how to write a wedding speech

How to Write a Wedding Speech!

How to Write a Wedding Speech!

Top tips from a seasoned wedding performer!

It’s no secret that weddings can be a stressful time. From picking out the perfect dress to making sure all of the suppliers are confirmed, there’s a lot to think about. But one thing that shouldn’t be stressful is writing your wedding speech. In fact, it should be fun! Here are some top tips on how to write a wedding speech that will help keep the flow at your wedding reception.

Know your audience.

The first step in writing any speech is understanding who you’ll be speaking to. Are they close friends and family who know you well? Or are they more distant relatives and acquaintances? Knowing your audience will help you determine what kind of jokes will land and which ones will fall flat. If you’re not sure, err on the side of caution and stick to clean humour

How to Write a Wedding Speech!


Open with a bang. You want your speech to be memorable, right? So don’t start it off with a yawn-inducing “thank you for being here.” Instead, try something clever or funny to grab everyone’s attention from the get-go. Getting an early laugh from your audience will really help settle the nerves and ensures the wedding guests are on your side.

How to Write a Wedding Speech!


Use anecdotes judiciously. Anecdotes are great for personalising your speech and giving your guests a glimpse into your relationship with the bride or groom. But beware of going overboard—you don’t want your speech to turn into an episode of “The Golden Girls.” Choose one or two amusing stories and leave it at that



Just like any good story, your speech should flow smoothly from start to finish. That doesn’t mean that you can’t deviate from the script now and then – in fact, a well-placed joke or personal anecdote can add levity and make your speech more memorable. But in general, it’s best to stick to the structure of a beginning, middle, and end. This will help to keep your speech focused and on track.

How to Write a Wedding Speech!

Be yourself

A good rule of thumb when giving a speech is to be yourself. Don’t try to be someone you’re not – just be yourself and speak from the heart. This will come across as more authentic and will make your speech more memorable. After all, people want to hear what you have to say, not some fabricated version of yourself. So next time you’re asked to give a speech, take a deep breath and just be yourself. The audience will appreciate it!

How long?

Keep it short and sweet. No one likes a rambling speaker, so make sure you edit your speech down to its most essential parts. There’s no bigger mood killer than a long, laborious monologue that’s loaded with in-jokes and makes fun of family members.

How to Write a Wedding Speech!

Speak slowly

Very few people are well versed in public well wishes and toasts so you may find yourself delivering your perfect wedding speech at a rapid rate!

It’s important to remember that this is a special moment that deserves to be savoured. By speaking slowly, you give yourself the chance to savour the moment and connect with your audience. And, as an added bonus, your guests will be able to actually understand what you’re saying!

Water on hand!

As you begin your wedding speech, be sure to have water handy. Your mouth will feel drier than the Gobi desert, and you’ll want to be able to take a few sips of water in between sentences. Trust me, your bridal party will thank you for it!

How to Write a Wedding Speech!


Whether you’re giving a best man’s speech at a wedding or delivering a eulogy at a funeral it can be helpful to use props as a way to engage your audience and add visual interest to your speech. For example, if you’re giving a best man’s speech, you could use the bride’s bouquet as a prop to help tell the story of how you met the groom. Props can be a great way to add meaning and depth to any public speaking event. They also provide you with memory aids to remember your speech.


A well-worded toast can really make or break a wedding speech. It rounds off your speech nicely and prompts the clinking of glasses and cues cheers all round.

Something simple like:

“Let’s drink to love, which is nothing – unless it’s divided by two.” will be just enough to raise a smile and get everyone in the celebratory mood.

Alternatively, you could finish on a more sentimental note by toasting to “absent friends” – those who wish they were there but for one reason or another, couldn’t make it on the day.

How to Write a Wedding Speech!

Bonus wedding speech tips from a wedding magician:


There’s nothing worse than attending a wedding where you can’t hear the speeches. Not being able to hear the groom as he thanks his new wife or the best man as he shares embarrassing stories about the groom can really put a damper on the day. That’s why it’s essential to ensure your speech can be heard loud and clear by everyone in the room.

