How to plan an event party

How To Create An Unforgettable Event That Everyone Remembers

(for all the right reasons!)

Weddings, big birthdays, family celebrations – even corporate dos – any time you get a big bunch of people together you want to ensure it goes with a bang.

There’s nothing worse than guests twiddling their thumbs as boredom sets in and everyone’s clock-watching – wondering how soon they can make a quiet escape without looking rude!

Yup, no one wants to be the host of the event that everyone’s talking about for all the wrong reasons!

Instead, you want the night to end on a massive high as everyone tells you they had the best time EVER.

So how do you become that party planner?

Here are some simple tips to help you crush it – even if it’s your first time.

1) Know what you want your guests to experience

Often when planning an event we get so absorbed by the itinerary that we forget the most important thing of all.


When the event’s over it’s the memories and feelings that people are going to take away with them. These moments outlast the taste of the food or the size of the room you hired.

So start by figuring out the vibe you want to create.

Do you want people laughing, chattering for hours, and leaving with new contacts on their phone?

Do you want to want to be able to take photos of genuine smiles, gaggles of friends, and people having the time of their life?

Get the vision of how you want your party/event to go off and then go looking for the food, entertainment, and music that will deliver those moments.

It’s a step that’s often overlooked, but one that makes a world of difference.

2) Break the Ice

The best events and parties are the ones when everyone comes together as one big family – even if the room starts out full of strangers.

As the event organiser, you can’t afford to leave the mingling to chance. It’s not enough to just introduce people, you need to get them talking together – otherwise people will stay stuck in the clique they arrived with.

As the event organiser, there’s plenty you can do to break through those awkward moments when strangers first meet. It’s what icebreakers are for. Now I’m not talking about those cringeworthy games you play at networking events. No! I’m talking about creating shared experiences that pull people together.

Give people a shared experience that gets them chatting about more than the weather, and the conversations will just keep flowing.

3) Manage the dead time

At every event, there are always periods when people aren’t sure what to do! If you’re not careful, these pockets of time can create awkwardness, which pulls down the vibe of your party.

At a wedding, it’s when the photographer is doing his/her thing [and you’re not needed for the photos]. At a party, it’s often during the early stages when people are arriving and you’re standing alone in a big room with nothing to do!

Don’t leave guests to fend for themselves during the drinks reception.

Instead, take control:


What you do in these moments makes all the difference to what happens next.

4) Surprise your guests

There’s nothing better than giving your guests a wow moment they didn’t expect.

Events can be predictable.

Weddings and birthdays often follow a similar pattern. But break that up with something no one anticipated and you’ll create a memorable moment that will be hard to forget.

Just imagine the photo opportunities you’ll have when you throw that big surprise. Think of those memories captured forever – it will all be worth it.

5) Make it as stress-free as possible for you

It doesn’t matter how much planning and preparation you do, if you’re in charge of the show you’re going to have your moments.

Of course, you want things to go perfectly. You want everyone to have a great time and you’d love to enjoy yourself too!

So make sure there are occasions during the event when you can pass responsibility over to someone else.

Hire in quality entertainment or put someone else in charge of the food or the music.

Give yourself the chance to step back and enjoy watching everyone else have an amazing time – because that moment of pride will stick with you for good.

6) Make it magic!

Don’t worry; magic doesn’t have to be corny cracker tricks and dad jokes that have you rolling your eyes.

Instead, magic is a party/event asset that going to help you nail every single one of the tips outlined above.


  • The right entertainer (that’s me) will help create the infectious, fun vibe you want at your do
  • Close-up magic creates a shared experience that breaks the ice and gets EVERYONE talking
  • It’s the perfect entertainment to liven up party ‘dead’ time
  • It’s going to surprise your guests because they won’t have a clue how that watch got ‘stolen’
  • And it will give you a break too because you can trust me to entertain everyone
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how to plan an event party
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Imagine all that at your big event!

Ready to make your next corporate event unforgettable?

Chris created a fantastic buzz & atmosphere on the stand which attracted new visitors and amazed existing ones
– Jimmy Birchmore Events Ltd.
We booked Chris as part of our company rebrand event. Not only was his magic great, people loved his dry sense of humour and quick wit. He really got people engaged and helped to make the day a memorable one.

- Micro Precision, Birmingham

Chris understands exactly what we want & delivers every time!
– Audi, Birmingham.

How to plan an event party


In conclusion, planning the perfect event party requires taking into account multiple factors, including budget, guest list, and decorations. Still, one aspect that can elevate the entire event experience is entertainment. Hiring entertainment not only sets the tone for your party, but it also determines how much fun your guests will have and how memorable the event will be. Be sure to put careful thought into your event’s entertainment to keep your guests engaged and asking for more.

Remember to stay organised, delegate tasks, and keep communication lines open throughout the planning process to ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience on the day of the event. By following these key tips, you can host an unforgettable party that will leave your guests reminiscing for years to come!

Ready to make your next corporate event unforgettable?