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Event Magicians

When one magician isn’t enough!

Recently, I was booked to perform at a local company’s 50th anniversary.

“I’d love to entertain! How many guests will be attending?”


Typically, during an evening meal, I can entertain up to 100 guests so this would certainly be spreading myself thin.

For situations like these, I call upon a band of brothers. A team of talented event magicians who help spread the magic.

An accomplished bunch with their own superhero powers put to great use at large celebrations!

The drinks reception

The usual format for such events is to start with entertainment during the drinks reception. If you’ve been to events like these before, you’ll know they can be a little “stuffy”.

Close Up Magic is great ice-breaking entertainment. It sets the tone for the rest of the evening and gets people laughing and chatting within minutes of meeting our walkabout entertainers.

corporate magicians

Organisers can rest easy knowing the team are on a mission to amaze, amuse, confuse and bemuse! Within seconds, groups are huddled around each magician whereupon gasps and laughs can be heard.

Tricks are short and sweet which allows for each magician to jump from group to group before they head into the banquet room.

Table Magic During The Meal

Each magician will then work their magic over a set number of tables during the course of the meal.

Keeping guests entertained in between courses is a unique way of making events memorable.

My trusted team have many years of experience working tables – a skill which is no easy feat.

team of table magicians

Capturing the attention of 12 guests is easier said than done but as you’ll see from the photos, you’re in safe hands!

Meet: The Event Magicians

Let’s take a brief look at each of my team members to see why they’re regarded as the best in the business.


Each magician comes highly recommended with years of experience, great performance skills and my seal of approval!

team of magicians

Meet: Close Up Russ –

The Comedy Conjuror

Our pint-sized comedy magician has a gag for every occasion and this tidy package comes complete with some outrageous magic!

With selected invisible cards becoming a reality

Tomatoes appearing from nowhere

Plus mind reading with egg whisks!

Close Up Russ is a powerhouse in table magic.

team of magicians

Meet: Close Up Sean –

The Artful Shocker

The man with a thousand tricks (at last count!) will dazzle any crowd.

Thought of cards appear in trouser pockets!

Minds are read and thoughts revealed!

Borrowed rings are found in egg timers (you read that right!).

Sean is a force to be reckoned with.

Team of event magicians

Meet: Close Up Steve – The Oracle

No thoughts are safe with this guy.

He’s our mix and mingling mind reader, thought extractor and revealer of PIN numbers!

Not only does he offer a unique mix of classic close up magic and mind reading but this kid will also throw in a slice of hypnosis for good measure!

event magicians

Meet: Close Up Chris – The Showman!

It’s hard talking about yourself, right?!  Not for me, I love it 😉

I’m all about the reactions. I’m not leaving the table until I’ve heard laughs, gasps and plenty of applause!

Unofficially the world’s tallest magician, I offer the kind of mind-blowing tricks that Moses would be proud of.

Team of magicians for events

I’ll be bringing expert sleight of hand, pick-pocketing, mind reading and a splash of comedy to your table. Plus, I’ll pour the wine if you want to!

We've had non-stop rave reviews from our guests...Chris and the Team did an amazing job
- Coinadrink
corporate entertainment

So if you are looking for corporate entertainment for any event, big or small, we can deliver amazing moments that will really lift the mood and atmosphere.

Based in Birmingham but also covering London, Manchester and all major cities, we also perform at parties and weddings to help make your special day even more unique and enjoyable.

Get in touch to check availability and discuss how our event magicians can make your next occasion UNFORGETTABLE!

Meet: Close Up Chris – The Showman!