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Party In The Office

Party In The Office

Welcome to our Work Parties Ideas page! Are you the social secretary burdened with organizing the next office party? My sympathies! The pressure to top last year’s snooze fest must be intense. As a professional close-up magician and party games enthusiast, I’ve got some fresh party ideas to turn your office event into something actually enjoyable.

From ideas for a low-budget office party to a more extravagant one, you’ll ideas pad will be bursting with corporate party ideas, and the best thing is, you can take all the credit for being the best work party organiser.

Let’s start with the best of the best…

Office Party Ideas

The Close-Up Corner


Alright, let’s be honest: office parties often hover somewhere between “awkward” and “please, someone pull the fire alarm.” Enter the Close-Up Corner, your ticket to transforming those tedious gatherings into something everyone will actually talk about. As Close-Up Chris, I bring not just close-up magic but a whole new level of entertainment that’s like a cross between a close-up magician and a photo booth.

With over two decades of experience, I know how to engage even the most hard-to-impress colleagues. And let’s talk about the backdrop—it’s like the fairy godmother for your drab office, turning it into a genuinely cool party scene. Whether it’s breaking the ice or sparking conversations, my performances ensure that every attendee is part of the fun. So, if you want to elevate your next office bash from “meh” to memorable, the Close-Up Corner is your go-to. Trust me, you’ll wonder how you ever survived office parties without it

Cocktail Party


Look – we’re adults, and honesty is key. What are the best work party ideas? They usually involve a bit of alcohol. After all, how else are you supposed to socialize with colleagues you already see for 9 hours daily? The solution: a few fancy cocktails to break the ice and set the stage for a dance party that could either go viral or get someone banned from next year’s Christmas Party.

But we’re not talking about those pre-made, carton concoctions. No, that’s beneath us. Instead, hire a mixologist to craft a bespoke cocktail list for your office shindig. Let the fun—and the sophisticated activities—begin.

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Games Station



It used to be that good conversation, and a pack of home brew was a fun way to spend an evening. Said no one. Ever. It’s time to ignite the competitive edge amongst your office compatriates and see who knows their way around Mario Kart or Call of Duty. It’s time to hire some video game consoles (or bring your own in if your budget is limited). A couple of games will show that Kevin from accounts can navigate the Rainbow round like a pro and, quite likely, has never kissed a girl. But he’s happy.

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The Office Talent Show



Everyone has a party piece, and yes, some are better than others. But the fun comes in showing what a shower of sh*te Karen’s voice is when she tells everyone who’ll listen that she won Talent of the Year 1998 in Skegness.

Anyway, challenge your workers to something short and sharp that’ll keep the atmosphere tight and spirits high. The team leader can play Simon Cowell* and boot off the weakest.

Be it a song, a magic trick or the full reenactment of Gladiator, this is going to be a workplace celebration to remember.

*Trousers must be nipple high

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Budget Office Party Ideas

The Office Olympics



If you’ve been tasked with hosting an office party but the kitty is looking a little bare, a few games should provide a memorable time.

  • Chair Racing: Clear out a corridor or a large room and let the races begin. Witness your colleagues transform from buttoned-up professionals to competitive speed demons—it’s exhilarating.
  • Paper Plane Toss: Hand out sheets of paper for employees to craft their finest gliders. The one that flies the farthest or lands in the target hoop earns top marks. Aerodynamics, schmaerodynamics.
  • Stapler Accuracy Challenge: Set up targets and have participants attempt to hit them by firing staples from a safe distance. Yes, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds, but you’d be surprised how fun it is.
  • Office Scavenger Hunt: Create lists of items that people can quickly find around the office, from the quirky to the mundane. The fastest team to check off all the items wins. And no, Bob, your stapler doesn’t count.
  • Typing Speed Test: See who can crank out words per minute the fastest. It’s nerdy-intense, but those bragging rights last forever.
  • Pencil Javelin: Uncap a conference room, lay down some tape for the throwing line, and see who can fling a pencil the farthest! 1 point if it lands on the floor, 3 points if it sticks in the ceiling. The janitor is going to love this one.
  • Wastebasket Ball: Turn balled-up pieces of paper into makeshift basketballs. It’s competitive, simple, and perfect for bonding over those mutual frustrations of missed shots.
  • Paperclip Chain Making: Race against the clock to see who can link the longest chain of paperclips. Hint: nimble fingers win—no pressure.
  • Cubicle Bowling: Substitute traditional pins with water bottles and use a small ball to knock them down. Prepare for cheers, jeers, and possibly a bit of spillage.
  • Team Relay: Combine several of the above activities into a fun relay race, ensuring there’s something for everyone to excel in. Just remember, it’s all fun and games until someone’s stapler goes missing.
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The DIY Photo Booth


