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It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it!

The Personality of a Magician!


Special Effects, Magic and Tricks are my forte (obviously!). But, as important as those aspects are to who I am and what I do, they will still always play second fiddle to the personality of a magician.

Of course, magicians do need an outstanding repertoire of gob-smacking performances, stand-out special-effect trickery and entertaining illusions

i.e. “OMG he stole my watch/produced a thought of card from a block of ice!

However, the most truly memorable calling card will always be:

  • Who that magician is,
  • How they made you feel, and
  • Something intangible, what the French would refer to as ‘je ne sais quoi’.


It is an indistinguishable element which ultimately makes a close-up magician truly and uniquely exciting!

Personality of a magician 2

It is such a privilege and honour (truly), to be an entertainer, to master the art of beguiling, transforming and inspiring mystery or wonder. And of course, it is no small feat to be a magician!

It takes endless hours of work, practice, play and dedication. Premium results are only possible with premium planning, preparation and masterful choreography 🙂

At the end of the day, it is a steadfast, dedicated discipline that builds the body of my success. One of the major points of difference that I am so proud to offer my clients comes from this effort and focused energy.

What’s even more exceptional is when an entertainer has the ability to truly connect to the audience and participants, making a long-lasting positive impact for years to come.

Because of course, years after a performance, when I or anyone asks a spectator or past participant to describe a trick or special feat they saw, naturally, they will definitely struggle to remember the particulars and even the outcome!

But what stands the test of time is an emotional anchor, a memory of elation, joy, shock and shared humour. This is something that sticks to an event – be it a wedding, party or corporate event, shaping it in a remarkable and exciting way.

“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are”

personality of a magician Chris Peskett
It was Jim Morrison who said

“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are”

so when it comes to my chosen vocation, being me is my USP!


This helps shape the indescribable element that many of my audience and past participants have commented on. When you do something you are truly passionate about, it radiates a special kind of intangible energy that is definitely detectable to bystanders. It’s pleasant and powerful – all things starting with p!

But – it’s not all perfectly planned. Honestly, some of the best shows I’ve ever had have been via pure improvisation and bouncing off the best audiences.

Enthusiasm and positive energy can drive a lot of fun. Spontaneous tricks are often born from ‘going with the flow’, reading people and picking up on good timing opportunities.


So, whether you’re seeking some close-up magic for a more fun style of wedding entertainment or some sneaky pick-pocketing at a party, rest assured you’ll be entertained! It is my passion to purposefully craft routines which shake the audience and leave them transfixed.

I’ve got new unique magic tricks to release for premium special events and ‘tailor-made’ moments with your needs in mind. See you soon J

personality of a magician Chris Peskett