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40th birthday ideas

40th Birthday Party Ideas

How to turn 40 in style!

Are you or a special someone hitting a new decade this year?

There’s no point resisting the inevitable. I appreciate it’s a big deal. Exiting your 30s is a significant milestone and as you look back, you can’t help but reflect on how fast time has flown.

Friends first aired over half your life ago.

And you vividly remember life before the internet, life before mobile phones, and life before social media.

You may even reminisce about the good-old-days.

You know, when you’d religiously tune into the Top 40 countdown on a Sunday evening, memorise lyrics from Smash Hits magazine so you could sing along, and record your favourite songs off the radio so you could listen to them on your Walkman.

[How those millennials are missing out.]

40th birthday party entertainment ideas40 is the new 30

(lying b*st*rds!)

Let’s be honest, as a child of the 80s, you were definitely born in the right decade.

So why slip quietly into your 40s when you can enter with style and fanfare?

Remember, 40 is the new 30, which means there’s no need to feel nervous about notching up those extra years.

While your body has gotten older, you’ve gained a ton of knowledge and life experience because you’ve had 40 turns around the sun.

So if you were planning to bury your head in the sand and settle for a quiet night in, I say ‘sod that!’

Instead, get friends and family together for a big birthday bash with entertainment that makes it a date to remember.

Here’s how…


Bring the house down!

Firstly, plan to turn up the tunes, dish up the canapés, and stock up the bar with all the favourites. These birthday party essentials ensure there’s something for everyone.

But don’t make the mistake of stopping the plans there.

Don’t settle for a party where the music goes on and conversations become more slurred as the evening progresses.

Instead, take charge of the entertainment too and leave nothing to chance. If you’re going to all that effort [and expense], you want guarantees of a truckload of incredible moments. That way you can talk to your future grandkids about the day you turned 40. They won’t believe how cool you were and you’ll have all the photographic evidence to prove it too.

superman iconThat’s where I come in!

Plan your party around kick-ass entertainment and there’s not a chance anyone will be bored. [Even those seriously hard to please people you’d love to impress.]

Instead, you’ll plan a party with an incredible buzz that grows into a climax, ensuring all your friends talk about your bash for years to come (and secretly wishing they’d turned 40 first so they could have hosted ‘that’ party themselves.)

question mark

Resist the predictable

You’ll do this by transforming a spare room into The Room of Mystery.

It doesn’t need to be very big. As long as it can hold 4-8 people [and me], we’re sorted.

Inside the Room of Mystery, your guests will experience an OMG, jaw-dropping, exhilarating magic show that creates reactions like these…

This is no ordinary close-up magic show where your magician mingles; instead, The Room of Mystery creates a unique and interesting focal point.

It’s the ice-breaking party-starter that adds an air of interest and curiosity to your party.


That’s because everyone is sworn to secrecy. There’s no spilling the beans as to what’s happening inside until everyone has seen the show.


It’s a tactic that works like gangbusters because the Chinese Whispering goes rampant.

40th birthday party entertainment ideas

party iconCreate a party atmosphere!

Everyone starts discussing and debating what could be happening inside [and you can smile knowingly because you know the score]. Better still, the curiosity heightens all the more as the outsiders hear the reactions of those experiencing the show.

Then as guests slowly leave (with their lips firmly sealed), the anticipation builds further still because everyone else can’t wait for their turn.

And none of this detracts from the party itself; quite the opposite in fact.

That’s because the Room of Mystery initiates conversations and gets everyone talking around a shared experience.

40th birthday party entertainment ideas

the wow factor at your 40th partyGive them the wow factor!

Inside the Room of Mystery, your guests enjoy a tailored, 10-15 minute, pickpocketing, sleight of hand, close-up magic show. And with small groups of 4-8, it’s really intimate. My props are your guests’ personal belongings (don’t worry, everything gets safely returned!)

With over 20 years’ experience, your guests are in safe hands. I’m a professional party-starter and mingler too so there’s never any awkwardness or cringing. I’m like the boy next door who everyone feels as if they know – even if even never met.

And it doesn’t stop there…

Once everyone had been inside, there’s a grand finale starring the birthday boy or girl. Don’t worry; I probably won’t make any age-related jokes [although I do have my fingers crossed as I write this!]

40th birthday party entertainment ideas

Time to turn 40 in style?

Birthdays shouldn’t be boring as you get older.

With the wisdom of more years, you can hold parties that smash it!

So get ready to host the party that will be the envy of ALL your peers with the help of the Room of Mystery. For all the details, CLICK HERE.

40th birthday party entertainment ideas