Birthday ideas birmingham

Birthday Ideas Birmingham

Birthday Ideas Birmingham

Close-Up Chris here, a professional party entertainer who knows all about throwing a great birthday party.

Look no further if you’re stuck for some fun ideas to ensure you and your guests have a fantastic time!

Whether you’re hosting at home, hiring a venue or looking to celebrate in the bars of the UK’s second city, let these birthday activities be the catalyst to your perfect day.

Birthday ideas Birmingham

1. Hire a Close-Up Magician

So, you’re turning another year older, huh? Congratulations, you’re one step closer to wrinkles and grey hair! But don’t worry, we’re here to help you forget about your age with some close-up magic. Yes, you heard that right – close-up magic. Forget about the typical magician with his wand and cape, a close-up magician is like a Swiss army knife of entertainment. They can work their magic in any kind of setting, be it a house party or a fancy venue. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good WOW moment? Your guests will be talking about it for weeks, and you’ll look like the coolest party host ever. So go ahead and hire a close-up magician for your birthday – because what’s a party without a little bit of magic?

escape themed rooms

2. Escape Room –

So, your birthday’s coming up and you’re thinking of doing something different, something wild, something that doesn’t involve cake and candles- how about pretending you’re Sherlock Holmes with an escape room experience in Birmingham? It’s like a real-life game where you and your friends are trapped in a room and have to solve puzzles and riddles to get out. No, it’s not claustrophobic, it’s thrilling and exciting- you’re in there by choice! Plus, if you’re anything like me, you’d jump at the chance to prove your friends wrong about who’s the smartest in the group. So gather your thinking caps and sense of adventure and book your birthday at one of Birmingham’s many escape rooms- you’ll have a blast!

Check out this escape room

ideas in Birmingham

3 VR Experience

Looking for a birthday that’s packed with more adventure than a weekend in Vegas? Look no further than a VR experience in Birmingham. With the opportunity to whack zombies, slice fruit as a Jedi ninja and jump into various uber-real-life games, your birthday plans are sorted. Who needs to win big at the blackjack table when you can win big at fending off a horde of flesh-eating monsters? Trust us, after a day of dodging virtual obstacles and daring feats, you’ll be ready to take on anything the real world has to offer. Except maybe a party hat. Those things can be pretty intimidating.

Visit to get your kicks

Flight club in city centre

4 Darts & Drinks

Who said darts is a boring pub game?

Me. There, I said it! However…

Flight Club in Birmingham has gamified it to make it a rollicking good time for anyone, even those who throw a dart like a limp noodle. And if the dart-throwing doesn’t work out, you can always chow down on some great food and sip on some delicious cocktails. It’s the perfect place to celebrate a birthday bash, according to those in the know about Birmingham activities. So gather your friends, dust off your arm and get ready for a fiercely fun, and possibly slightly intoxicated game of darts at Flight Club.

birthday ideas in city centre

5 Golf meets Hip Hop

If you’re looking for something a little different for your next birthday bash in Birmingham, look no further than crazy golf with a hip-hop twist. Imagine channelling your inner Tiger Woods while jamming out to the beats of Jay-Z and cracking jokes like Jasper Carrot. It’s not your typical mini golf experience, with 18 creatively-designed holes surrounded by unique art pieces that will leave you feeling inspired and motivated. So, round up your crew and get ready to putt your way to the ultimate good time. Why settle for boring birthday activities when you can take it up a notch with hip-hop golf?

Golf Fang

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6 Chance Encounters

If you’re tired of Monopoly and Scrabble, this place will satisfy your wildest gaming fantasies. No need to dress up like an elf or goblin. Unless you want to. Actually – I’ve just checked. It’s compulsory!

With classics like One Night, Ultimate Werewolf, and Pass the Pigs, they’ve got more games than Toys R Us ever dreamed of. RIP.

And don’t worry about being a newbie – they have a resident games wizard to guide you through the rules (because who wants to read instructions, right?). Plus, there’s food, there are drinks, and a couple of nerds thrown in for good measure. Trust us, this is the birthday party where everyone wins even if you lose.

Check out Chance Encounters for the ultimate gaming experience in the Custard Factory.

create cocktails

7 Cocktail Masterclass

Looking for a birthday idea that doesn’t involve awkward small talk with the in-laws? Why not channel your inner Tom Cruise and try your hand at cocktail-making? Birmingham has plenty of options for those looking to shake things up, quite literally. Impress your friends with your newfound skills and jazz hands, or just drink your way through the evening and pretend you’re in a tropical paradise. Either way, cocktail-making is sure to provide a fun and memorable birthday experience. Just don’t blame us if you wake up with a killer hangover and a newfound appreciation for bartenders everywhere.

adults making lattes class

8 Learn Latte Art

Looking for some Birmingham birthday activities?

