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Guests I meet at every wedding

Weddings are so predictable, yet so different! Some people show up late, some people forget their manners and others just don’t know how to act in a social setting. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that sometimes weddings can be more about the guests than the bride and groom themselves. A wedding party is full of a wide range of individuals and the success of any wedding is built on not just the leading parts but instead, the ensemble as well.

If you’re planning your wedding, you’ll no doubt be a little concerned that some of your guests won’t mix well with your friends, family and parents. This is a rather normal feeling and I’ve witnessed all of these types of guests at countless weddings over the years.

The key to a wonderful wedding is to get the guests mingling and interacting with each other. For this, you need a facilitator and a wedding magician is a wonderful way to encourage guest harmony.

As a Close-Up Magician, I get to meet some interesting characters that produce some hilarious yet interesting reactions that I’ll share with you now!

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Guests I Meet at Every Wedding

The Starer!

They say it’s good to blink – it’s good for the eyes! But “The Starer” hasn’t the time for this natural bodily function! They’re too busy trying to catch the magician out! Fortunately, I know some crafty ways to gently misdirect their attention!

guests that I meet at every wedding

The Alpha Male

An alpha male is usually the leader of the pack. If we can appease him, wow him, get him on our side, then we are sure to get the blessing of their crew! The Alpha male can be a difficult wedding guest to win over, but once we crack their cold exterior, they’re our biggest fan. Be careful though – the moment you slip up, backhanded compliments and mutterings of “typical magician” will flow from those thin lips as if it were honey!

Guest that I meet at every wedding

The Macarena

This type of guest has theatrical gestures that would look great on the West End!

They’ll follow each of the magician’s routines with a healthy dose of flamboyance, and their actions will light up the room. It takes some skill to be able to handle The Macarena, but you know for sure they’ll make good company on the dancefloor!

guests that I meet at every wedding

The Goldfish

The goldfish is the guest that doesn’t vocalise their reactions to the close-up magic. Instead, their mouth is wide open akin to our friendly house-pet! The reactions are silent, but their eyes are wide-eyed with wonderment!

guests that I meet at every wedding

The LOL’er

A good comedy wedding magician will naturally favour the LOL’er! They are an absolute blast! The LOL’er provides never-ending giggles and has an infectious sense of humour that will pass on to your other guests.

guests that i meet at every wedding

The Hover’er

Magician: “Hey there – fancy watching some close-up magic?”

The Hover’er: “No thank-you”

Buuuuuutttttt – once the show has started and the crowd are in full swing, the Hover’er can’t help but be intrigued by the reactions of this unique wedding entertainment.

Of course, they can’t be seen to be enjoying the show too much but the reality is that they’re having the time of their life! Probably!

guests that I meet at every wedding

The Sceptic

The sceptic is sceptical of everything, even magic! Like the hover’er, they can’t be seen to be enjoying the magic too much but if we can win them over, it’s a magical thing!

The sceptic wedding guest doesn’t stand a chance at the Close-Up Corner though! Why? Because the Close-Up Corner is a concoction of mind-bending OMG moments that will change their perceptions forever!

guests that I meet at every wedding

The “Oh no you didn’t”

This type of guest is my personal favourite! They are the least predictable wedding guest in the room.

In fact, they’re the most unpredictable of all wedding guests that I come across and what’s more, they’re always a joy to perform for and to meet.

Half septic, half excited, always ready to thoroughly enjoy themselves and make for a great audience.

guests that I meet at every wedding

The Guffaw’er

The guffaw’er omits a loud, guttural laugh whenever I’ve provided them with a fantastic wedding trick. Their laugh fills the room with laughter and is infectious to all wedding guests!

The Guffaw’er can be difficult to please, but you know the trick has gone down well when they offer a standing ovation at the end! If you can make The Guffaw’er laugh, then you’ve done half of your job – they’ll pass on their joyous reaction to the rest of the wedding guests!

guests that I meet at every wedding

The Meaning of Life

This type of guest seeks a deeper meaning to the entertainment before them! They aren’t concerned with whether the magician is a con man. Instead, they want to know how I do my tricks and what’s really going on.

This inquisitive guest wants to be informed as well as entertained – not duped! They seek a deeper meaning in the entertainment and I respect that! The Meaning of Life wedding guest can be a tricky wedding guest to impress, but once they’ve been won over – it’s a sign from above!

guests that I meet at every wedding

The “I know how you do it”!

My favourite type of wedding guest! As magicians, we often come across the know-it-all Uncle who reckons he’s one page ahead of the rest. More often than not, they’re two pages behind which allows for some excellent banter and some fantastic wedding magic!

The “I know how you do it” guest is quick to provide a running commentary as to how the tricks are done – sharing the “inner secrets” they learnt off Bob at work who happens to know a few tricks!

guest that I meet at every wedding

The Easily Impressed!

The wedding magician is magnetically drawn to these types of guests 🙂

Their smile never leaves their face as they watch on with wonderment! They aren’t quick to criticise, and providing the magic is of a good standard, they will only react with pleasant gasps and applause!

guests that I meet at every wedding

The Instagramer

The camera-friendly wedding guests who simply can’t resist the opportunity to capture their favourite wedding magician on Instagram!

I don’t mind this type of guest as – let’s face it – they’re providing me with a lot of exposure and making my social media channels go into overdrive 🙂

guests that I meet at every wedding

The Jumpers

Like small children, they find magic a little spooky and jump (or even cry) when their favourite wedding magician makes his magic happen right before their eyes.

They make for great reaction shots as you can see!

guests that I meet at every wedding

The Easily Fooled!

The easily fooled guests possess the wonderful ability to misdirect themselves. Often, alcohol and an open bar are involved!

guests that I meet at every wedding

The “Tell me how you did it”

Once the group have left the performance, this type of wedding guest sticks around demanding that I tell them how the magic was done. They hate not knowing!

They’re not leaving until they’ve got answers so a couple of faux explanations and all is good in their life.

guests that I meet at every wedding

The WTF’er

Loud, colourful characters, these wedding guests can fill the air with fun, excitement, and often some expletives! They’re good fun to perform for 🙂

guests that I meet at every wedding

The “Is That it”?!

The most demanding wedding guest! They’ve seen Dynamo walk on water, Copperfield vanish the Statue of Liberty and they want similar production values at your wedding! Fortunately, I have some spell-binding trickery up my sleeve so it usually doesn’t take me too long to impress them!

guests that I meet at every wedding

The Lads

The lads, lads, lads, can be intimidating for an entertainer but if you can crack them, you’ll be a hero!

They love “bants” and if you can hold your own amongst the groom and his besties – you’ll possess their attention all night!

guests that I meet at every wedding

Are you looking for a wedding magician?

The best wedding entertainers are the ones who can make your guests laugh and have fun! That’s why I’m here to help. My name is Close-Up Chris, and I’m a professional wedding magician. If you’re looking for someone to keep your guests entertained at your upcoming wedding, then look no further!

I’ve been performing magic at weddings all over the world since 1998 – from small intimate affairs to large scale events with hundreds of people in attendance. Whatever type of event you’re planning, I’ll be able to provide an unforgettable experience that will leave everyone talking about it long after the day has ended

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