common wedding day mistakes

Common Wedding Day Mistakes

Planning a wedding can be stressful, and it’s easy to make mistakes in the process. To help you avoid any mishaps on your big day, I reached out to some of the top-rated wedding suppliers in my area to get their advice on common issues couples face when planning weddings.

From entertainers to photographers and wedding coordinators, they shared invaluable insight into what causes problems at weddings and how best to prevent them from happening. In this blog post, I will share their advice so that you can plan the perfect wedding!

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Doing away with the traditions

Wedding photographer Terri Pashley is a big advocate of ditching the wedding traditions if they don’t fit your style or fill you with dread:

“Not all parts of a wedding are essential so don’t be afraid to ditch tradition if you’re not keen on certain parts of the day”

It’s true – there are certain wedding rituals that feel a little outdated and often are carried out just because your mom and grandma did them too. This can include the bouquet toss, garter removal, or cutting of the cake.

If you’re not a fan of any particular tradition, don’t feel like you have to do it – ditch it instead! Or perhaps, find a way of replacing that activity with something that reflects you as a couple.

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Not having a pa system for the ceremony

There’s nothing worse than being sat at the back of your wedding trying to lip-read the celebrant/registrar/vicar. It can be a real mood killer for your guests. As the bride or groom, you’ll probably be unaware of this issue – you do get the best seats in the house after all and by the time you’ve found out, it’s too late.

Check with your venue, they may be able to provide a PA system for you and the celebrant. If not, hire a portable speaker or audio technician – it’s essential that all your guests can hear the ceremony.

I was recently at Moxhull Hall and had this simple but effective speaker placed at the back of an outdoor wedding. It wasn’t over-bearing but certainly made sure no one was straining to hear the service.

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Not having someone orchestrate the day

A toastmaster can really help with guiding your guests through the day whilst providing energy and keeping everyone on track. They can also help ensure that all essential moments are remembered and celebrated.

I see many moments in a wedding fall a little flat – the cake cutting, the newlyweds’ entrance, the speeches, and so on. A toastmaster can help to ensure that these moments are celebrated in the way they should be.

The venue might assure you that their coordinator will handle the issue on the day of the event, and while they may be skilled at speaking publicly, there’s no certainty of their competence.

A professional speaker will deliver their lines perfectly and with confidence. They’ll have the experience to know when to pause, how to keep everyone listening, and most importantly create the right amount of buzz without taking the limelight.

Professional wedding toastmaster, Ian Lloyd explains: “A toastmaster lets you enjoy your day without having to worry about your wedding plans being implemented. We ensure that your day runs to plan, so you get to enjoy your wedding”

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The Sparkler Shot

Next up, wedding photographer Gareth Newstead pre-warns those who want to include the ever-popular sparkler shot.

“It’s a great photo opportunity and looks stunning, however, it can be a difficult shot to orchestrate. All those sparklers need to be lit at a similar time but don’t assume your guests will have easy access to a lighter!

I always recommend the couple order a load of cheap wind-proof lighters from Amazon and this will help your guests get the sparkler shot ready in no time. I also suggest having a bucket of cool water where people can put their used sparklers.”

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Too bright to party!

When it comes to throwing a great wedding, one of the most important elements is creating an atmosphere that encourages your guests to let loose and have a good time.

Girl on Sax explains:

“Unfortunately, if you don’t get the lighting right, your guests won’t be able to party as hard as they’d like! Too bright of a room can make people feel uncomfortable and exposed – making them much less likely to dance or mingle with each other. So when planning for your big day, it’s essential that you pay close attention to the amount of light in the room.”

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The Marathon Drinks Reception

Next up, Sarah the Silhouette artist talks about the pitfalls of an overly long drinks reception:

“We all love to party, however, if your drinks reception is pushing towards the two-hour mark, your guests may end up feeling a little sleepy! Keeping them entertained and engaged for this length of time can be tough too.

A drinks reception sets the tone for the rest of the wedding so getting this right is essential.

Have a few different activities planned during this period such as live music, outdoor games or an interactive photo booth plus ensure there is enough food and drink to keep everyone satisfied! A maximum of two hours is best – any longer and you may find your guests start to lose interest.”

