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How to have a sustainable wedding

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So apparently, planning a wedding can generate the same amount of CO2 as five people do in a whole year. Who knew that saying “I do” could have such an impact on the environment?

From planning your wedding day to carrying out the event, your wedding’s carbon footprint is as long as that fancy wedding gown trail you’ve got your eye on!

So let’s take a look at a handful of ways you can make your wedding day as eco-friendly as possible whilst still having the wedding of your dreams.

Just to say, these are ideas that you can implement to do your thing towards an environmentally friendly wedding – you don’t need to enforce all of them to be sustainable. It’s about doing what you can and making small changes where possible.

How to have a sustainable wedding

Invitations: The Digital Approach

The first step towards an eco-friendly wedding sees us drop the beautiful hand-made wedding invitations and opt for a digital route. Let’s admit it, most of us receive invitations via email or social media anyway, so why not make it official? By going paperless, you are saving trees and lowering emissions from transportation.

Additionally, consider using recycled paper or plantable invitations made from seed paper. This way, guests can plant the invitation after they’ve RSVP’d

For cool digital wedding invites visit Pinterest.

How to have a sustainable wedding

Venue: Choosing Eco-Conscious Locations

Choosing a wedding venue who have similar beliefs in sustainability can make a huge impact on your wedding’s carbon footprint. Look for green-certified or eco-friendly venues that promote sustainable practices such as recycling, using renewable energy sources and reducing water usage.

You can also opt for outdoor locations like gardens, parks or beaches which provide a beautiful natural setting without the need for excess decorations.

Local sustainable wedding venue Mythe Barn is gearing up for eco weddings (pictured)

For a comprehensive list of eco-friendly venues visit:

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Food and Drinks: Local, Seasonal

Food waste is such a huge issue in the wedding industry, particularly in the evening when the buffet caters for so many. You may like to donate leftover food to a local shelter to help reduce waste.

Opting for locally sourced and seasonal food is also a great way to support local businesses and reduce the carbon footprint from transportation. Consider choosing a caterer who prioritises sustainability and uses organic, fair-trade ingredients.

For drinks, choose beverages that are locally produced or opt for kegs over individual bottles to reduce packaging waste.

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Attire: Embracing Sustainable Fashion

The wedding dress is usually a huge focal point on the big day. However, did you know that the production of one wedding dress can use up to 9,000 litres of water? That’s why it’s worth considering sustainable options such as renting a dress, choosing an eco-friendly designer or buying a pre-owned dress.

For grooms and groomsmen, try thrift shopping and recycled fabrics for suits or consider buying outfits made from sustainable materials like organic cotton or hemp. Wedding style fused with eco-friendly wedding ideas is a match made in heaven.

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Decorations: Nature is Your Friend

Wedding decor plays a pivotal role in any wedding day, often leaving behind a lot of waste. But there are plenty of eco-friendly decoration options that can enhance the beauty of your wedding whilst being sustainable.

Why not gather natural elements like pinecones, leaves and flowers to create simple yet stunning decorations? You can also use potted plants as centrepieces or even give them away as wedding favours.

Instead of buying plastic decorations that will be thrown away after one use, opt for natural and biodegradable options. Use plants, flowers and candles to decorate your venue and give it a romantic yet sustainable touch. You can also repurpose items from thrift stores or make your own decorations using recycled materials.

For an eco-friendly wedding, consider:

  • Recycled or Biodegradable Decor
  • Use Live Plants
  • Energy-Efficient Lighting
  • Reusable or Second-Hand Finds
  • DIY Decorations: Edible Decorations
  • Eco-Friendly Confetti
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Encouraging your guests to carpool is a simple but effective way to host a sustainable wedding. Choosing a venue that doesn’t involve the majority of your guests travelling far and wide is an eco-friendly suggestion although there comes a time when that might be impossible. In that case, consider hiring a shuttle service to reduce the carbon footprint from transportation.

If you want to go for a traditional wedding, arriving by horse is a sustainable alternative to arriving in a gas-guzzling car. You can also choose electric vehicles or hybrid cars for transportation.

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The worst sustainability offenders at weddings

Wedding troupes can be dangerous. List some common inclusions that may seem to have no environmental effects. Balloons – sometimes constructed from materials which do not break down, balloons help fill overflowing landfills. It is also very harmful to local wildlife such as birds or sea creatures. Confetti – Throwing Confetti is common practice, unfortunately, it’s another example of something that does not deteriorate naturally.

