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Corporate Fun Day

Corporate Fun Day


If you’re in charge of organising this year’s company fun day, it’s likely for one of two reasons: Either you nailed it last year, or Susan from accounts left such a lasting impression that we’re all still recovering—never again.

If you’re out of ideas for your corporate fun days, allow me to introduce myself—I’m Chris, a professional magician who’s survived more corporate events than I can count. I’m here to unload a treasure trove of ideas to ensure your corporate event stays…fun.

17 Corporate Fun Days Ideas

A Close-Up Magician


Well, forgive me for starting with the most versatile idea of the lot, but this guy has got to put food on the table! Joking aside, a close-up magician can really help kick-start your corporate fun day. We’re as versatile as a Swiss-knife and twice as deadly (watch out for those ninja card tricks, they’re ice-breakers!).

Think you’ve seen it all? Think again. Shake things up with my Close-Up Corner format—a stunning setup where guests interact on their own terms. Perfect for company fun days that want that extra wow factor!

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MAGICIAN making a memorable experience

Why it works


Close-up magic is the ultimate icebreaker for corporate events, seamlessly blending into your fun day without any awkward fanfare. Picture your colleagues marvelling at sleight-of-hand tricks right before their eyes—it’s an instant conversation starter. This interactive form of entertainment captivates and breaks down social barriers, encouraging everyone to relax and engage. Employees who usually don’t interact laugh and share the wonder of a seemingly impossible act. The personalized nature of close-up magic leaves a lasting impression, ensuring your corporate fun day is remembered for all the right reasons.



A corporate fun day isn’t quite complete without a bouncy castle. But why settle? Let’s upgrade to a giant obstacle course. Inflatables add a unique twist to any corporate event, sparking a bit of competitive spirit among colleagues. Plus, watching your boss try to conquer an inflatable maze? That’s prime entertainment.

Different types of inflatables for you to consider:

  • Bungee runs: Running as far as you can with elastic on your back ( a little friendly competition to see you can travel the furthest)
  • Rodeo – ride the bull as long as possible without chaffing your thighs
  • Joust – Just an excuse to batter the CEO with a smile on your face!
  • Surf Simulator – ideal for those too afraid to get ripped up by Jaws.
  • Human table football – team members unite. No VAR required.
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Why it works

Inflatables are the not-so-secret ingredient to a corporate fun day that people will actually enjoy. Their larger-than-life presence injects a dose of whimsy and excitement that’s tough to match. They gently nudge even the most reluctant employees to ditch the usual awkward icebreakers. Plus, inflatables offer a thrilling yet safe space for colleagues to cut loose and engage in friendly competition. The laughs and unforgettable moments will keep everyone talking long after the event wraps up, cementing team bonds and giving morale a much-needed boost

Corporate Family Fun Day

Giant Garden Games


The trouble with chess, you see, is that the pieces are too small. Said no one. Ever! Here’s a safer bet than the Bear Grylls survival challenge and a tenth of the cost. Scatter a few giant versions of chess, Jenga and Connect 4, and you’ve just killed ten minutes or so. Now, what to do for the other 5 hours and fifty minutes? Giant Monopoly, anyone?

Of course, these are a nice way for your attendees to keep themselves busy throughout the afternoon, adding to the event experience.

Ideal if you’re having a corporate garden party and need to add some fun activities.

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Why it works


Giant garden games offer a refreshingly low-stakes way for employees to unwind and bond with their colleagues. These oversized classics, such as Jenga, Connect 4, and chess, turn familiar games into larger-than-life activities that are a breeze to pick up and play. They promote casual interaction and teamwork, breaking down the ever-charming silos between departments and hierarchies. Ideal for a relaxed atmosphere, these games provide endless entertainment throughout the day, appealing to a wide range of interests and ages.

Fun Team Building Activities

Traditional Garden Games

Never studied the Queen’s Gambit or Stafford Gambit? These school sports day activities will keep the fun days rocking with a dash of nostalgia!

  • Sack Races – Hop to the finish line in oversized sacks for a nostalgic burst of fun and laughter.
  • Egg and Spoon Race – Test balance and coordination by racing to the finish line without dropping the egg.
  • Three-Legged Race – Tie the legs of two participants together and watch teamwork and coordination unfold in a hilarious manner.
  • Tug of War – Classic test of strength and teamwork, guaranteed to get everyone involved and cheering.
  • Croquet – This lawn game offers a touch of class and strategy for those with a taste for the genteel.
  • Boules/Petanque – A game of precision and patience; ideal for a relaxed yet competitive atmosphere.
  • Rounders – A bat-and-ball game that will evoke memories of school sports days.
  • Ring Toss – Simple yet addictive, perfect for all ages.

