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Corporate Entertainment

How To Make Your Next Corporate Event Unforgettable

Corporate events can get such a bad rap.

It’s all grey suits, small talk, and awkward conversations, right? Somehow, professionalism can get in the way of what you actually want to achieve – an event where the right people connect and leave with positive associations about your business and brand.

So how do you do that?

Without question, the atmosphere of your event is key.

Does the atmosphere inspire connection and conversation?

Or are people sticking to the corners with people they know – unsure what to do with themselves? (You’ve seen it happen!)

That’s where magic corporate entertainment works wonders.

It’s the ultimate icebreaker – there to create a common talking point that builds a buzz and transforms the atmosphere so it’s hyper-productive for your business.

In this blog we’ll take a look at the versatility for close-up magic for corporate events and list some other ideas you may like to conside as well.

corporate entertainment

Gather round!

With a close-up magician doing his rounds, you can break up those uncomfortable cliques. Instead of awkward silences and strangers avoiding eye contact, magic helps everyone relax. It’s perfect corporate entertainment!

It creates a non-threatening focal point too. Something guests can watch and engage with so they’re not staring at their feet wishing they were someplace else!

But more than that, close-up magic breaks down the barriers that stop strangers from chatting.

When you’re in the thick of the same experience, you suddenly have something in common. You can laugh together, share your thoughts about how the trick was done, and move the conversation on from there. It’s the start of a beautiful relationship!

Close-up magic changes the atmosphere too.

With a professional pickpocket (like me) magically taking people’s watches, phones, and jewellery, you can imagine the looks and laughs of shock and surprise.

Actually, they look a little like this

corporate entertainment
corporate entertainer Close-Up Chris
corporate entertainer Close-Up Chris
corporate entertainer Close-Up Chris

[Just to confirm, this phone was safely restored to the owner – once he realised it was gone!]

These reactions are contagious and it’s a buzz that quickly spreads.

What’s happening over there?!

Close-up magic is perfect for corporate events. It’s an interactive form of entertainment that will help eliminate those stuffy business vibes.

 Close-up magic is perfect for smallish groups where everyone can see and everyone gets a front-row seat.

What happens next is also magic!

As the magician does his thing, attendees elsewhere in the room are drawn to the chatter and laughter. They get curious and ask their neighbour if they know what the noise is about.

It all sounds so fun – they want in on the action too. Then boom! Before you know it people are chatting and the awkward silences are gone. (Phew!)

It’s exactly what you want – plenty of quality conversations that could actually lead somewhere.

corporate magician Close-Up Chris
drinks reception entertainment at corporate event
drinks reception entertainment at corporate event
magician in shock at Corporate magician

It’s not unprofessional!

When you strip it all away, people buy from people they know, like, and trust. We’re in a social media age. Businesses have to be more personable and approachable.

It’s amazing what can happen when you get away from the business talk and just have a conversation about life.

About your kids, your partner, your last holiday, where you’re going next – all the usual stuff that friends chat about. When you feel like you know someone better, you can have a more productive conversation. Bet you didn’t know magic could do that too!

Close-up magic is perfect for corporate events and businesses that want a memorable occasion. It’s an interactive form of entertainment that will help eliminate those stuffy vibes and set your business head and shoulders above the competition.

fun corporate event entertainment ideas
funny corporate entertainment
entertainment for corporate event
Summer corporate event entertainment

What Corporate Events Suit Magic?

The business sector doesn’t have to be boring!

Dare to be different!

Go on… have a think about how magic could transform your next corporate do:

fun Corporate entertainmentAt an exhibition

Magic is a guaranteed crowd puller that attracts potential customers at trade shows.

It offers an easy way to start a conversation (that could go somewhere).

It also kick-starts word of mouth because you can be sure that people will talk to other attendees about the awesome magician over on stand B12. If you’re after something super eye-catching, consider the Close-Up Corner, a focal point like no other that guarantees to create interest and attention at your stand.

For more information on hiring a Tradeshow magician click here

Chris created a fantastic buzz & atmosphere on the stand which attracted new visitors and amazed existing ones
– Jimmy Birchmore Events Ltd.

Corporate entertainment for businessAt a company get-together

Magic breaks the ice between different departments and different levels of management.

It helps to remove the ‘them and us’ barrier that’s common at these things to enhance your culture and build a stronger team all around.

