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Entertaining Your Wedding Guests

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In years to come, when you’re reminiscing about your wedding day memories, it will be the little things that count.

You probably won’t remember how the food tasted, but you will remember how you felt.

So when it comes to designing your perfect wedding reception, bear in mind the atmosphere you want to create on the day.

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How are you going to create those moments of pure joy, celebration, and togetherness?

How will you capture moments of laughter, friendship, and love?

Well, bizarrely, that’s exactly what I can help you do 😉

As strange as it sounds, I bring more than mind-blowing tricks and 20 + years’ experience of close-up magic.

The most magical thing I bring to your wedding reception is a collection of priceless moments of happiness, connection, and celebration.


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Moments that bring strangers together in a shared experience that make people laugh, smile, and feel amazing.

Just imagine how you’ll feel – in years to come – when you look back on photos like these.

How will you feel seeing the people you love – at their very best (on your special day)? It’s a cliché I know, but it really is something money can’t buy.

And if you’re wondering how I can achieve these amazing feats, keep reading and I’ll tell you now 🙂

happy manThe Boy Next Door

Everyone has a boy next door in their life.

You know, the friendly guy who you feel as if you’ve known all your life (even though you’ve only just met!) He’s the guy who makes you feel at ease and because of his cheeky charm; he can get away with anything (almost).

entertaining your wedding guests

Well, I’m that guy! It means I slot effortlessly into any social setting ensuring my close-up magic doesn’t feel forced or intrusive. Instead, it becomes a natural extension of the current conversation.

That’s when I show off my pickpocketing skills!

From watches to rings, to your guest’s money I’ll make these items magically vanish before reappearing in unexpected places. The look of shock and the surprised laughter is infectious (and these moments make for brilliant pictures and video memories).

mind readerMind Reader

As well as ‘borrowing’ your guest’s belongings, I also mind read!

From guessing numbers to identifying cards I’ve never seen, I’ll leave your guests open-mouthed with my ability to reveal information I shouldn’t know.

entertaining your wedding guests

As for the impact on your wedding reception, as well as creating amazing photo opportunities, this is a shared experience that gets people talking (and laughing).

And when your guests are having a great time, you can have a great time too 🙂


I love mingling and I love making people laugh. It’s why I weave comedy into my performance.

And I’m not talking about cringe-worthy cracker style jokes; instead, I enjoy finding the fun in the moment (without embarrassing your guests).

entertaining your wedding guests

Laughter brings people closer together and that’s my goal for your wedding.

Not everything will go according to plan during your wedding but I can ease those minor hiccups with some well-placed humour combined with jaw-dropping magic!

So forget the stuffy performer who makes people feel uncomfortable, and let the boy-next-door wow your friends and family.

AUDIENCEThe Close-Up Corner Format

One reason close-up magic is so engaging is because your audience gets a ringside seat at the show.

When you’re watching through a TV screen or you’re kept at a distance, it’s easier to explain away the unexplainable. You can convince yourself there was some sort of trick that you wouldn’t definitely have seen if you were sat up close.

entertaining your wedding guests

But when you’re shoulder to shoulder with the magician, the tricks happen in front of your eyes. As a result, it’s harder to explain away your disbelief! (It’s what makes a close-up magician so impressive.)


The Close-Up Corner is a unique wedding entertainment idea that takes this a step further by offering your guests a front-row seat at the show.

Instead of mingling magic, I’ll perform a show at a time to suit your reception schedule.

I’ll invite your guests to gather around and amaze them with A-list material strong enough to catapult a small donkey into Space! This option works well if you want everyone entertained at a particular time or if you want people to be in a particular part of the venue. Regardless of your reasons, The Close-Up Corner will become a moment to remember for parties and weddings. 

entertaining your wedding guests

starsSo you see, I’m not your typical wedding magician.

While I love performing, the real magic is drawing people together in a shared experience of laughter and joy.

It truly is magical.

And that’s the secret of a wedding reception that goes down in history! Bring your guests together in a moment that gets them laughing and talking, and they’ll find it hard to forget your big day.

Do you want to create memories and experiences for your wedding that last a lifetime?

If so let’s have a chat about how close-up magic can help you do just that.

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