These traditional garden games will keep everyone entertained and bring out the competitive spirit in a fun, light-hearted manner.

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team building activities

Outdoor Team Building Event

Listen. We can’t get the budget approved unless we bill this as “team-building activities” Don’t hate the player; hate the game! These corporate fun days events are all about ticking boxes, right? So, let’s dig into some fun corporate event ideas so we can all go home satisfied and increase the positive company culture…

These events focus on team-building and cooperation while still being fun and engaging:

  • Scavenger Hunt – Teams solve clues and hunt down hidden items around the venue. Sherlock would be impressed.
  • Obstacle Course – Navigate a series of physical challenges designed to test teamwork. Think of it as a “team-building boot camp” without the drill sergeants.
  • Relay Races – Different team members complete various segments of a race. It’s like passing the baton, but without the Olympic pressure.
  • Trust Falls – Classic trust-building exercises to enhance mutual support within the team. Team bonding? Yes. Team building? You know it! Still wouldn’t trust Steve as far as you could throw him? Try me.
  • Escape Room Challenge – Solve puzzles and riddles to ‘escape’ an outdoor setup. Channel your inner Houdini.
  • Field Day Competitions – Series of mini-games like sack races, tug of war, and wheelbarrow races. Childhood nostalgia with an adult twist.
  • Boat Building Challenge – Teams construct functional boats from provided materials and race them. Who knew you could be shipwrights in a day?
  • Outdoor Cooking Competitions – Teams cook meals using campfires or portable grills, judged on creativity and taste. Michelin stars not required, but aim high.
  • Paintball – Strategize and work together to capture the flag in a paintball arena. It’s like a colorful battlefield, minus the actual danger.
  • Geocaching – Teams search for geocaches using GPS devices, promoting teamwork and exploration. Modern-day treasure hunting, no pirate hat needed.

Stilt Walkers


Stilt walkers can add a real visual punch to your corporate fun day—especially if you’ve got the outdoor space for them to truly stretch their legs. They make a memorable meet-and-greet for the start of your event. With a variety of themed costumes available, they’re perfect for adding a bit of flair to your fun day or team-building scenario. Who knew towering over everyone could boost the team spirit so well?

stilt walkers for corporate fun day event

Corporate Treasure Hunt


if you’re looking to unite the team into one big happy family, this is a fun team building activity which is budget-friendly too. Splitting into teams, you’ll complete tasks and collect clues around your chosen venue. The first team to find the treasure wins! A fun and interactive way to get everyone working together towards a common goal.

Food Trucks


A hallmark of any corporate event is the array of delicious food options, designed to keep even the most ardent critics of corporate fun days content, at least temporarily. After a corporate sports day, you’re bound to need a carb refill—consider hiring a pizza van for the ultimate solution!

Here are some other popular options:

  • Burger Truck – From gourmet burgers to classic cheeseburgers, there’s something for everyone.
  • Taco Truck – Offering a selection of tacos with diverse fillings and toppings, catering to meat-lovers and vegetarians alike.
  • BBQ Smokehouse – Enjoy succulent smoked meats and BBQ dishes, a crowd favourite.
  • Ice Cream Van – A sweet treat to cool down with, offering various flavours and toppings.
  • Vegan Delights – Specialising in plant-based dishes, ensuring there’s an option for everyone.
  • Asian Fusion – Serving a mix of Asian-inspired dishes like sushi, noodles, and dumplings.
  • Coffee Cart – Essential for keeping energy levels up, offering a range of coffee drinks, teas, and pastries.
  • Smoothie & Juice Bar – Freshly made smoothies and juices to refresh and revitalise your participants.
  • Sandwich & Salad Truck – Healthy and delicious options for those looking for a lighter meal.

These food trucks will ensure everyone finds something they enjoy, adding to the overall experience of your corporate fun day.