Whether it’s to celebrate:

  • A new product
  • A milestone year
  • The unveiling of a new logo
  • A “thank-you” for your workers’ hard endeavours


Great corporate entertainment will help connect the dots and make your business unforgettable!

Close-Up Chris entertains guests
We booked Chris as part of our company rebrand event. Not only was his magic great, people loved his dry sense of humour and quick wit. He really got people engaged and helped to make the day a memorable one.

- Micro Precision, Birmingham

BBQ corporate entertainerAt a BBQ

Magic provides entertainment while people wait to dig into their burgers and hot dogs.

It’s entertainment that

  • Lightens the atmosphere,
  • Encourages different groups to socialise
  • Helps create a party that could go down in history (for all the right reasons).
Chris was a true professional who provided a class act at our milestone celebration.
– Cardens, Bristol
Close-Up Corner corporate entertainment

networking event entertainmentAt Networking Events

Close-up magic creates a common talking point that makes it easier for people to mix.

It helps people relax too so they can deliver a better elevator pitch.

Not only that, live entertainment helps change the emotional state of clients which is essential in making a lasting impression and forming new business relationships.

Seminar Corporate EntertainmentAt Seminars

Close-up magic helps participants relax and let their guard down.

This can unlock creativity and inspire participants to get involved sooner – so they get more from their investment.

networking event

Product launches

Creating a buzz around your new product is essential for success. Sometimes though, gathering your VIPs before the big reveal can be a little… well, dull and there’s a real chance that your potential customers will have lost interest by the time they see your product.

Close-up magic is the perfect opportunity to maintain the excitement around your product until you

entertainment for launch party

Christmas parties

Christmas parties – are a time for businesses to show appreciation for their employees and build team morale. A magician can help to break the ice and get guests chatting and laughing together. What’s more, magic is always a fun and festive way to celebrate the Christmas season. Looking for Christmas entertainment? Contact Chris today.

Corporate entertainer for Christmas parties

At Seminars

Close-up magic helps participants relax and let their guard down.

This can unlock creativity and inspire participants to get involved sooner – so they get more from their investment.

Corporate event magician

Team building

Looking for a fun and unique way to build team morale and camaraderie? Look no further than close-up magic! Not only is it entertaining, but it’s also versatile enough to accommodate groups of all sizes. Whether your team is enjoying a magic performance or learning some of the performers’ secrets, they’re sure to come away from the experience with a greater sense of cooperation and cohesion. So why not give close-up magic a try at your next team-building event? You won’t be disappointed!

team building entertainer

corporate entertainmentAt An Awards Dinner

Setting a fun tone at either an awards dinner, gala dinner or Black Tie event is crucial for a successful evening.

Having a close-up magic team circulate during the pre-dinner drinks reception and in between courses will generate an enjoyable atmosphere at awards ceremonies

Chris and his team of professional magicians are available for large events to help spread the magic and fun.

For more information on the team, click here.

award dinnner magicians
Chris and his team were smart, professional and the talk of the evening
– Coinadrink, West Midlands
guests laughing at corporate evening
guests laughing at corporate event
guests laughing at corporate dinner

More than a side-show!

As you can see, magic is more than a sideshow.

For sure it’s entertaining. It’s a memorable experience that makes people laugh, but that’s just the obvious stuff.


The real magic is what the magic unlocks.


Magic unlocks:

  • Conversations
  • Connections
  • Relationships
  • Exposure
  • Positive associations with your brand
  • Creativity
  • Higher participation


You name it. All sorts of good stuff can happen once a person has experienced a little bit of magic.

Of course, there are plenty of other corporate entertainment ideas that you should consider – should you have a healthy budget, there’s and really want to impress your clients, consider the following corporate entertainment ideas:

corporate entertainer Close-Up Chris
corporate entertainment
corporate entertainment
corporate entertainment

Stilt Walkers

These days, your long-legged performers have the most amazing costumes to help provide a little glitz and glamour to your event. Not only eye-catching but they can provide a little banter between guests to help provide entertainment as your event warms up.

Stilt walker


Adding an element of danger to your entertainment is always a surefire way to get people’s attention. But don’t worry – these professionals know what they’re doing!

Human Statues

These static entertainers will provide some photo opportunities for any event type. They are often decked out in some amazing costumes, which can be themed to your event.

aerialist keeping guests entertained


A classic form of entertainment that is perfect for more relaxed events where guests can delight in having their facial features exaggerated by a skilled artist.


