wedding reception icebreakers

Wedding reception icebreakers

wedding magicians

Wedding Reception Icebreakers

Breaking the Ice Between Wedding Guests:

Making Awkward Silences a Thing of the Past

Say ‘I do’ to no awkward silences at your wedding reception. After all, nothing says ‘party killer’ like a room full of folks who’ve only got the weather to chat about. We’ve all been there – seated next to Cousin Fred who can’t muster more than a monosyllabic response, or Aunt Mabel whose cat stories have run their course. Fear not, for we’re here to arm you with the ultimate arsenal of wedding day Chit-Chat Catalysts that will get the conversation flowing faster than the free champagne!

Wedding reception icebreakers

A Wedding Magician

Yeah, I’m biased but I truly believe that my misspent youth will be your gain during the cocktail hour. As your official party starter, let me connect guests with Awe-Inspiring Antics that break the ice quicker than a greased pig! You see close-up magic is much more than cool card tricks and questionable attire. When you hire the right wedding magician you’ll provide

  • Master of Mingling: A talented wedding magician is a networking ninja, adept at making introductions and getting your guests giggling together.
  • Interactive: Close-up magic is one of those interactive activities that works for all ages and personality types.
close up magician
  • Icebreaker Extraordinaire: Your guests won’t just remember the magic, they’ll remember the laughter, the gasps, and the shared sense of wonder, which is more potent for bonding than the strongest super glue!
  • Photo Opportunity Galore: A wedding magician ensures your wedding album is not just full of choreographed poses, but also candid, wonderfully unexpected moments of joy and surprise.
  • Endless Entertainment: While you’re off perfecting your poses for the wedding photographer, a wedding magician keeps your guests entertained combined with cool conversation starters.

Not only that, but I’m the only magician in the UK to offer my unique Close-Up Corner which is a fantastic way to encourage guests to become active members at your wedding. Take a look:

Lawn Games

Wedding reception games are a great way to breeze through your cocktail hour and into the evening should you have the weather on your side. Invite guests to showcase their skills while you slyly observe who’s a competitive ar*ehole! Because what’s a gathering without a little friendly competition, right? Let’s see who’s got that extra competitive edge! 😉

From classic games such as giant chess to creative sets of crazy golf, these outdoor wedding fun games will ensure your guests don’t stand on ceremony during your photos.

wedding reception games

Giant Chess: Checkmate, boredom! This is not your grandfather’s chess game. These oversized pieces bring a new level of strategy – and fun – to the lawn.

Croquet: This isn’t just for Victorian ladies and gentlemen anymore. With a mallet, some balls and a course full of wicked wickets, your guests will be hooked on this classic garden game.

Boules: Also known as Petanque, this is a game of skill and concentration. Perfect for those guests who fancy themselves a bit of a hotshot.

Giant Jenga: Here’s a chance to show off your architectural prowess and steady hand. Just don’t be the one to topple the tower!

Lawn Bowling: A game that’s equal parts skill, luck and laughing at your pals when they miss the mark. Like regular bowling, but with a lot more grass stains.

Badminton: Who says you need a gym to enjoy a good shuttlecock smackdown? This is a game that’ll keep your guests leaping and laughing.

Ring Toss: It’s simple, it’s classic, and it’s a lot harder than it looks. Perfect for your Uncle who always thinks he’s a winner!

Giant Connect 4 – grab your friends to see who can conquer this classic outdoor wedding game.

With any of the games, present a small prize during the speeches (make up the winners – it’s funnier!).

Wedding Guest Bingo

Introducing a super fun icebreaker that discreetly runs in the background of your wedding, because who needs boring small talk? We’ve got you covered! Get your Ushers to dish out these nifty cards with different characteristics for each square. Think ‘Has the same middle name as the groom’, ‘Went to university with the bride’, or even something silly like ‘Has the best dance moves’. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find someone who fits the description and get them to sign your card. The first person to fill up their card snags the prize!

fun games

The Shoe Game

Perfect for the wedding breakfast, this activity allows the happy couple to shine, have a bit of fun, and entertain the guests. The couple sit back-to-back, while the host asks them some lighthearted questions about their relationship. Then, on the count of three, they raise the shoe for the person they believe fits the answer best. It’s a delightful way to involve everyone and create a super joyful atmosphere.

This wedding game can be played safe or with a dash of blue depending on your audience. It’s also a wonderful ice breaker to begin your speeches

Examples include:

Who’s the better cook?

