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How to have a Magical Christmas!


It will come as no surprise to discover that Christmas is one of the most popular times for a busy Close Up Magician like me!


What with corporate dos, family celebrations, and winter weddings, popular dates at this time of year get booked up super quick. If you’re looking to hire a Christmas entertainer for the festivities, get it booked sooner rather than later.


In fact, my diary starts to fill as early as September. (Yes, I have to talk about Christmas when I’m barely out of my summer shorts!)


But I don’t mind a bit. After all, you can’t beat a bit of Christmas magic. In fact, a magic show always goes down a STORM at any festive event. It’s the icing on the cake at a time that’s already filled with wonder, surprises, and intrigue.


So to help you plan the party that finishes the year on a huge high, here are my top tips for adding a sprinkling of magic – of the Close-up kind

Christmas Party Entertainment

1. Book early to secure the best dates

The closer we get to the big day, the fuller my diary becomes.

I can sometimes squeeze in last-minute dates – if you’re prepared to be a little more flexible, but to secure the date you really want, it’s worth getting your booking in as early as September.

In fact, early booking is my advice for any event you don’t want to compromise. It just adds an unnecessary dampener if you have to change your plans because someone else piped you to the date and time post.


2. The Importance of your itinerary

Often, magic is just one of the forms of Christmas Party Entertainment on your agenda.

So to get the best show possible, be mindful of what the magic will ‘compete’ with. For example, don’t schedule magic to clash with a band or your DJ. Too much background noise will make it hard for your guests to participate fully.

Instead, schedule magic:


  • As an intro/icebreaker
  • During the drinks reception
  • Over an extended dinner to provide at-table entertainment
  • During a natural lull to stop people getting bored and fidgety


If you’re not sure when best to schedule magic, let’s chat.

I’ve done more events than I can count, which means I’ll be able to pinpoint the perfect slot – so magic enhances your entire day.


Christmas Party Entertainment, Magician Chris Peskett

3.The beauty of close-up


As kids, we’re full of innocence and have the capacity to believe in magic.

But as adults, we’re a lot more sceptical and much, much harder to convince! This is why close-up magic is so powerful and entertaining.

My close-up shows are interactive. I want your guests to have a front row seat so they can see EVERYTHING. In fact, your guests will supply most of the trick in the form of their watches, jewellery, and ties etc. It’s the best way to leave your guests open-mouthed, aghast, and wondering how on earth I managed to make their favourite ring disappear (and reappear of course).


I’ve been practicing magic for over 20+ years. So there are never any cracker tricks or cringing because the method is embarrassingly obvious!


Instead, I’ll leave your guests clueless, which is exactly the reaction you want. It’s the best way to get the conversations started and the party vibe on a high. Awesome Christmas Party Entertainment!


4. Consider the magic options

Magic is great because it’s so flexible. It’s a form of Christmas entertainment that can enhance any other event plans you may have. For example:


  • Close-up mingling magic: Your magician can wander amongst your guests performing impromptu tricks to small groups. This is a perfect icebreaker and a great talking point that brings people together and creates a fantastic buzz.


  • The Magic Table: Still based on close-up magic, but this time your guests come to the magic show rather than the other way around. This works well if you want to have dedicated shows at set times during your event.


  • The Room of Mystery: If your venue has a room you can dedicate to magic, this choice could be perfect for you. Impress your guests with a 10-15 minute heart-pounding, jaw-dropping close-up magic show – then swear them to secrecy! The Room of Mystery is a quirky way to add intrigue and curiosity to your event. Pretty soon there’ll be a buzz sweeping your event with people discussing what could be happening behind those closed doors.


Simply decide on the impact you want to make, and we can tailor something that will work perfectly for you.


5. Fit your theme

Your Christmas Party Entertainment should seamlessly tie into everything else that’s happening at your event. That way it will feel like one coherent experience as opposed to a number of disconnected activities.


So let your magician know the bigger picture of what you’re planning.


As well as contributing ideas, we’ll also be able to tailor the magic to complement everything else.

Do you want some magic to make your Christmas event something that guests talk about long after the day has finished?

If so, get in touch and let’s talk about enthralling your guests with spectacular close-up tricks at the next Christmas party


Remember, dates are extremely limited for 2023, but it’s never too early to talk about getting your Christmas Party Entertainment secured for 2024 and beyond.

Christmas Party Entertainment