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Magic and Team Building

The Magic of Team Building!

Do you have the job of sorting out a team event in the next few months?

Do you want to do something different – something that will impress the attendees and not have them yawning at the same old predictable team-building games and icebreakers?

If so, here’s something you’ll love.

You see, magic doesn’t have to be for performance only. Instead, it can be used as a fun, but super effective team-building activity that will bring your team together more than ever before.


Here’s how it works…

magic and team building

Laughter is the best medicine

There’s no question that team building is important for any team. The way your people interact together influences company culture, results, and collaboration.


The problem is team building can feel so awkward and uncomfortable! When people are pushed out of their comfort zone doing activities they don’t enjoy, you don’t get the results you want.


And when your team have done everything before, they can bring a closed mind to the event, which can make it a waste of time.


So here’s a fresh strategy…


Your team will love it because they learn something useful and your company will love it too because it creates a shared experience that brings your people closer together.


Can you imagine how cool it would be to leave a team building activity knowing how to perform some close-up magic!


[On this very special occasion a magician can reveal his tricks!]


Packages are bespoke to your organisation, but here’s an example to show you what’s possible.

Magic Team Building!

If you’ve ever seen a good close-up magician, you’ll know how it’s a skill that connects people in a shared experience.


It’s a skill that evokes reactions too – like these above ^


That’s why it’s such a perfect icebreaker at events such as weddings, parties and company events. It creates a focal point for everyone, gives people something to talk about, and gets everyone laughing together. The same will happen at your team building event.


We’ll kick-start the event with a close-up magic and professional pickpocketing demonstration.

Then, once everyone is feeling more relaxed, the fun begins!

Your team will be taught some easy-to-master stunts, barbets and tricks. We’re talking the kind of mind-boggling effects that will spark conversation and attention at the next office party or corporate networking event!

As well as teaching the trick, your team will also get tips for effective delivery – therefore boosting and sharpening their performance and confidence skills too.

close-up corner
team building ideas
team building ideas
Chris & his colleague Nick provided us with a fab day of magic & trickery. The feedback was excellent!
–Melissa, Gowling WLG

Team members are encouraged to problem solve in groups – this could be trying to work out a puzzle/trick/bar-bet before the explanation or offering advice to better their performance.

During rehearsal, I’ll do what I do best – mingle around. I’ll give individual feedback, answer questions, and ensure everyone can do their trick confidently and effectively.

Finally, we’ll bring everyone back together for the finale.

Team members are encouraged to show what they’ve just learnt, performing their magic trick to the rest of their team to resounding applause (hopefully!).

corporate entertainer Close-Up Chris
Chris provided an excellent team building experience with plenty of laughs provided!

Managing Director - English Camp World

Why it works!

Using magic as a team-building activity works on a number of layers:


  • It’s fun to watch and fun to practice – and laughter is the best medicine!


  • Learning a trick pushes you out of your comfort zone. You have to take risks. It’s highly likely you’ll get it wrong the first couple of times so you’ll need to deal with ‘failure’ and muster up persistence to get the trick nailed.


  • Magic is a leveller – it doesn’t matter what your status or position in the company is, when you’re learning something that’s not work-related, everyone is on the same level making it a great activity for closing gaps between management and other people in the business.


  • The activity is engaging – unlike other team-building activities where you just have an experience, you’ll leave with a magic trick that you can perform to your friends and family.


  • Boost confidence and presentation skills – standing front of stage isn’t for everyone, but you get a massive high once you’ve nailed your trick and received an ovation for your wizardry!


  • Encouragement and support – egg each other on as you learn, master, and perform your tricks.
Close-Up Chris Magician Reviews

Magic and Team-Building

Magic and Team Building

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