Outdoor team Building Activity


For those who crave a bit more adrenaline and excitement in their team-building activities, here are some unique ideas to consider:

  • Soap Box Car Racing – Teams design, build, and race their own soap box cars. Think of it as a mini Grand Prix with a creative twist.
  • Zip Lining – Test everyone’s bravery and give them a bird’s-eye view of the surroundings. It’s an excellent way to bond over shared exhilaration.
  • Archery Tag – Combine strategic planning with physical activity in this fun, bow-and-arrow version of dodgeball.
  • Raft Building and Racing – Teams construct their own rafts from provided materials and race them on the water. Innovation and teamwork at its finest.
  • Mountain Biking – Explore trails and enjoy the great outdoors together. Suitable for various skill levels, ensuring everyone can participate.
  • Rock Climbing – Whether it’s an outdoor rock face or a climbing wall, this activity builds trust and teamwork as participants help each other reach new heights.
  • Outdoor Laser Tag – Navigate through obstacles and work together to outsmart the opposing team in this high-energy game.
  • Firewalking – For the ultimate trust exercise, participants can walk over hot coals. This activity requires professional supervision but can be a memorable team-building experience.
  • Camping Retreat – Spend a night or two in the wilderness, working together to set up camp, cook meals, and enjoy outdoor activities. This immersive experience fosters deep connections.
  • Paragliding – For a truly unforgettable experience, take to the skies and enjoy the thrill of paragliding under professional guidance.
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Corporate Fun Days FAQs


  1. What are the benefits of a corporate fun day?
  • Corporate fun days are a stealthy morale boost, subtly transforming your team into communication wizards and mutual support enthusiasts. They offer a rare chance for colleagues to connect outside the usual work setting—think of it as a professional bonding experiment in a relaxed lab.
  1. How do you select the right activities for a corporate fun day?
  • Weigh your team’s interests and physical prowess, the event’s goals (be it team bonding, chilling out, or skill sharpening), and your budget. Pro tip: get your team’s input so they’re not plotting an escape route before the activities even start.
  1. What is the optimal duration for a corporate fun day?
  • A corporate fun day usually runs from half a day to a full day, depending on how many activities we’ve crammed in and just how ambitious we’re feeling about achieving the event’s goals.
  1. Can corporate fun days be held indoors and outdoors?
  • Absolutely, corporate fun days can be customised for indoor or outdoor settings depending on the season, weather, and the activities. After all, who doesn’t love planning around Mother Nature’s whims?
  1. Are there any safety considerations for a corporate fun day?
  • Absolutely. Make sure all activities are supervised by pros, especially the ones that could land you in a cast (firewalking, rock climbing, you name it). Keep those first aid kits handy and know where the nearest medical facility is—just in case your adventurous spirit gets a bit too adventurous.
  1. Do we need to provide food and beverages for participants?
  • Absolutely, providing food and beverages keeps participants fueled and hydrated all day long. Food trucks or catered meals are great choices that can cater to any dietary quirk or need.
  1. How can we track the success of a corporate fun day?
  • Gather feedback from participants through surveys or informal chats. Keep an eye out for signs of boosted team morale, enhanced communication, and whether those lofty event goals were actually met.
  1. What is the typical budget for a corporate fun day?
  • .Budgets can swing wildly based on the event’s grandeur, the fun you pick, and the crowd size. Nail down your budget early, and choose activities and services that won’t make your wallet cry.
  1. Can corporate fun days be customised for remote teams?
  • Absolutely, many activities can be adapted for a virtual setting. Think online escape rooms, virtual cooking classes, and remote team-building games. These options ensure remote employees don’t miss out on the fun, even if their commute is just from the bed to the desk.
  1. How do you encourage participation in a corporate fun day?

Promote the event well in advance, emphasizing the perks and thrilling activities planned. Get management involved and excited; their participation can totally inspire everyone else to join in (who wouldn’t want to follow their lead, right?)

Corporate Fun Day Round-Up

Discover the ultimate corporate event ideas right here, perfect for your next gathering. Whether you’re catering to a small team or a large crowd, planning a corporate fun day has never been this straightforward. From team-building escapades to school sports day antics, we’ve got you covered. Who knew work-life balance could be this entertaining?

Who is Chris?

Close-Up Chris is a professional close-up magician who specialises in corporate events. His close-up magic is the ideal entertainment for your next corporate event, providing ice-breaking solutions and unforgettable memories. Get in touch if you want to add the X-factor to your usual corporate summer party.

He’s also a provider of fantastic team-building events, offering a professional development workshop with his Team member, Nick. Whether you’re looking for a full team-building day, problem-solving, or just encouraging team bonding, Chris has just the thing up his sleeve!
For a detailed list of team-building activities, check out this blog post.
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