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Donate your leftover flowers to a charitable cause

Your wedding flowers play a vital role in the wedding’s aesthetics. So, if you can’t bear to part with your fresh flowers, how about generously donating the floral arrangements to a local hospice or charity? It’ll surely brighten up someone’s day!

Can you grow your own flowers to reduce the environmental impact? If not, support local growers when choosing your wedding flowers.

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Create an Eco-Friendly Registry

To dodge those unwanted gifts, suggest guests donate to a charity of your choice. Whether you’re all about aiding the less fortunate or supporting kids’ education, charity donations can make a real difference!

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Consider a Vegetarian Menu

It appears that dishes crafted with animal ingredients are somewhat less efficient compared to plant-based food. For an eco-friendly wedding, why not go all-out green? Those leafy greens aren’t just a nod to sustainability; they’re also packed with health benefits! 😄

Excess food? Let’s hit that zero waste quota by donating left-over food to a local community that would be glad of your delicious (locally sourced) wedding grub!

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Ethical Honeymoon?

When you think honeymoon, you picture jetting off to faraway lands and indulging in extravagant experiences. However, fear not eco-warriors, you can still keep your honeymoon green by choosing a destination a tad closer to home or going for sustainable stays like eco lodges or glamping sites.

Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are often just a load of rubbish destined for the bin. Want to score some eco-friendly points? How about gifting your guests something sustainable and useful, like seeds to grow their plants or a reusable water bottle? Not only do they help the environment, but they also keep memories of your big day alive for years to come.

eco friendly wedding

Wedding Rings

  • Reduced Environmental Impact: So, if you’re cool enough to go for a sustainable wedding ring (like one made of recycled metals or ethically sourced gemstones), you’re basically telling those new mining operations to take a chill pill. Mining’s all, “What about us?” But you’re like, “Nah, I’m good.” No deforestation, no water pollution, no habitat destruction – that’s how you roll.
  • Support for Ethical Labour Practices: When you pick rings from suppliers who play by the rules and keep it ethical, you’re giving a high-five to fair pay and safe working conditions. Say goodbye to those sketchy labour practices in the jewellery world. You’re all about that good karma.
  • Conservation of Natural Resources: Sustainable rings are all about recycled or responsibly mined bling, saving our precious metals and gemstones for the grandkids. You’re like the superhero of preserving natural resources. Keep it up!
  • Promotion of Biodiversity: Ethical sourcing vibes from sustainable jewellers are like a shield protecting wildlife and their homes from mining villains. Biodiversity is cheering you on from the sidelines. Go team eco-friendly bling!
  • Awareness and Education: By rocking a sustainable wedding ring, you’re not just showing off your values – you’re starting a sustainability party. Your friends, family, and the whole crew are learning about making ethical choices in the jewellery scene. You’re like the sustainability guru in your circle. Keep dropping those green gems of wisdom!
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A Sustainable Wedding Cake

Some eco-friendly options:

Opting for a “super sustainable” wedding cake involves a bunch of thoughtful considerations that can majorly slash your ecological footprint without ditching the yummy tradition. Start off by picking a local bakery that’s all about those organic, locally sourced goodies to cut down on transport emissions and give a thumbs-up to local agriculture. Go for in-season fruits for the cake filling and decorations, ’cause they help cut back on the need for stuff flown in from miles away. When chatting cake with the baker, throw out questions about swapping out the usual sugar and going for fair trade choccy and coffee beans, if they’re part of your cake game plan. Keep the cake size in check to dodge waste, and top up with a sheet cake if you’ve got a big crowd to feed. These sheet cakes can rock the same flavours but hang out in the kitchen, ready to serve up the right portions for your gang. To keep waste at bay, sort out what to do with any leftover cake – maybe donate it to a local charity or hand out boxes for guests to nab a slice for the road. That way, your wedding cake shines at the party and stays true to your eco-friendly vibes.

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Destination Weddings

Eco-friendly practices might suggest it’s not the best idea to whisk two sets of families halfway across the globe for your big day. That carbon footprint is no joke, not to mention the crazy costs involved. If you’re set on getting married abroad, consider a smaller ceremony with immediate family and local vendors with another bash closer to home for you to show off your tan and wear your wedding dress (made with eco-friendly fabrics, right?) another time!

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How to have a sustainable wedding: Final Thoughts

For those looking for a green wedding, these sustainable wedding ideas should help reduce your carbon footprint whilst still enjoying a wonderful wedding day.

For those not willing to fully subscribe to every suggestion within, applying a few of these sustainable wedding ideas will go a long way in hosting an eco-friendly wedding.

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