No mic?

Wedding speeches are challenging enough and if you find yourself without a pa system it’s time to project! You want to make sure everyone can hear you, but you don’t want to shout. Aim your speech towards the guests who are further away from you, and keep your head up so that your voice carries.

How to Write a Wedding Speech!

Cue Cards?

There are three main options for preparing a speech: memorising the entire speech, reading from a script, or using cue cards. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. memorizing the whole speech can help to ensure that the delivery is flawless, but it can also make the speaker sound robotic and unengaged. Reading from a script can help to prevent this problem, but it can also make it difficult to connect with the audience. Using cue cards is a middle ground between these two approaches, allowing the speaker to glance down at key points without losing eye contact with the audience.

Ultimately, the best option for preparation will vary depending on the individual speaker’s strengths and weaknesses. However, one thing is certain: stories are always remembered more than statistics. So, whatever method you choose, be sure to include some memorable stories about the happy couple in your speech!

How to Write a Wedding Speech!


Maintaining eye contact with your audience when you’re delivering a speech. Here are some advantages you’ll get as you deliver your killer wedding speech:

1. It helps to establish rapport and connection with your audience

2. It conveys confidence and helps engage listeners

3. It makes you appear more trustworthy and credible

4. It allows you to gauge reaction and adjust accordingly

5. It can help prevent listener fatigue

How to Write a Wedding Speech!

Tackling Nerves

It’s perfectly natural to feel a little nervous before giving a wedding speech. After all, it’s not every day that you stand up in front of a room full of people and give a speech! However, there are a few things you can do to help calm your nerves. First of all, remember that everyone in the room wants you to succeed. They are your friends and family who are there to support you. Secondly, try to focus on the positive. Instead of thinking of your nerves as butterflies in your stomach, tell yourself that it’s excitement. This will help you to use that feeling to fuel your speech. And finally, my top tip is to practice, practice, practice! The more confident you feel with your material, the less nervous you will be on the big day.

How to Write a Wedding Speech!

Dutch courage?

Settling the nerves before a big speech can be a tough task, especially if you’re the father of the bride. While a quick shot of something might seem like the perfect solution, it’s important to not overdo it. Otherwise, you’ll be in no fit state to deliver the speech before the wedding party. Instead, try some deep breathing exercises or visualisation techniques. If all else fails, just imagine everyone in their underwear – that should help settle the nerves!

How to Write a Wedding Speech!

Start writing early!

If you’re looking to deliver a great wedding speech, it’s important to prep your speech in good time. You may have heard many a groom, best man or father of the bride boast they wrote their speech the night before but this tactic is best reserved for the brave, stupid or outrageously skilled keynote speaker! The reality is that a great speech takes time, effort and preparation. By giving yourself plenty of time to write and revise your speech, you can be sure that you’ll deliver a moving and memorable speech that will leave your audience laughing, crying and cheering for more. So if you’re looking to make a great impression at your upcoming wedding, make sure you prep your speech well in advance!

How to Write a Wedding Speech!

Don’t do it!

Resist the urge to do the terrible “going to Bangor for two weeks” wedding joke. In this day and age, with the internet at your fingertips, there are a wealth of gags and funny stories that you can use instead. The bride or groom has entrusted you to do a great job – don’t blow it 🙂

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Traditional order of speeches

On a wedding day, there is a traditional order of speeches in the UK. The father of the bride usually goes first, followed by the groom, then the best man. The maid of honour may also give a speech, followed by the other wedding guests. This order ensures that everyone has an opportunity to speak and that the speeches are well-organized and flow smoothly. It also means that the father of the bride has the honour of being the first to congratulate the newlyweds. Of course, this is just a guide, and you can always change the order to suit your own wedding day.

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Writing a wedding speech doesn’t have to be stressful—in fact, it should be fun! By following these tips, you’ll be able to write a speech that will have your guests laughing, cheering, and maybe even shedding a tear or two. Best of luck!

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