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Corporate Away Day Ideas

Corporate Away Day Ideas

All work and no play means…money. Tons of it!
However, as the saying goes, it makes Jack DULL. No one wants that.

Hold on, we don’t even have a Jack working here.

That’s right. He left two weeks ago, citing poor morale, a lack of team cohesion and something about communication skills (to be fair, I wasn’t listening).

So, before you lose a bunch of Jacks (or Gills), let’s think about how we can boost team morale and creative thinking while fostering harmony within your company.

Here are a bunch of team-building activities that will be perfect for your next away day

Team Building Activities

Close-Up & Crooked

Are you looking for a corporate away day that’s more than just icebreakers and trust falls? Enter the Close-Up & Crooked team-building event—a day designed to break the ice, foster collaboration, and sprinkle a bit of magic into your team’s monotonous routine.

Group Split: As soon as your team arrives, we’ll split them into two smaller groups. Why? Because no one should have to fight for attention in a room full of extroverts.

Short Performances: Each group will start with a 10-minute performance that’s captivating enough to make them forget about their overflowing inboxes. This sets the tone for the workshops, because let’s face it, adults need a little priming to get in the zone.

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Interactive Workshops: Post-performance, each group dives into different workshops:

  • Close-Up Magic Workshop: I’ll teach one group some impressive close-up magic tricks that even your most sceptical colleague can master.
  • Bar Bets and Clever Stunts: Meanwhile, Nick will wow the other group with a selection of fun bar bets and clever stunts. Prepare for a lot of “I bet you can’t do this” around the office afterwards.
  • Backdrop Booths: If space allows, Nick and I will set up backdrop booths to enhance the visual appeal and immersion of the workshops.

Group Rotation: We’ll rotate the groups so everyone can taste both workshops. Equal opportunity for fun and learning, folks.

Showcase Performance: We wrap things up with an interactive session where some brave souls perform their newly learned skills for the entire group. Trust us, this is the highlight. Watching Greg from Accounting nail a card trick is oddly satisfying.

So, if you’re ready to inject some life into your corporate away day, Close-Up & Crooked has got you covered.

Skills required: None. Just be willing to have some fun and try something new.

Materials needed: We provide all the necessary workshop materials, including props and instructional handouts.

Problem-Solving Skills

Escape Rooms

A team-building activity that fires up the old problem-solving skills, ideal for a group size of around 10-15 at a time. What’s the premise?

Chuck a bunch of dissatisfied team members in a small room and tell them they can’t escape unless they improve their sales by 25% and promise never to misuse the printer ever again.

Alternatively, head to a professional setup where you’ll encounter devilishly clever clues designed to ensure you’ll escape just in the nick of time—barely making it out with your sanity intact.

The result? A stellar team that knows the value of teamwork to tackle adversity under tight deadlines. It’s almost like they’re superheroes, but, you know, without the capes.

Escape Room is Birmingham:

Escape Room in London:

Skills required: Critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork.

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Quad Bikes

Are your team complaining about sitting down too much and staring at a computer screen? They’ll love this corporate away day activity.

Swap their chair for the seat of a roaring quad bike, thirsty for rough terrain and wheely hops. Perfect for those wanting to embrace the great outdoors—and maybe a detour to A&E if they ignore the health and safety guidelines! Helping Glenda with her new crutches is the pinnacle of team-building exercises, right?

Skills required: Impeccable balance, the urge to ride rough and a secret desire to audition for Top Gear.

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Laser Clay Shooting

Salt and Vinegar, Fish and Chips, and Ant and Dec. World-famous duos that just work. But what if I told you there’s a duo that could top these iconic pairs, perfect for an incredible team-building activity?

Enter Guns and Pigeons!

Well, pigeons have voiced their objections to joining our fun-filled day, so we’ve switched to flying clay discs. And after that little incident with one-eyed Bill, we’ve swapped firearms for lasers.

So before Jane from HR has a nervous breakdown, let’s talk about a safer option…

What Is Laser Clay Shooting?

It’s a modern spin on the classic sport of clay pigeon shooting, delivering an engaging and secure team-building experience. Instead of live ammunition, you’ll wield specially modified shotguns that shoot harmless infrared beams. When you pull the trigger, the system records whether your shot hits the flying clay disc, launched just like in traditional clay pigeon shooting.