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Looking after your suppliers

Ok, this may ruffle a few feathers!

“Haven’t we paid you to be there?”

I can’t argue with that however, your suppliers will be over the moon and more inclined to go the extra mile if you take the time to look after them. I’m not saying they’ll do a better job but you’ll get more bang for your buck if your supplier is happy and well looked after.

It is easy to overlook your wedding suppliers when it comes to food and drinks. We often focus on the guests, making sure they are well-fed and hydrated throughout the day but what about those who help make our special day so memorable? Suppliers play an important role in ensuring that everything runs smoothly and should be taken into consideration when planning a wedding. From photographers and DJs to caterers and florists, these people work hard to ensure that your big day goes off without a hitch.

Lucy the Event Artist explains:

“We can often find ourselves in the middle of nowhere, working long hours so having a hot meal provided is really appreciated. At a recent wedding, they forgot to feed the musician, whilst the photographers and myself were tucking in!”

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Not allowing enough time!

One of the most common mistakes brides make when planning their wedding day is not leaving enough time to get into their dress after hair and makeup. This can be a stressful experience for any bride, as you want to look your absolute best on your special day. Unfortunately, if you don’t plan ahead and leave sufficient time between hair and makeup and getting into your dress, it could end up being quite a disaster! It’s important to factor in any unforeseen delays or changes that may occur throughout the morning so you have plenty of time before saying ‘I do’.

Amy Rose Photography suggests that “they start getting in their dress an hour before they need to leave. This ensures a stress-free experience and plenty of time to get those perfect shots!”

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Keep it tidy

Seeing as we’re talking about the bridal suite, Melissa, a wedding content creator advises that the Bridal Suite should be kept tidy!

“When it comes to getting in your dress and wanting to get content and photos yet there’s bags and boxes everywhere! It’s not the right vibe! We’ve all seen the Instagram stories of brides getting ready in a room full of chaos – that’s not what you want right?”

Take some time to tidy up and make sure that your photographer/videographer/Melissa has enough space to capture those special moments.

This was probably the number one tip I received from numerous videographers and photographers.

Too early

Timing when your band kicks off –

After the wedding breakfast, there’s that lull. You know the ones. Your guests are loaded on carbs, the drinks are taking their wicked toll and you need something to get the party back up and running!

Therefore, it can be all too tempting to get your band to start playing as soon as the wedding breakfast is over.

This from the wedding band, The Restrosettes:

“Putting the band on too early in the evening can create an issue. Most bands play for two hours, split into either 2 *60 or 3 * 40. We find 2 * 60 works much better because it can take a little while for people to get. With 40 minutes, you might only have a full dance floor for 20, whereas with 60 minutes sets, you can get 40 minutes of a full dance floor.

If you put the band on at say 7-8 pm, then you’ve still got 4 hours until the close at midnight and only 1 hour of live music left. Better to start the band at 8 or 8:30, then have evening food at 9ish then the last set at 10:30-11:30 for a strong end to the night.”

So the real issue here is having something planned for this lull that keeps your guest’s attention and stops them from becoming bored. This could be anything from games, magicians, photobooths or a lighthearted Mr & Mrs (or Mr & Mr) (or Mrs & Mrs) Quiz. There are so many options to keep your guests entertained, just make sure you plan ahead and avoid the dreaded lull!

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Ignoring your vendor’s advice

When it comes to planning a wedding, most couples are unaware of the importance of having experienced vendors on board. From photographers and DJs to caterers and florists, each one plays an integral role in bringing your dream day to life but they also have a wealth of knowledge that should not be overlooked.

That Propguy (photobooth) says:

“When it comes to seeking advice from your wedding vendors, don’t be afraid to ask questions about the logistics and planning process but also take their advice on board! Experienced wedding suppliers will know the ins and outs of how weddings work, so it pays to listen and learn from them.

Without sounding big-headed, we know what we’re doing and we want the event to go as well as possible whether that’s a suggested start time or a couple giving a DJ a set playlist and not allowing them to deviate from it, even if it isn’t working.”