A brilliant office party idea that won’t break the bank: consider a photo booth, much like the Close-Up Corner. It’s a hit at any party, urging employees to dive in, dons cowboy hats, and slap on a few moustaches (though Karen’s already got that covered). If your budget is tighter than your deadline schedules, go the DIY route.

Find a blank wall, hang up a sheet as your backdrop in the break room, and print out some fun props (seriously, cowboy hats are non-negotiable). Designate someone as the evening’s photographer (give them a crash course on the rule of thirds). Just ensure you’ve got enough storage on your phone because things might get interesting. Alternatively, hire photo booths from professionals who can customise the prints and certainly won’t end up in the bin at the end of the night…

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Office Parties

A Casino Night


Forget the bingo cards and skip the tug of war. Let’s get all Ocean’s 11-style. These days, company parties and roulette wheels are practically a match made in heaven. Perfect for those who want to enjoy some fun games without risking a small fortune—or their marriage.

For a great office party, ensure you have a prize for the winner. There’s nothing worse than playing for fun, right?!

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Stand Up Comedian


If your work team is all work and no play, hiring a comedian to roast your managing director is a great way to boost team morale. Just don’t get caught laughing on your own—that’s the key here!

Well-known comedians are often used for awards banquet nights but also available for the office environment for a. more intimate occasion.

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Murder Mystery


There’s ‘bin a murder! Karen was discovered on the dancefloor with a microphone lodged in her head. So, who’s the guilty party?

If you have someone within the office who knows their way around a murder mystery box set, have them host a murder mystery. If not, consider hiring professionals who can give it the vim and vigour it requires.

Promote your party as “A Night of Intrigue” and ask employees to come in fancy dress. Great for corporate parties who want something a little different to last year’s karaoke party.

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Holiday Party

Secret Santa


If you want to encourage employees to pretend they like each other, how about this for your holiday party: Names in a hat, £5 limit. TOPS. It’s like team collaboration meets a surprise element—because who doesn’t love forced fun and bargain shopping? For a thoughtful gesture, include the receipt so they can either return the item or save it for next year’s office gift exchange…

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The Office Awards


For the ultimate office party, create humorous awards that playfully tease your colleagues, ensuring that the relaxed atmosphere teeters on the brink of awkward come Monday morning.

  • Early Bird Award: For the colleague who is always the first to arrive and insists you can never get enough coffee.
  • Fashion Icon Award: Bestowed upon the most stylish individual in the office.
  • Desk Décor Dynamo: Recognising the person whose workspace is a veritable Pinterest board, complete with fairy lights and succulent plants.
  • Spreadsheet Sorcerer: For the wizard who can conjure reports, pivot tables, and charts with lightning speed.
  • Office DJ: Awarded to the person who always has the best playlists and keeps the office vibes impeccable.
  • Most Likely to Brighten Your Day: For the colleague whose positive energy and infectious smile never fail to lift spirits.
  • The Snack Stash: Celebrate the person whose desk drawers are a treasure trove of treats and goodies. Thanks to them, snack runs become unnecessary.
  • Walking Encyclopedia: This is given to the coworker who seems to have a wealth of knowledge on just about everything, making them the go-to for random trivia.
  • Jargon Juggernaut: For the colleague who uses the most impressive corporate lingo in meetings. Synergy, anyone?
  • The Deadline Demolisher: Honouring the individual who consistently meets deadlines with time to spare, setting the bar high for the rest of us.
  • Meeting Maestro: Given to the person who knows how to run an efficient, productive, and surprisingly engaging meeting.
  • Email Ninja: For the colleague who somehow manages to have an empty inbox at the end of the day. Teach us your ways!
  • Social Butterfly: Celebrating the person who knows everyone by name and can chat amicably with anyone in the office.
  • Tech Troubleshooter: Recognising the hero who saves the day by fixing all those sudden IT issues that seem insurmountable to the rest of us.
  • Team Spirit Award: For the individual who embodies collaboration, encouragement, and overall good vibes, keeping the office on a positive keel.