Who’s the better dancer?

Who’s the better driver?

Who’s the most argumentative?

For more examples, see this comprehensive list on the Mr & Mrs Game

wedding reception games

The Photo Booth

A photo booth is a common feature at weddings, and rightfully so. Similar to my Close-Up Corner setup, it serves as a focal point that allows guests to engage at their own pace, encouraging them to leave their seats. A room filled with bored faces seated at tables is far from ideal. I firmly believe in keeping guests on their feet, as it greatly enhances the ambience and energy of any event.

Combining fun props with everyone’s burning desire to pout, a photo booth not only churns out silly pictures but also provides the perfect opportunity to get guests involved. Because who doesn’t love a good dose of goofy memories, right?

reception games

Board Games

Well, here’s the deal. If you’re tying the knot in the UK, chances are it’ll rain on your big day. Just like family disagreements during Christmas, it’s almost a given. So, what’s the plan? Prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. If you find yourself dealing with a soggy wedding, having a stash of board games on hand will help you navigate through the sticky (and wet) situation. Check out this article on “what to do if it rains on your wedding day” for more tips and tricks.

Wedding games I recommend: 5 second rule, Herd Mentality, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Wits and Wagers.

classic game

Beer Pong

As we move into the evening reception before the guests hit the dance floor, a game of pong will help get the party started! Fusing dexterity and alcohol is one of those icebreakers that will unite friends and family. You know the drill: Two sets of cups on either end of a table, filled with beer and a ping pong ball. The objective? Bounce the ball into your opponent’s glass, and if you succeed, they must drink the contents of that cup.

Do you want to step up the wedding day sophistication? I hear you – substitute beer with champagne and you’ve got a fun way to show how Waitrose you really are!

fun games

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Similar to wedding guest bingo, have your bridal party dish out a list of items or scenarios that guests must capture on their phones within a certain time frame.

Examples include

  • a photo with the bride and groom
  • someone doing the cha cha slide
  • a group selfie with at least 3 different nationalities
  • Someone playing lawn games

The possibilities are endless with this wedding reception game.

Photos can be uploaded to Instagram with guests including your designated wedding hashtag. It’s a great way to get guests involved.

wedding reception

Table Quiz

If you’ve been fretting about your table setting and worried there’ll be more atmosphere on the moon than family member X sitting next to family member Y, listen closely. The trick is to keep their minds agile (or ply them with alcohol). Seeing as a round of drinks is more costly than a game of cards with a magician, why not have them answer some wedding-themed questions during the wedding breakfast?

Possible Trivia questions:

  • What year did the bride and groom first meet?
  • Where was their first date?
  • Who proposed to whom?
  • What’s the bridal couple’s favourite TV show or movie?

Collect the papers, the most correct answers win and voila! You’ve just dodged a potential wedding day horror story. No magic wands required.

Other options during the wedding breakfast include a word search for the youngsters – chuck in a few expletives in the mix and blame it on the Best Man…

guest's seat

A Ceildh

For those organising their wedding date, an empty dance floor in the evening will give you sleepless nights.

Fear not, my friend, because here’s where the Ceilidh swoops in like a hero. This old-school dance, straight outta Scotland and Ireland, is the ultimate icebreaker. You’ve got folks dancing in circles or lines to some groovy traditional folk music, with a caller giving out the moves. The best part? It’s a piece of wedding cake! Anyone can join in, no fancy footwork required. And if you’ve got a live band jamming away, well, that’s just the cherry on top! This icebreaker will encourage your wedding guests to put a shift in at your wedding!

guests dancing

Final thoughts

Ice breakers are super important at a wedding. They get guests interacting, having fun and most importantly, enjoying themselves. It’s a great way to set the tone for the rest of the day and ensure everyone is feeling relaxed and ready to celebrate with the newlyweds.

So go ahead and try out some of these ideas at your own wedding or pass them on to someone who might need a bit of help breaking the ice! From wedding reception games to interactive entertainment and some table boredom busters, these fun ways to kick start the party will definitely make your special day one to remember.

Chris is a professional close-up magician who specialises in performing at weddings as the ultimate ice breaker. Combining sleight of hand, comedy and pickpocketing, your guests won’t know what’s hit them!

If you’re looking for an industry expert who can add a dash of excitement during those potential lulls, get in touch today.

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