Well, for the coffee lover in your life, why not learn latte art? Apparently, there’s a science to the perfect pour and it can be taught. So much fun! And let’s face it, that chap from your local Starbucks could probably use the lesson. No offence to him, but when I ask for a swan with a dickie bow, I don’t want a hot mess akin to a Jackson Pollock painting. So grab a group of friends and head to a barista class to master the art of latte pouring. It’s sure to be a memorable and entertaining way to celebrate.

Book a session here:

lane 7 in city centre

9: Lane 7

Well, well, well… What do we have here? The Cube in the heart of Birmingham has a new shiny toy, and it’s called Lane 7: the home of boutique bowling. Don’t you just love it when things go from regular to fancypants? Let your guests show off their best bowling moves, belt out some karaoke songs, and impress everyone with their shuffleboard and beer pong skills. Oh, and did we mention the retro arcades? Yeah, no big deal. It’s just brilliant. We look forward to seeing everyone channel their inner competitive spirit while surrounded by neon lights and vintage decor.

wine tasting night

10 Wine Tasting

Are you looking for a birthday activity that’s a little more refined than the typical adrenaline-pumping options? How about a wine-tasting experience? It’s a sophisticated evening filled with opportunities for pretentious commentary and playful teasing among friends. Sip glasses of various vintages and pretend to know the subtle differences between them:

“Oh, yes, this one is oaky.”

“Yes, notes of grapefruits here”

“My glass is empty – where the f is my top up?”

amazing time at comedy club

11 Comedy Club

Looking for the perfect birthday activity that’s sure to tickle everyone’s funny bone? Look no further than a comedy club! It’s a night out that’s still a guaranteed laugh-fest, though there’ll always be that one person who doesn’t find the jokes quite as hilarious as everyone else. But hey, who needs their opinion anyway? You can find plenty of chuckles at Birmingham’s comedy clubs, which are just a stone’s throw from Broad Street and are sure to provide plenty of smiles and belly laughs.

Glee club here

girls dancing on table

12 Alberts Schloss

Looking for a birthday activity that will get your blood pumping and your toes tapping? Look no further than Albert’s Schloss in Birmingham’s city centre! Whether you’re in the mood for big beers, racy acts, or even dancing on the tables, this raucous nightspot promises to deliver. So gather your friends, ditch your inhibitions, and get ready for a birthday celebration that you’ll never forget (assuming you can remember it in the morning, that is!).

Visit Alberts Schloss here

Birmingham birthday activities

13 The Big Birmingham Bake

Oh, what’s that? You’re looking for a birthday activity idea? How original! You’ve tried the best bars, live music and spent all your cash at the jewellery quarter.

Now it’s time to indulge at this birthday event.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to bake – that’s half the fun! And with a new monthly theme to keep things exciting, you’ll never run out of things to try. Plus, you get a head baker by your side, which is like having your own personal cake-making fairy godmother. So grab your baking buddies (or make new ones there) and get ready for an outing that’s going to be sweet in more ways than one.

Book your baking activities in Birmingham here

Birthday Ideas Birmingham


If you’re wondering, where to celebrate birthday near me, hopefully, these thirteen delicious activities in Birmingham, specially curated to catapult your birthday bash into the realm of legend will help. From close-up magicians who can make your age disappear (if only!) to bowling alleys where the only thing you’ll strike out is boredom, we’ve got you covered.

We’re talking comedy clubs that’ll leave your sides splitting faster than you can say “birthday party places in Birmingham.” Not your style? How about wine tasting? Because nothing says ‘mature’ like pretending to understand the subtle notes of oak and blackberry in your Merlot.

And let’s not forget about baking classes. After all, why buy a cake when you can slave away in the kitchen and burn one yourself? It’s all part of the authentic birthday experience!

So, whether you’re exploring places to celebrate your birthday in Birmingham, or just hunting for things to do on your bday, remember: getting older may be mandatory, but growing up is optional. Party on, Birmingham!

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He has performed at birthday parties, corporate events, weddings and even private functions, leaving his audience mesmerised by his comedy, sleight of hand and tricky pickpocketing! No venue too big, he performs at small birthday party venues in Birmingham.

If you’d like to hire him to attend your private space restaurant, venue or home, or if you’re looking for a unique and entertaining way to make your celebrations extra special, then get in touch with him today! Looking for 40th birthday ideas Birmingham?

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