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Corporate Entertainment

How To Make Your Next Corporate Event Unforgettable

Corporate events can get such a bad rap.

It’s all grey suits, small talk, and awkward conversations, right? Somehow, professionalism can get in the way of what you actually want to achieve – an event where the right people connect and leave with positive associations about your business and brand.

So how do you do that?

Without question, the atmosphere of your event is key.

Does the atmosphere inspire connection and conversation?

Or are people sticking to the corners with people they know – unsure what to do with themselves? (You’ve seen it happen!)

That’s where magic corporate entertainment works wonders.

It’s the ultimate icebreaker – there to create a common talking point that builds a buzz and transforms the atmosphere so it’s hyper-productive for your business.

Let me explain how…

corporate entertainment

Gather round!

With a close-up magician doing his rounds, you can break up those uncomfortable cliques. Instead of awkward silences and strangers avoiding eye contact, magic helps everyone relax. It’s perfect corporate entertainment!

It creates a non-threatening focal point too. Something guests can watch and engage with so they’re not staring at their feet wishing they were someplace else!

But more than that, close-up magic breaks down the barriers that stop strangers chatting.

When you’re in the thick of the same experience, you suddenly have something in common. You can laugh together, share your thoughts about how the trick was done, and move the conversation on from there. It’s the start of a beautiful relationship!

Close-up magic changes the atmosphere too.

With a professional pickpocket (like me) magically taking people’s watches, phones, and jewellery, you can imagine the looks and laughs of shock and surprise.

Actually, they look a little like this

corporate entertainment
corporate entertainment
corporate entertainment
corporate entertainment

[Just to confirm, this phone was safely restored to the owner – once he realised it was gone!]

These reactions are contagious and it’s a buzz that quickly spreads.

What’s happening over there?!

Close-up magic is perfect for corporate events. It’s an interactive form of entertainment that will help eliminate those stuffy business vibes.

 Close-up magic is perfect for smallish groups where everyone can see and everyone gets a front row seat.

What happens next is also magic!

As the magician does his thing, attendees elsewhere in the room are drawn to the chatter and laughter. They get curious and ask their neighbour if they know what the noise is about.

It all sounds so fun – they want in on the action too. Then boom! Before you know it people are chatting and the awkward silences are gone. (Phew!)

It’s exactly what you want – plenty of quality conversations that could actually lead somewhere.

corporate entertainment
corporate entertainment
corporate entertainment
corporate entertainment

It’s not unprofessional!

When you strip it all away, people buy from people they know, like, and trust. We’re in a social media age. Businesses have to be more personable and approachable.

It’s amazing what can happen when you get away from the business talk and just have a conversation about life.

About your kids, your partner, your last holiday, where you’re going next – all the usual stuff that friends chat about. When you feel like you know someone better, you can have a more productive conversation. Bet you didn’t know magic could do that too!

Close-up magic is perfect for corporate events and businesses who want a memorable occasion. It’s an interactive form of entertainment that will help eliminate those stuffy vibes and set your business head and shoulders above the competition.

Corporate entertainment
corporate entertainment
corporate entertainment
corporate entertainment

What Corporate Events Suit Magic?

The business sector doesn’t have to be boring!

Dare to be different!

Go on… have a think about how magic could transform your next corporate do:

Corporate entertainmentAt an exhibition

Magic is a guaranteed crowd puller that attracts potential customers to your stand.

It offers an easy way to start a conversation (that could go somewhere).

It also kick-starts word of mouth because you can be sure that people will talk to other attendees about the awesome magician over on stand B12.

I’m here to make sure that stand is yours!

For more information on hiring a Tradeshow magician click here

Chris created a fantastic buzz & atmosphere on the stand which attracted new visitors and amazed existing ones
– Jimmy Birchmore Events Ltd.

Corporate entertainmentAt a company get-together

Magic breaks the ice between different departments and different levels of management.

It helps to remove the ‘them and us’ barrier that’s common at these things to enhance your culture and build a stronger team all around.

Whether it’s to celebrate:

  • A new product
  • A milestone year
  • The unveiling of a new logo
  • A “thank-you” for your workers’ hard endeavours


Great corporate entertainment will help connect the dots and make your business unforgettable!

corporate entertainment
We booked Chris as part of our company rebrand event. Not only was his magic great, people loved his dry sense of humour and quick wit. He really got people engaged and helped to make the day a memorable one.

- Micro Precision, Birmingham

corporate entertainmentAt a BBQ

Magic provides entertainment while people wait to dig into their burgers and hot dogs.

It’s entertainment that

  • Lightens the atmosphere,
  • Encourages different groups to socialise
  • Helps create a party that could go down in history (for all the right reasons).
Chris was a true professional who provided a class act at our milestone celebration.
– Cardens, Bristol
corporate entertainment

corporate entertainmentAt Networking Events

Close-up magic creates a common talking point that makes it easier for people to mix.

It helps people relax too so they can deliver a better elevator pitch.

Corporate EntertainmentAt Seminars

Close-up magic helps participants relax and let their guard down.

This can unlock creativity and inspire participants to get involved sooner – so they get more from their investment.

Corporate entertainment
Chris understands exactly what we want & delivers every time!
– Audi, Birmingham.

corporate entertainmentAt An Awards Dinner

Setting a fun tone at either an awards dinner, gala dinner or Black Tie event is crucial for a successful evening.

Having a close-up magic team circulate during the pre-dinner drinks reception and in between courses will generate an enjoyable atmosphere.

Chris and his team of professional magicians are available for large events to help spread the magic and fun.

For more information on the team, click here.

corporate entertainment
Chris and his team were smart, professional and the talk of the evening
– Coinadrink, West Midlands
corporate entertainment
corporate entertainment
corproate entertainment

More than a side-show!

As you can see, magic is more than a sideshow.

For sure it’s entertaining. It’s a memorable experience that makes people laugh, but that’s just the obvious stuff.


The real magic is what the magic unlocks.


Magic unlocks:

  • Conversations
  • Connections
  • Relationships
  • Exposure
  • Positive associations with your brand
  • Creativity
  • Higher participation


You name it. All sorts of good stuff can happen once a person has experienced a little bit of magic.


Ready to chat about how magic could transform your next corporate event?


Let me know what you’ve got planned and what you want to achieve and I can put together a package to help you get those results.

corporate entertainment
corporate entertainment
corporate entertainment
corporate entertainment