests will be taken (in small groups) to enjoy an up-close and personal magic show. Think ringside seats and zero interruptions. Not only is the experience great entertainment, but it’s a perfect way to add suspense and intrigue to a party too. That’s because everyone who’s already seen the show is sworn to secrecy – meaning everyone else’s curiosity will be on fire as they wait their turn!


Do you need a touch of magic at your next event? If so, I’m your man.


I’m Close-Up Chris and I’ve been performing magic at events all across the UK for over 20 years. My boy-next-door style makes me a brilliant socialiser! I put people at ease and promise to give your guests a show they’ll never forget.


So if you want to add a touch of suspense and mystery to your next event (with a lot of laughs thrown in), get a quote today.

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Reasons to book a magician

Reasons to book a magician

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