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Entertainment for corporate events

Entertainment for corporate events

Corporate events are essential for businesses to build relationships, reward employees, and celebrate success. However, it can be challenging to keep guests entertained throughout the event. Entertainment is an important part of any corporate event to ensure that everyone has a great time and leaves with fond memories of the occasion.

From interactive activities and team-building exercises to live music performances by professional entertainers – there’s something for every type of corporate gathering! Not only will your guests have fun and be engaged in the event but they’ll also create lasting impressions.

Let’s take a look at some cool entertainment for corporate events

Ideas for corporate event entertainment:

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Close-Up Magician

Bringing a close-up magician to the next corporate event is sure to break the ice! They have such a knack for small-group interactions, providing a refreshing air of fun and playfulness amidst whatever stuffy business environment may be present. With sleight of hand, sleight of wit and other crowd-pleasing tactics, these small events will come alive with laughter and creative surprises – creating a much more memorable atmosphere for attendees.

live band

Jazz Bands

Ideal for the drinks reception, your three-piece band can set the tone for the fun to come at gala dinners and corporate parties.

Comprising a vocalist and two musicians, these Jazz bands have the ability to create an intimate atmosphere. Their repertoire will be tailored to your event, with guests enjoying jazz classics alongside current chart hits.

Human Statues

Also known as living statues, let your drinks reception thrive on interesting talking points and photo opportunities that help weave the evening together. Human statues are a unique performance art, ideal for creating an air of mystery and intrigue as they become part of the décor. These performers bring to life sculptures that evoke emotions and stories, adding a layer of theatrical fun to your corporate event.

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The Close-Up Corner

A unique focal point for your guests to interact with, the Close-Up Corner combines close-up magic, mind-reading, card tricks, and other feats of wonder. The interactive philosophy behind the Close-Up Corner is designed to bring people together in a way that’s fun, exciting, and memorable! It’s the perfect activity for any corporate event looking to break up formalities with an element of lighthearted interaction. Complete with an eye-catching backdrop, LED lights and the Reaction Cam, this is one of the coolest ideas for corporate events. Even if I do say so myself 🙂

Great for product launches, party entertainment, conferences and team-building events.

photo booths

Photo Booth

Although they’ve been around for a long time, a photo booth is a worthy party entertainment inclusion.

Fun activities that allow your guests to get up and become an active part of the event go a long way in creating positive memories. Let your guests seize the moment with a professional or vintage photo booth, complete with props and backdrops. They’ll be able to leave the event with photos they can post to social media and share with their friends!

stilt walkers

Stilt Walkers

Corporate entertainment that is head and shoulders above the rest! A cluster of stilt walkers will draw your guests in and keep them entertained with selfies. They’re also able to customise their costume to match your corporate party theme.

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Live Band

After the gala dinner, awards and other formalities, it’s time to get the party started! Live music from a professional band will ensure that everyone has a great time and leaves with fond memories of the occasion. You can’t beat the vibe of a live band for an exciting and engaging atmosphere.

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One of the coolest corporate entertainment ideas is to set a skilled pickpocket loose amongst your guests in a bid to fleece them of all they own! Mingling with small groups, your pickpocket will skillfully relinquish watches, wallets and phones undetected much to the hilarity of their work colleagues. Often, a theatrical pickpocket will be instructed to target the CEO of the company in a bid to “rinse them” of all they own!


Caricaturists & Cartoon artists

Still a staple for corporate event entertainment, these skilled artists create comical drawings of your guests much to the hilarity of the watching bystanders. They’re a fantastic way to break the ice and add a unique element of fun to your event.



Ideal for a corporate dinner party, the comedian works his material after the meal. A challenging task for sure, however, a well-executed set from a professional comedian can be just the thing to break up formalities and get things swinging!


Check out Florian Brooks – the undercover juggling waiter. A marvellous and unique form of evening entertainment that will have your guests mesmerised. A professional juggler will serve drinks and food whilst keeping up a steady stream of juggling tricks throughout the service. He also has a cabaret act that will round off the evening with a bang.



If you want your guests to hit the dance floor, a DJ is a standard corporate event idea but essential nonetheless! A great way to end the evening with music for everyone to enjoy. With a great selection of tunes, there’s no excuse not to get up and boogie. Plus, you’ll be able to make requests and tailor your set list accordingly.

To spice things up, consider hiring a saxophonist to accompany the live music. Your corporate team will boogieing like there’s no tomorrow!

The crooked croupier

Casino Night

Roll up sleeve collars and dress elegantly for this classic game night where participants can test their luck at roulette tables, blackjack games, etc.

For an added twist, chuck in the Crooked Croupier – a professional crook who will playfully perform classic bar bets and scams for entertainment purposes only.



Leave a lasting impression during the drinks reception or during a gala meal with talented entertainers who know a thing or two about all things acrobatic. Acrobats add a fun, unique and visual element to your corporate event. From contortionists to aerialists, and tight-rope walkers, your venue can be transformed into a World’s Greatest themed evening whilst your audience enjoys the show.

carnival games

Carnival Game Booths

Perfect for pre or post-dinner activities. Ranging from coconut shy to inflatable dart boards, carnival game booths offer a fun and casual way for your guests to socialise.

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Art Auction

Host an art auction featuring unique pieces of artwork donated by employees or friends of your company, raising money for charity at the same time. If you’re considering this, you may want to hire a professional master of ceremonies to keep the pace and present in a professional manner.

death at conferences

Murder Mystery Dinner

A classic corporate event entertainment idea is a murder mystery dinner. Great for getting everyone involved, this fun and interactive experience will have your guests guessing who done it?! Professional actors/entertainers can be hired to play out all characters as they traverse through a night of intrigue and suspense.

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Interactive video gaming stations

For a fun corporate do, why not hire a video gaming station where guests can battle it out to be crowned champion? Choose from classic consoles like Nintendo or Sega and challenge your colleagues to the ultimate virtual showdown!

Entertainment for Corporate Events:

There you have it, a plethora of corporate entertainment ideas to ensure your event stands out! From interactive game booths to professional acrobats, there’s something for everyone.

The real secret in providing top-notch corporate event entertainment is to create something unique. Think outside the box and you’ll no doubt have an unforgettable evening of fun, laughter and engagement for your guests!

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