Drinks reception entertainment

Drinks Reception Entertainment For Weddings

Drinks Reception Entertainment For Weddings

Amazing Entertainment That Sets The Tone!

Looking to create a lively atmosphere at your wedding drinks reception? Good call!

A successful drinks reception is key to making a truly memorable occasion – Close-Up Magic is an incredible idea that will help make your wedding unforgettable…

After months of planning your big day has arrived.

After everything you’ve invested, it’s super important it all goes well.

You want the perfect memories and incredible photos.

You want people to be talking about your wedding and how it was one of the best they ever want to.

You want to feel as though you did everything the right way as you celebrate your love for each other.

And because of all those things, you need to take another look at your drinks reception entertainment – to ensure you’re not missing a trick.

Here’s why…

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After the wedding ceremony itself, everyone is glowing and feeling happy.

It all feels great and so you want the rest of your day to continue on that same high.

You want to see big, wide smiles on your guests’ faces as they anticipate what’s to come. You want to fuel happiness and excitement as your wedding morphs into the bash of the year.

But as people arrive at your venue, it can all feel a little – awkward!

When you were getting married, people were focused on the ceremony. They could rustle with their order of service and make small talk with the person sat next to them.

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Yes - this is at my wedding!

Awkward Drinks Receptions?


While you and your beloved are busy being photographed and enjoying congratulatory hugs, your guests have to fend for themselves!

With the ‘safety’ of the ceremony over, some guests may find it difficult to truly relax – especially so early on in your day.

They may be socially awkward, tired, or shy because they don’t know many people.

That’s the thing with weddings; you bring together people from all across your life and hope they act like they’ve known each other for years!

If people don’t feel comfortable chatting together, you risk guests sticking with their cliques.

And I know that’s not what you imagined for your big day?

So how can you ensure your wedding continues to take off instead of descending into boredom and awkwardness?

It all starts with the drinks reception!


72% of Brides said they wished they had thought more about their entertainment


Within one week after their reception, 78% of Brides say they would have made entertainment their highest priority!


Nearly all Brides said they would have spent more on their entertainment

Set the tone at your drinks reception & raise the vibe!

Your drinks reception is your first chance to put a stamp on your wedding celebration and ensure they go the way you want.

Most people only think about the drinks they’re putting on. Let me reassure you, that’s not enough of a plan.

It’s true; a drink in hand does give your guests something to do and something to focus on, but it doesn’t help set the tone.

If you don’t take charge of setting the atmosphere for your wedding reception, you risk the whole day morphing into something that doesn’t quite match up with your imagination.

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Invest in Entertainment at your Drinks Reception!

Entertainment gives you that control.

Entertain your guests and give them a drink and you’ll set a fun tone that will help shape and influence everything else that follows.

As the bride and groom, you’ll be on a natural high.

But your guests will need a little more to keep them from checking their phone every five minutes!

Sad, but true! In this digital age, many adults have lost the art of chatting with unknowns. We’ve forgotten the art of making small talk with people we don’t know. When confronted with a sea of strangers, it’s all too easy to open up Facebook and scroll in order to avoid striking up conversation.

This is dangerous for your wedding.

Chris, what I can I say?! You literally blew everyone away! Incredible - thank you.
– Lucie & Ben Williams. The Old Vicarage, Worfield.

What you want at your Drinks Reception…

  • You want people looking at each other, not at their phones.
  • You want your guests chatting and getting involved.
  • You want them mixing and mingling.

You want strangers to feel like old friends because that’s what’s going to ramp up the atmosphere and turn your party into a day to remember.

The right drinks reception entertainment provides the perfect distraction from scrolling. Instead of people looking awkwardly at their phone, they’ll look at the show.

Then magic happens…

Wedding entertainment creates a shared experience. It provides a common talking point that gives strangers a reason to chat with each other.


And sets the scene for the rest of your day to sparkle.

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wedding entertainment
wedding entertainment
I chose Chris after searching the internet, it was the best decision I made. Not only is his magic mind blowing, he is very funny quick witted and really entertaining. He really made the day so much more than just a wedding reception.

Nicola & David - Bishops Stortford

Ice-breaking Conversation Starters at your Drinks Reception

Add entertainment to your drinks’ reception and you provide those all-important ice-breaking conversation starters.

And one of the best forms of entertainment to include is close-up magic.

Introduce a professional pickpocket who can mingle effortlessly with your guests and watch any awkwardness evaporate.

A close-up magic show gives strangers something safe to talk about and laugh about. It removes all the awkwardness because now people who don’t know each other have something in common.

You can talk about the magician, the tricks, how you think he stole your watch, how incredible it was… the list goes on.

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unique wedding entertainment

“A focal point for people to reminisce over”

Instead of your drinks reception being dry and dull – a lull in the day while you wait for the real party to start – the reception becomes a moment to remember.

It becomes a focal point for people to reminisce over.

It morphs into an experience that fuels those wide smiles and big laughs that transform the vibe of your day – as well as enhancing your wedding photos and providing a great energy for the wedding breakfast and speeches.

So take another look at your drinks’ reception.

Make sure you’re maximising this opportunity to make your big day amazing.

Invest in entertainment to generate the fun atmosphere you want and ensure that vibe floods throughout the rest of your day.

It’s a simple way to ensure your wedding day memories are even better than the ones you’re imagining.

Want to enquire about close-up magic for your wedding drinks reception? You can get a quote and check availability for your big day HERE.

Watch the reactions at this drinks reception!

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Chris entertained us and our guests at our wedding in December for two hours of close up magic. The show was spectacular and our guests were amazed and perplexed at the variety of tricks. He is highly professional, humorous, polished and I would not hesitate in recommending him for any corporate or family celebration.
– Andrew Clark, Birmingham