Always wanted to be treated like a celebrity? Why not add some paparazzi to your corporate party? These corporate entertainers will snap away as guests arrive, providing a fun red-carpet experience that everyone will enjoy. You’ll be able to re-live the event through the photos they take and they can even be made into fun keepsakes for guests to take home.

caricaturist at drinks reception

Fire Performers

Want to really add some wow factor to your event? Hire some fire performers! These talented individuals will leave your guests mesmerised with their dangerous displays of acrobatics and skill and make ideal entertainers for welcoming your clients.

Corporate Bands

Music is the go-to corporate event entertainment – Music helps provide the right type of atmosphere for your theme and can help transfer the mood at the drop of a hat. There are so many different types of music available that you can really tailor the experience to your event – from rock bands to classical ensembles, there’s sure to be something to suit your taste.

fire performer for Christmas celebrations

The Crooked Croupier

Think Ocean’s 11 meets Penn & Tell and you’ve got The Crooked Croupier. Specialising in casino-eque games, this corporate entertainer will take your guests on a wild ride as your clients try to win big with his fun hustles, sleight of hand and shady tricks! Complete with his own casino table and backdrop, this is a similar concept to the Close-Up Corner and in fact, makes a great double act alongside each other!

The Crooked Croupier entertaining guests

Photos Booth

A tried and tested form of entertainment which allows guests a focal point to mingle around and have some fun with friends. These days, there are some really amazing photo booths on the market that can be completely customised to your event – from the backdrops and props to the photo strips themselves. They’re great fun for large or smaller events.

photo booth is an excellent entertainment ideas

Casino & Roulette Tables

I’m a firm believer that guests appreciate pockets of fun dotted around the room. It provides a more dynamic feel to the event and encourages guests to move around and mingle. Casino & Roulette Tables are a great way to do this – your guests can place bets and have some fun in-between mingling, eating and drinking. Should you wish, your company can provide relevant prizes to amp up the fun!

roulette fun for private events

Wine tasting

Hiring your own private wine sommelier for the evening is a great way to add an air of sophistication to your event. Your guests will love being able to learn about different wines and taste some fantastic varieties from all over the world. This can be done as a group activity or in smaller, more intimate groups.

wine tasting for corporate event entertainment

Escape room

A team-building activity where employees work together to escape a locked room. Great for corporate parties who want to promote teamwork and communication.

escape room fun for corporate event

Trivia Quiz

After a long conference, sometimes all your guests want to do is sit down, relax and take part in a bit of light-hearted fun. A trivia quiz is a great way to get everyone involved and engaged whilst also providing some hilarious entertainment. You can even make it relevant to your industry or company for added brownie points!

corporate event entertainment

Celebrity Speakers

Entertainment specialists and agencies will be able to source suitable celebrities to match your budget! From A-listers to D-list has-bins, having a big name at your venue will ensure it’s one to remember.

corporate event celebrity


A relatively cheap option for a corporate event allowing the inner Beyonce or Buble to let loose! A great way to break the ice for first-time attendees and also usually provides some pretty funny entertainment for those who prefer to watch from the sidelines. Ideal for smaller events.

karaoke for corporate event

Cocktail Making Classes

Similar to wine tasting, cocktail making can help break the ice as you pour over drinks recipes with new acquaintances. This is a great way to get everyone involved and usually provides some hilarious entertainment as people try (and fail!) to make their drinks look as good as the professionals.

So there you have it, a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing for your upcoming event planning.

cockatil making for corporate entertainment hire

Why is entertainment important at a corporate event?

Entertainment is important at a corporate event for a number of reasons. It helps to create the right atmosphere for your event, can be used to communicate your brand message and values, and can also help to make your event more memorable for guests.

Ready to chat about how magic could transform your next corporate event?

Let me know what you’ve got planned, your event date and what you want to achieve so I can put together a package to help you get those results.

corporate event entertainers shocks guests

About Chris:

Close-Up Chris is a professional corporate event entertainer specialising in close-up magic. Chris has over 20 years of experience performing at corporate events, weddings and private parties all over the world and has a proven track record of providing high-quality entertainment that gets results.

If you’ve been tasked with booking entertainment for your next corporate event, get in touch with Close-Up Chris today!

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