Why are weddings fun?

Why are weddings fun?

Why are weddings fun?

I think it has something to do with all the love in the air. Or maybe it’s because you get to dress up and look pretty. Whatever the reason, weddings are definitely a blast! Just make sure you don’t go overboard on the champagne…you don’t want to end up like that one wedding guest who was dancing on tables and singing show tunes at the top of her lungs. We all know who I’m talking about…

There’s something special about celebrating love

Celebrating love is one of life’s simple pleasures. When two people are in love, there is an irresistible urge to shout it from the mountain tops and share it with friends and family. A special occasion just serves as an opportunity to pull out all the stops and give a concrete and lasting expression to your love – whether it’s professing your intentions in a marriage proposal or picking out couple gifts like matching sweaters.

married couple

A time to unite

Weddings provide us with an opportunity to bring together all the different members of our family and social networks that are otherwise scattered across cities, states, and even countries. In a single day, weddings compel us to reconnect with close friends we may have not seen in a while and make quick acquaintances with distant relatives we’ve never had the pleasure of meeting before. Weddings act as the perfect backdrop for stories of shared childhood experiences and funny anecdotes exchanged over delicious food — allowing us to truly let go, indulge in joyous celebrations, and dance into the wee hours of the night.

guests witness love

Great food (and drinks…)

Weddings are the epitome of good food – and alcohol, I should add. Let’s be real, sometimes the drinks can be just as exciting as the entrees! But whether couples offer an open bar or just a few bottles of wine for guests to sip on, alcohol can add a nice touch to any wedding and make it even more enjoyable (and sometimes a bit rowdy). All in all, nothing quite spices up your wedding like alcohol – it is sure to leave guests with fond memories of being at the celebration. And by the way, free wedding food always goes a long way in making everyone happy!

free food at a wedding!

A time to dance and have fun

Weddings are not for wallflowers. On the dance floor, the bride and groom & loved-up couples take centre stage and let loose! Movements that may seem awkward during the day turn into perfectly coordinated dance moves under the mystic powers of a live band or a good DJ. Even people that swear off dance floors allow themselves to be united in dance at weddings. At the end of the night, many can barely stand up but get up anyway to dance more as if to say: “I couldn’t dance this well on my own volition – it must be love!”

married couple

Amazing venues

Weddings are simply magical occasions and a large part of what makes them so spectacular is the amazing wedding venues. From luxurious hotels and grand manors to romantic chapels and rustic farms, there’s a venue for every couple to celebrate this momentous occasion exactly as they wish. Not only that, but these spectacular places offer breathtaking backdrops for some truly stunning photographs that will be treasured forever.

interesting venue

Tears aplenty!

Weddings are a unique event that offers an opportunity to witness the love between two people and to express your own emotions for them. There’s something about it that allows us all to be vulnerable, understanding that in this very special moment, it’s totally ok to cry- whether it’s tears of joy or admiration. Taking part in such an important day is not only exceptionally enjoyable, but it’s also empowering too!

person crying

Wedding speeches

Weddings are so much fun, and so much of that joy comes from the speeches! From the heartfelt declamations of the bride’s tears of happiness to the hilarious stories the best man has up his sleeve, there is so much joy to be found during these portions of a wedding celebration. Hearing everyone speak so lovingly of the couple being wed is truly one of life’s great moments, and it only amplifies the overall sentimentality and jubilation in celebrating such an important milestone.

bride and groom

Amazing entertainment

Weddings are great fun because they often offer great entertainment. From great bands to magicians to fire breathers, weddings can get pretty wild! It’s the perfect opportunity for loved ones to come together and enjoy a great performance, whether it be from a great band or some other form of entertainment. Live entertainment is a great way to bring the energy to an event and make it even more special and memorable for your wedding guests.

funny entertainment at reception

It’s a Night out!

Every wedding is a great time for fun and most couples strive to make their special day the most fun wedding of all. With the celebration of a union between two people, it’s easy to forget that weddings also offer a much-needed night out – something most of us don’t get due to our hectic lifestyles. After months of preparation, friends and family arrive at the venue ready to dance, mingle and celebrate with everyone else. Even if most of us aren’t familiar with each other, once the dancing starts the atmosphere changes and before you know it everyone is having the most joyous time. Weddings can be a chance to escape your own life for just one night, enjoy yourself and connect with others in meaningful ways.

just married!

A chance to use your passport!

A destination wedding gives couples, as well as the friends and family invited to attend, a chance to travel to far-flung locales where they can be immersed in new cultures and thrilling sights. This creates an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience that all those present get to share together. Whether it’s sipping cocktails on a white sand beach or dancing in the streets of an exotic marketplace, destination weddings offer something for everyone!

wedding season abroad

Dressed-Up to the 9’s!

Weddings are a great celebration and provide the perfect opportunity to dress up in your favourite wedding party attire. They can be either upscale or casual – the only limit is your imagination! Allowing wedding goers the chance to express their personality through their style makes wedding parties unique and fun. Everyone has the opportunity to break out of their day-to-day fashion norms and feel like they’ve been transported into a different world. With weddings, you have an excuse to push the boundaries with fashion and truly find looks that make everyone feel special on such an important day. Of course, there’s always the wedding dress which is the star of the show – the anticipation of what the bride will be wearing is almost as exciting as the ceremony itself!

men at ceremony

Kid-free (sometimes)

If you’re very lucky, the wedding reception will be a child-free event! This makes it a great opportunity for wedding guests to enjoy a night out and really let loose. With no kids running around, you can feel free to have some adult fun – like dancing until the wee hours of the morning or mischief in the photo booth! The happy couple have paved the way for a night of fun and relaxation with not a child in sight. Let’s party!

flower girl

Plus, who doesn’t love a good wedding cake?

A wedding cake isn’t just a delicious treat – it’s a symbol of love and celebration. Nothing quite compares to the dignity of multi-tiered cakes dripping with delicious frosting and adorned with flowers, candies and even fondant figures – no matter how clumsy your decorations may be! A good cake can really make an event come alive, as its appearance suddenly transforms the room from a wedding venue into an exciting spectacle. Plus, who can argue with extra calories in the name of love?

big day cake

Why are weddings fun?

So, why are weddings fun? In a word, love. Love is what brings us together to celebrate marriage and all that comes with it. Good food, friends, family, and fun are all part of the package, and who doesn’t love a delicious wedding cake? Is your wedding day on the horizon? Get ready to have the time of your life!


About Chris:

Crhis is a professional magician who provides unexpected wedding entertainment. Using comedy, pickpocketing and sleight of hand, your wedding party will enjoy moments of madness to be enjoyed during cocktail hour and before the first dance. Not only that, Chris performs at birthdays and corporate events to ensure guests can have a great time whilst you enjoy your event too.

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