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A Wedding Day at Mill Barns

A Wedding Day at Mill Barns

A recent visit to Shropshire’s premier wedding venue through the eyes of a wedding magician.


Mill Barns wedding venue

As a seasoned wedding magician, in my experience, the best wedding venue in Shropshire is The Mill Barns. I’ve been there a fair few times now, we’re practically married ourselves, spending more time together than some couples I’ve entertained!

It’s not just any venue; it’s THE venue in Shropshire, dripping with character and charm like a cake too opulent for its own icing. It’s the storybook setting where couples, eager to escape the single life, vow to embark on the grand adventure of marriage. And there I was, fresh from my latest performance at a wedding breakfast, poised to bring the house down at James and Abi’s evening reception – because, clearly, what’s a wedding without a bit of seasoned entertainment to kick off married life?

The Wedding Entertainment Package

Our delightful wedding pair chose the Cosmopolitan package, clearly deciding that magic was the perfect palate cleanser after a hearty feast. This package isn’t just about dazzling close-up magic or my surprisingly legal pickpocketing skills; it’s also about breaking the ice with the kind of banter that makes you wonder why I wasn’t invited to sit at the main table. This package is my most popular as it also includes my unique Reaction Cam video…

wedding magician at mill barns

The Reaction Cam

Introducing our dedicated camera that captures more than just smiles – think dropped jaws, hearty laughs, and those unforgettable “OMG” moments at your wedding. We transform these gems into a slick 90-second montage, perfect for flaunting on Insta and Facebook. It’s more than just a keepsake; it’s your ticket to bask in the glory of hosting a wedding that outshines your sister’s – all delivered with the sophistication and a wink of good-humoured rivalry.

A New Addition

In a daring move that’s surely going to win us the “Innovation or Insanity” award, we’ve upped our Reaction Cam game by splurging on a drone. Yes, you heard it right – we’re now those people sending a piece of high-tech wizardry sky-high to snag those breathtaking shots of your wedding venue. This marks our grand entrance into the drone-flying circus, an adventure that’s equal parts thrilling and “are we really doing this?” as we send our not-so-cheap camera buddy to mingle with the clouds.

drone shot of mill barn

Upon arrival at The Mill Barns

I make it a point to arrive at gigs with time to spare. Inquire with any seasoned magician about their biggest fear, and you’ll find it’s not performing for kids at a wedding (though let’s be honest, it’s right up there). Instead, the true horror is arriving late, in a sweat, completely dishevelled and unprepared.

But that’s not my act. I show up to weddings so early, I might as well join the bridal party and start serving champagne during their morning preparations.

I touch base with our ever-vigilant staff and exchange pleasantries with the fellow purveyors of wedding joy and chaos. Meanwhile, our star photographer, Chris, and the videographer are practically inhaling their desserts—an Olympic sport in its own right—while the wedding guests engage in the noble art of rocket balloon jousting. In the grand spectrum of wedding entertainment, this ranks somewhere between “remarkably inventive” and “what on Earth?” 🙂

I always like to get a vibe of the day so far so I interrogate our photographer getting the lowdown on the crowd. Are we hosting esteemed guests or hosting a circus? Any mischief-makers lurking in the shadows I should be briefed on? And let’s not forget the all-important kid situation. Are there any small children in attendance? A kid-free wedding? Now that’s what I call music to my ears.

the barn

Setting Up

For those who have seen me before, know that I do things a little differently. I’ve been performing close-up magic for over 25 years and believe my Close-Up Corner set-up is the best way to serve up your evening reception.

Essentially, the nuts and bolts of it is, that I bring a small table and a couple of LED lights to frame the area that your guests will migrate to for a session of close-up magic. This allows for a host a amazing benefits:

  • Intimate Atmosphere: Guests feel like they’re part of an exclusive club, where every trick and joke is just for them.
  • Personal Interaction: Unlike stage magic, I get to know your guests, their names, and maybe their credit card numbers (kidding…mostly).
  • No Bad Seats: Everyone has a front-row seat to the magic, ensuring they don’t miss the moment I steal someone’s watch
  • Fully Immersive: It’s not just about watching magic; it’s about feeling like you’re part of the magic. Expect hands-on participation!
  • A Buzz Creator: Nothing draws a crowd like a crowd. This setup becomes its own attraction, generating excitement and pulling guests in.
  • Photo-Ready Moments: Those genuine reactions of amazement make for the best photos, guaranteed to spice up any wedding album.
  • Flexible Entertainment: It fits seamlessly into the flow of the evening, filling in any lulls and keeping the energy high.

wedding magician at wedding reception

The Mill Barns Wedding Magician

After the speeches, the crowd begins their ceremonial migration from the main hall to the lobby. I strategically pause for a beat, letting them scatter—because chaos is so last season. The goal? To avoid a human stampede. Instead, I aim for cozy gatherings of 5-10 people, crafting the illusion of exclusivity in a room full of leftover cake and wilted flowers.

And then it’s time to POUNCE! My setup, a beacon of intrigue, has already pulled a curious crowd my way.

“Hey, what’s this?” “What’s your gig?” “Is this some kind of quirky photobooth?”

Little do they know, they’re about to be hit with a wave of card tricks so impressive, it might just recalibrate their expectations of entertainment. They’re thinking party trick; I’m about to deliver a masterclass.

Choosing the right first group to kick things off is an art form. You want to create enough of a spectacle that the rest of the room can’t help but drop their archers and lemonade and pay attention.

I’m delighted to report, my opening group was a knockout. A group so perfect, they deserve their own encore.

How long did I perform?

The evening reception offers a bit more flexibility than the drinks reception that immediately follows the ceremony. It has a more relaxed atmosphere, allowing me the opportunity to linger a bit after the first dance, especially as guests begin to move away from the dance floor.

I was there for around 2.5 hours but I don’t clock watch -it’s more about going when it feels right.

With all the footage in the bank, it was time to pack up and head to home to Staffordshire, not far from Hogwarts.

I really fun wedding and as you’ll see from the Reaction Cam footage, we had a blast!

Mill barns wedding entertainment

About Chris

Chris is your go-to wedding industry guru who takes the “yawn” out of nuptial celebrations. He’s as tall as he is witty, leaving guests both dazzled and in stitches, minus any of those magician cliches we all hate. With a quarter-century of experience tucked under his sleeve (no cards up there, we promise), Chris has mastered the subtle art of making jaws drop with nothing but his sleight of hand and a dash of charisma. He’s the secret ingredient to any wedding reception, ensuring guests are left spellbound and hungry for an encore.

Enter the Reaction Cam – Chris’s latest trick that doesn’t require a wand but guarantees to capture those gasp-worthy moments, making your wedding the talk of the town (for all the right reasons). Looking to sprinkle some enchantment on your big day without resorting to pulling a bunny out of a hat? Chris is your man, the illustrious magician of the Mill Barns, ready to transform your wedding from mundane to magical.

So, if the thought of a forgettable wedding sends shivers down your spine, let Chris work his magic. Trust us, your guests won’t just thank you; they’ll be left wondering if they’ve stepped into an alternate, far more entertaining dimension.

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