Summer Work Party Ideas

Looking forward to the English summer? Hilarious, right? But it can’t rain all the time, can it? While I can’t promise perfect weather for your plans, remember my Nan’s wisdom: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes.” Of course, she had her quirks, so…

  • Company Picnic: Arrange a traditional picnic in a local park. Bring blankets, set up a BBQ, and organise a few fun games like frisbee or tug of war. Be sure to split employees fairly…
  • Sports Day: Hold a day of traditional sports activities, including sack races, egg and spoon races, and three-legged races.
  • Beach Party: If you’re near the coast, a beach party can be a great way to unwind. Set up beach volleyball and a sandcastle-building contest. If you’re near Blackpool, skip this idea.
  • Festival-Themed Event: Create a mini-festival with different food stalls, live music, and corporate entertainment. Encourage employees to dress in festival attire.
  • Hiking Trip: For the more adventurous team, organise a hiking excursion. Choose a scenic trail and perhaps finish with a picnic at a picturesque spot.
  • Garden Party: Turn a colleague’s garden into a refined party venue. Balance the socialising with lawn games like croquet or giant Jenga, and serve afternoon tea.
  • Barbecue Cook-Off: Host a barbecue where teams can compete in cooking the best dishes. Include categories for mains, sides, and desserts.
  • Team-Building Adventure: Plan a day of team-building activities in an outdoor adventure park. Rope courses, zip lines, and climbing walls are sure to invigorate.
  • Wine or Beer Tasting: Visit a local vineyard or brewery for a tasting tour. Complement the experience with a picnic of local cheeses and charcuterie.
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External Venue Office Party Ideas

For most, the idea of hosting a party at the same office where you spend all day sounds more dreadful than a Monday morning meeting. So, if you’re planning your event at a hotel, conference room, or golf club, let’s explore some of the trendiest ideas for a company party:

The Crooked Croupier


Try this fantastic format if a casino night sounds enticing, but you know no one wants to spend more than 2 minutes hoping for red or white. The Crooked Croupier is a professional con artist slash entertainer with a 10-minute set where your colleagues are convinced everything’s legit while he’s cleverly outsmarting them. This tricky casino table offers a fun alternative for those not keen on the office dance party. Expect sleight of hand, friendly scams, and hustles that entertain everyone.

Staff Parties

Let’s keep the ideas rolling for staff parties and company party ideas:

Brunch Party Ideas


I get it. You’ve got a fun office party to organize, but no one wants to spend extracurricular time with Karen. Here’s what you do: Have your party in the afternoon amid a sea of delicious food and non-alcoholic drinks.

Play music, add a few fun activities (office Olympics), and you’re halfway there.

If an afternoon get-together sounds like the perfect balance for your team, here are five delightful brunch party ideas that are sure to bring a wave of enthusiasm and good cheer:

  • DIY Breakfast Burrito Bar: Set up a station where everyone can create their custom breakfast burrito. Provide an array of fillings like scrambled eggs, cheese, bacon, sausage, beans, avocado, and various salsas. This interactive meal setup is both fun and delicious.
  • Pancake & Waffle Station: Create a pancake and waffle bar with endless toppings like berries, chocolate chips, whipped cream, syrup, and nuts. Include options for both sweet and savoury preferences, and consider adding some fun extras like a chocolate fountain.
  • Smoothie and Juice Bar: Offer a variety of fresh fruits, greens, and add-ins like yoghurt, protein powder, and honey, allowing colleagues to blend their concoctions. Complement this with a selection of fresh juices to keep everyone refreshed and energised.
  • Bagels and Lox Spread: Lay out a spread of fresh bagels, assorted cream cheeses, smoked salmon, capers, onions, and sliced tomatoes. It’s a classic brunch option that’s light yet satisfying, and perfect for enjoying at a leisurely pace.
  • Mimosa and Pastry Table: Nothing says brunch like a good mimosa. Set up a table with champagne, various fruit juices for mimosas, and an assortment of pastries like croissants, muffins, and danishes. This light-hearted option is perfect for easing into the day with some sparkle and treat-filled fun.
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Board Games