This is why it’s so important to listen to your vendor’s advice, as they know what works best on the day and can help you create a flawless wedding. The last thing you want is for things to go wrong or for the atmosphere to be ruined in any way – so if your vendors are making suggestions, take them into consideration

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For some people, having a wedding without kids is a luxury they desire but for a lot of couples, they just can’t leave the kids behind. Even if you’re not a parent yourself, it’s important to remember that when you invite kids to your wedding, there needs to be something planned for them.

Lapstone Barn wedding venue suggests:

“Our tip for weddings where there are lots of children, make sure there is some form of entertainment and someone to look after so you can your guests can relax and settle into enjoying the day without running around after the little ones! Arrange an area packed with games and activities, and most importantly, someone to be in charge of them! There are companies that can do this for you, making this side of your wedding day totally stress-free.”

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A boring reception

Don’t expect the wedding videographer to perform miracles if your wedding day is uneventful. The resulting wedding video will reflect the lack of activity.

ATS films explains:

“From a videographer’s perspective, it’s really frustrating because we are required to film lots of dancing and activities and it can be a real pain when everyone is sat down in clique groups on their phones and the DJ is playing to themselves.

Try and make your reception a fun and interesting space with plenty for everyone”

Inviting too many guests

Save money, improve the vibe – only invite guests that you like. Listening to the Unfiltered Bride podcast, they recommend: if you wouldn’t invite them to a night out, don’t invite them!

Easier said than done, I know. There’s plenty of family politics when it comes to a wedding guest list but at the end of the day, you’ll have to spend time with these people and if you’re not keen on that idea, it’s a good indication they don’t make the cut.

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When you have your wedding during the Summer, anticipate enjoying the outdoors with delightful weather and some beer. However, it’s important to keep in mind that wasps may be present in such a setting.

I’m often surprised that wedding venues don’t take care of this issue. I have witnessed many chaotic drink receptions due to the presence of beer-loving wasps. Wasps can be very disruptive, but there are ways to prevent them from taking over your outdoor wedding.

Check with your venue that they’ve got this under control!

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Losing sight of what’s important

This next tip from Jade at Shropshire Wedding Events:

“The mistake many couples make is losing sight of its purpose; which is about celebrating their love for each other with the people closest to them. This is often the fault of the planning process and getting caught up in the details.

If I had to offer any advice I would say: try not to lose the excited momentum you feel from the moment you’re engaged…consider your guests but ultimately make it about the two of you”

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Photo by Jordan Fox Photography

Too many Bridesmaids!

I got in touch with Georgina Rose Events for any common wedding planning mistakes who has this interesting take:

“Asking bridesmaids too soon inevitably ends up with you having someone you no longer get on with or have to demote one”

Eliminating some of your wedding party! Ouch – that’s a difficult conversation (I imagine).

They do make for wonderful photos though so…

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Turn off the lights!

Videographer James Tracey talks about the importance of natural light when choosing a venue/where to get ready…

“Light is so important for a great wedding film, so you may think why would you turn off the lights? Wall, wall and centre lights are usually a warm orange and they create a “flat” light source that warms everything up on screen. The best light is natural light and almost every room that anyone gets ready within has a window. To make the most of this, have your hair and make-up done close thee the biggest window in the room you’re getting ready within. Makre-up artists also love natural light. If you’re in window light then turn off the centre/nearby wall lights, this helps create interesting lighting options.”

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Ditching the bouquet?

I got in touch with Ashley at Ashtree Florist who gives this tip:

“A lot of brides and bridesmaids don’t know what to do with their bouquets after the ceremony – ask your florist or venue to provide a vase to display your beautiful flowers in for your guests to admire at the reception. This will also keep them fresh if you’re looking to preserve your bouquet”

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Too many group shots

Jordan Fox the wedding photographer highlights a common issue…

“Having a long group shot list given to any photographer can be a real ball-ache. It’s super time-consuming and prevents your photographer from getting fun spontaneous group photos and candid moments. Ideally, keep group shots to a minimum and if you do have a list, give this to one of the ushers who can assist in rounding up the correct family member thus saving time. Ideally, keep family portraits short and sweet!”

Common Wedding Day Mistakes:

There you go – a bunch of common wedding day mistakes with top tips from some top suppliers. Hopefully, they’ll be of use for your own wedding and assist in your planning. Remember to keep the focus on what’s important – celebrating your love with those closest to you. Good luck!

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