why hire a close-up magician

Why hire a close up magician?

Why hire a close-up magician

So you’ve booked the date,

found the venue, and the planning is in full swing.

Now it’s time to figure out how you’ll create those priceless moments, shared experiences, and lasting memories. After all, you want to be an awesome party host, don’t you? You’re ready to organize the party of the year!

You definitely don’t want the embarrassment of bored faces on your big day.

And that’s where close-up magic steps in…

Why hire a close up magician?

Don’t worry… I’m not talking about terrible ‘cracker tricks’ that make your guests cringe with embarrassment for the performer.

Instead, I’m talking about the kind of OMG magic that leaves audiences open-jawed, amazed, and totally clueless as to how the magic was performed.

It’s the kind of kick-ass magic that gets people talking, laughing, and mesmerised.

It’s the type of entertainment that can electrify any event – whether that’s your wedding, a birthday party, or other special occasions.

I may be biased, but I believe close-up magic is going to be one of the best investments you make for your next event. Here’s why you should hire a magician:

Why hire a close-up magician

1. No worries

  • If you’ve ever organised an event you’ll know how stressful it can be. After all, there’s so much to organise and arrange. And because it’s your event you want it to go down a storm. You want people to have a great time and leave with plenty of awesome memories. Brilliant entertainment takes a ton of pressure off your shoulders. It means you can relax, kick back, and enjoy the entertainment too – with confidence your guests will love it as much as you. Looking for 40th birthday entertainment ideas? Check this out
Why hire a close-up magician?

2. It’s good value for money

  • £ for £, the value that OMG, close-up magic brings to your event is HUGE. Sure you need the essentials such as a venue and catering, but without the right entertainment, it’s a lot harder to create the right vibe. The key is not to do it on the cheap. A poor quality entertainer can be disastrous! [For a useful guide on what to look for when hiring a Close up Magician, click here.]
Why hire a close-up magician?

 3. It’s an icebreaker

  • Close-up magic is interactive. Your guests will be invited to participate (and their personal possessions will be used as props too!) People love getting involved and that’s exactly what close-up magic provides. Instead of being distant observers, your guests will be at the heart of the action. It’s one of the reasons that magic brings people together. When you share an experience that inspires a reaction, everyone gets to enjoy that moment together. It’s why close-up magic is perfect if your event is attended by groups of people who don’t know each other. Let me mingle and socialise with your guests and everyone will soon come together. 
Why hire a close-up magician?

4. Memorable

 If you’re organising an event to make a special occasion such as a wedding, birthday, or anniversary, you want to take away great memories as well as having a good time on the night. That’s the power of close-up magic

  • It creates an experience
  • Will provide moments of intensity and enthralment
  • It offers entertainment that people talk about – long after the event has finished

[It’s an easy way to ensure you go down as the best party host ever!!]

There’s a hidden advantage of all this awesome memory-making too. People can’t help but respond to close-up magic with smiles, laughter, and shock. So just imagine the quality of photos and video you’ll be able to capture from your event. Here are some examples to give you an idea…

Imagine how you’ll feel looking back on your photographic memories and seeing the friends and family you care about filled with so much joy.

Why hire a close-up magician?

5. Tailored to your event

If you hire an experienced close-up magician, they’ll have the repertoire and trick variety to tailor their delivery to your guests. Close-up magic is that versatile – it can be tweaked to appeal to everyone. So if you’re inviting all generations to your wedding, no worries. I can entertain the kids and the oldies (who rarely crack a smile!)

If you’re having a house party, we can wow your guests with The Room of Mystery, and if it’s adults-only, well we can be a bit naughtier!

Why hire a close-up magician?

Why hire me?


It’s true; you do have a lot of choices when looking for close-up magicians in Birmingham and the West Midlands. There are a lot of us. So why choose me?

Well I’m professional and experienced (but so are a lot of others!)

What really separates me is my style and my personality. That’s the key when choosing your entertainer. In addition to the quality of the tricks, consider the vibe their personality will bring to the atmosphere at your event too.


Well, I’m your boy next door. I’m easy around people, I love mingling, and putting people at ease. I’m the perfect ice breaker to help keep guests entertained leaving you to enjoy your event.

I perform sleight of hand, mind reading, pickpocketing – delivered with hilarious comedy banter. And let’s not forget my obvious sex appeal (mums and grandmas LOVE me you know!)

I’m also totally unbiased – obviously!

Are you looking for a risk-free magician for your event? I’ve got hundreds of wonderful reviews from previous clients from my amazing magic! Whether it’s a private party, corporate event, award ceremony or team-building event, I’ll guarantee the wow factor that will leave a lasting impression! With thousands of events under my magical belt (I’ve been a professional magician for over 20 years!), I know what it takes to make your event one to remember

What makes a good magician?

Many magicians will have you believe that to be an award-winning magician or a member of the magic circle is a barometer of being a great magician. Unfortunately, these proud boasts are not the key to being a great performer. If we agree that magic isn’t real (I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news!) then we’re closer to realising that you’re actually hiring a performer when seeking a close-up magician. A magician who can seamlessly combine great tricks with the ability to read people and a strong stage presence will ensure you have an amazing experience. This perfect storm of skills is what separates the wheat from the chaff; the good from the great.

Close Up Magician

Something different?

For those looking for real magic, consider my unique Close-Up Corner format. Amazing tricks for small groups all inside an intimate booth that provides a fantastic focal point for any event. It makes for unique wedding entertainment or even a crowd pleaser for trade shows, product launches or corporate events.

So if you want a close-up magician who’ll entertain your guests with kick-ass close-up magic that leaves them talking about your party long after it’s finished, you know who to call.

Why hire a close-up magician?

Why hire a close-up magician?

Now imagine having a close-up magician at your event. They’re like the secret sauce that transforms your regular burger into a gourmet delight. They don’t just perform magic tricks; they create shared moments of disbelief that are more contagious than a viral cat video.

And the best part? Your guests are at the heart of the action, their jaws dropping, eyes widening as they’re thrust into a world where the laws of physics take a back seat. It’s interactive, it’s engaging, and it makes everyone feel like they’re part of some exclusive magic circle.

About Close-Up Chris

Chris is a professional close-up magician who specialises in funny tricks! Fun and big laughs are the backbone to his performances as he mixes pickpocketing, audience participation and mind-reading with hilarious banter.

Chris has been amazing guests at house parties, weddings, corporate events and trade shows for over two decades now. Performing his own brand of close-up magic, Chris always strives to create an unforgettable experience that will keep people talking about your event long after it’s finished.

Why hire a close-up magician?