Alright, we’re back to brainstorming low-budget office party ideas—but don’t roll your eyes just yet. With the right crowd, board games can break the ice and dish out a hefty dose of fun. Now, what kind of games are we talking about? Monopoly? Game of Life? Oh, please! The gaming world has evolved leaps and bounds since your days of Snakes & Ladders. Here’s a list of party games you need to check out. They’re quick, easy to learn, and your secret weapon to kick-starting a memorable office party.

5 Second Rule
One Night Ultimate Werewolf
Don’t Get Got
Sounds Fishy
Wits & Wagers

Playing games just got fun. Thank me later.

Of course, depending on the location of your office party, some ideas lend themselves better than others. An escape room is a nice activity if you’re not restricted to being in the office. However, you know your group better than me. Some may not be into the typical office party vibe, so you’ll need to think outside the box. An early Friday start at the local bar is music to the ears of some; however, for others, an unforgettable office party starts and begins with a movie night with a nice cup of boveril!

Here are a few more creative and engaging office party ideas to consider:

  • Karaoke Night: Rent a karaoke machine or head to a local karaoke bar for an evening of singing and laughter. Encourage everyone to showcase their talent or simply have fun with it.
  • Themed Costume Party: Choose a fun theme like the ’80s, superheroes, or favourite movies, and have everyone come dressed accordingly. This can add an extra layer of fun and creativity to your event.
  • Murder Mystery Event: Organise a murder mystery party where employees can play roles and unravel the mystery together. It’s an excellent way for team members to bond and enjoy a unique experience.
  • Potluck Lunch: Have each team member bring a dish to share. It’s economical and allows everyone to showcase their culinary skills and share their favourite homemade recipes.
  • Trivia Night: Set up a trivia game with questions ranging from general knowledge to company-specific trivia. Prizes can be awarded to the winning team.
  • Cookery Class: Hire a chef to conduct a cooking class where employees can learn new recipes and cooking techniques. This interactive experience can encourage teamwork and collaboration.
  • Paint and Sip: Host a painting class where participants can enjoy a glass of wine while they paint. It’s a fun and relaxing activity that promotes creativity.
  • Book Club Gathering: For literary enthusiasts, organise a book club event where employees can discuss a pre-selected book over snacks and drinks.

Table Magician


A table magician is a great way to avoid awkward moments while making small talk with Karen’s husband. Performing close-up magic between the courses, your magician is your secret weapon in obtaining an unforgettable office party. Add on the Close-Up Corner for the after-party for a cool combo!

Surprise Juggler


Here’s a unique corporate entertainment idea that most guests probably haven’t experienced: a juggling waiter. Watch as your office party guests are both surprised and delighted by impressive dexterity and fantastic flourishes. It’s sure to be an evening they won’t forget.

Check out Florian Brooks

Perfect for holiday parties.

Live Music Performance


Consider hiring a live band or musician for your office party. It injects a lively atmosphere and practically compels guests to hit the dance floor (as if they needed an excuse). You could even hold a company-wide vote on the music genre—turning democracy into a party-planning tool.

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Party in the Office

To wrap things up, planning the best office party can turn the ordinary into something memorable. Whether it’s a casino night with The Crooked Croupier (because who doesn’t love losing fake money), a brunch feast that makes you reconsider your love for avocado toast or a board game session that reveals your colleague’s competitive side? These ideas are sure to boost morale and foster camaraderie. Remember, the goal is to create an environment where everyone can relax, have fun, and feel valued. So, choose your favourite idea, tailor it to your team’s quirks, and get ready to host an event they won’t forget!

About Chris


Chris is a professional close-up magician who has been invited to many office parties! A lover of party games, the thought of hitting the dance floor leaves him in a cold sweat, so he is happiest performing his magic. To hire him for your next office party or as a Christmas party magician, get in touch today. You’ll be glad you did!

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