This activity not only sidesteps the risks of handling firearms but also earns eco-friendly points—no lead shot here. Plus, the system offers instant feedback and scoring, injecting a competitive edge into the event. This corporate team-building fosters camaraderie and a touch of friendly rivalry, making it a fun-packed day.

Skills required: Speed, timing and quick reactions.

Alton Towers

If you’re seeking team away day ideas to break the monotony of office routine, why not consider a trip to Staffordshire’s top theme park? Theme parks, in general, are perfect for this – team members can challenge their nerves on the world’s fastest coaster, test their luck at ‘hook a duck’, and try to keep a straight face as Dawn gets soaked on the river rapids. Theme parks offer a unique opportunity to build stronger relationships, especially as colleagues bond while waiting in those endless queues.

Skills required: Patience, high tolerance for screaming, and a love of all things adrenaline-fueled.


Team away day ideas don’t come more exhilarating than watching Geoff zip down a wire with a look of pure terror (and maybe a hint of regret). Wondering where the team building comes in? You’ve got two choices: either let Bob and Karen from accounts fumble with harnesses for a thrill-seeker’s dream (and a questionable safety record) or let the pros handle it, ensuring you can confidently check off “successful team-building activity” on your to-do list. Your choice…

Skills required: Comfortable with heights and speed

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Corporate Away Days

Sports Days

If you’ve got a bunch of fairly active work members, this away day idea sits top of the podium. Someone forgot their kit? Pants and vest, old-school style. No exceptions. Just like back at school, divvy up your talent into groups, nominate a captain and prepare to battle. What races are we talking? Nothing too strenuous, we don’t want any cruciate ligament stories, so what about:

A three-legged race, egg-and-spoon relay, and an obstacle course? And, of course, no sports day is complete without a tug-of-war finale. It may not be the most original idea, but it’s tried and tested as a team-building activity that promotes teamwork and healthy competition.

A three-legged race, egg-and-spoon relay, and an obstacle course? Pair this with a BBQ, and your away day summer parties will never taste better.

Ideal for those with plenty of outdoor space and those looking for sports activities.

Skills required: Some athleticism, a good sense of humour (and possibly a willingness to make a fool of yourself).

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Rowing Races

Always liked the idea of jumping in a boat but couldn’t get into Oxford or Cambridge? The team away day idea will allow you to be a valued team member while your managing director barks rowing instructions through a megaphone.

Be prepared to listen, work hard, and lament the days you missed working on your forearms at the gym!

This is a fun team event that can be played in multiple groups and has the added benefit of being a watersport.

Skills required: Effective communication. Arms of steel!

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Creative Activities

Circus Skills

Team-building activities that are fun and provide an opportunity to learn new skills is what it’s all about. Tired of juggling too many balls, spinning too many plates and fed up of watching Gav make a prat of himself? Let’s ditch the work environment and see how those skills translate!

Three-ball juggling, diabolo, stilt walking. Before you know it, this company is ready to hijack playing fields with caravans and questionable attire – there’s a new act in town!

Skills required: A sense of rhythm, coordination and a willingness to learn. Over-sized shoes a bonus.

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A Cooking Class

Ideal for smaller teams to flaunt their culinary prowess. Boost morale as you whip up the perfect tiramisu and watch your next team meeting heat up with fresh enthusiasm and camaraderie. Cooking classes showcase individual skills and encourage teamwork as colleagues join forces to create delectable dishes. This hands-on activity guarantees an inclusive and productive experience, leaving everyone with a sense of accomplishment and a tendency to brag about their newfound culinary genius.

Skills required: Basic cooking skills, team cooperation, and a love for good food.

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Human Table Football

Company culture is all stiff necks and ties. Are you looking for a way to loosen up and provide a great team experience? Step forward, human table football. Here’s the premise: Imagine a giant inflatable pitch with standard football rules, but there’s a twist. Teams are strapped to poles and can only move side-to-side. Sounds like a recipe for chaos, right? You’re not wrong. This unforgettable experience will have everyone laughing and collaborating faster than you can say “teamwork” and no VAR in sight!

Skills required: Good sense of balance and coordination, a love for fun and laughter

Team Away Days Round-up & Conclusion

There you have it – some corporate away day ideas that will help improve communication, boost spirits and foster strong relationships among team members. No matter what activity you choose, the key is to have fun and encourage teamwork in a relaxed and engaging environment. So why not plan your next team-building event with one of these ideas? Your team will thank you for it! Keep in mind that these are just a few suggestions but take a look at some team-building activities here.

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