Wedding Stats 2024

Wedding Stats 2024

The Key Takeaways

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Ah, weddings. That enchanting occasion where eternal love is pledged before an assembly of close family and friends—including that obligatory cousin. Yet, before the magical “I do” moment, comes the formidable task of planning. A task not for the faint-hearted, but akin to a Herculean effort. Fortuitously, our expertise within the wedding industry has allowed us to meticulously analyze the Hitched Wedding Survey 2023, sparing you the groundwork. Here are the authoritative insights from the pinnacle of wedding planning mastery.

The average UK Wedding Costs 2023

First off, the average UK wedding clocks in at a cool £20,700. Yes, you read that right. Looks like love does cost a thing—quite a few things, actually. With 65% of couples spending north of £15,000, it’s clear we’re all in it for the love, not the savings. And with nearly 30% of couples upping their budget to deal with our friend the economy, it’s like “for richer” is getting more emphasis than “for poorer” in those vows.

wedding stats 2024

The Vendor Juggling Act

On average, couples are bringing in the cavalry with 10 vendors to make their day special. That’s right, ten. From photographers capturing your best angles to florists making sure peonies are popping up everywhere, it’s like assembling your own Avengers team for weddings.

Here’s where and how much bride and grooms have been spending:

Venue: £8,800 +5% YoY
Honeymoon: £4,300 +13% YoY
Engagement Ring: £2,000 +5% YoY
Wedding Dress: £1,500 +11% YoY
Photographer: £1,400 +8% YoY
DJ: £670
Live Band: £1,400
Florist: £1,100 +5% YoY
Wedding Cake/Dessert: £360
Invitations & Stationery: £260
Wedding Suits (Couple & Party): £800
Your Wedding Hair: £95 +19% YoY
Your Wedding Makeup: £95 +27% YoY
Catering Per Head: £80 +14% YoY
Bridesmaid Hair: £55 +22% YoY
Bridesmaid Makeup: £55 +38% YoY
1 in 5 couples spend between 10,000 and 15,000 on their wedding venue
34% spend between 15 – 25k on weddings
20% spend between 25 – 35k on weddings
1 in 2 couples spend 1 – 2k on photographer
13% spend between 2 – 3k on photographer
Avg cost of a wedding ceremony – £3,000

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Wedding Venues

Hunting for the perfect wedding venue is less “needle in a haystack” and more “finding a diamond in a boutique.” Last year, a whopping 89% of couples decided against rolling the dice on weather with a backyard soiree. And, sticking close to home, 68% of lovebirds tied the knot within a cozy 30-mile radius of their abode—because really, why turn your special day into an episode of “The Amazing Race?

The Venue Scouting Drill

Our Hitched heroes embarked on a quest, engaging in:

  • Stalking 10 Venues Online: Because who doesn’t enjoy falling down a rabbit hole of potential venues at midnight?
  • Creating a Shortlist of 4-5: Because, honestly, after the fifth, they all start merging into one grand, indistinguishable ballroom.
  • Visiting 3-4 Venues: Nothing says commitment like scrutinizing venues in person, armed with a clipboard and a dream.

Rustic Reigns Supreme

Turns out, barns and farms are snagging the limelight, elbowing past traditional venues with a robust 5% growth spurt since last year. Over 1 in 5 couples opted for the charm of rustic over rococo, proving that the allure of pastoral chic is more than just a passing fancy.

Still in the Running

Yet, hotels and country houses hold their ground, serving as the backdrop for many a fairy-tale wedding minus the medieval plumbing. Religious venues, however, are seeing a bit of a downturn, with a 4% slip—suggesting that perhaps couples are trading pews for haystacks.

Venue Vetting Reimagined

When it comes to picking the stage for your love story, it turns out the sticker price is the headliner, supported by a troupe of other factors like venue style, exclusive access, guest accommodations, and insta-worthy settings.

In the end, selecting your wedding venue is more art than science, blending practicality with a dash of daydream. Because, regardless of where you say “I do,” it’s those moments of joy, laughter, and possibly tripping over your dance moves that infuse the day with magic. Forget the fairy tales; your wedding venue is the setting for a love story that’s beautifully, uniquely yours.

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Economic Twists and Turns in the Aisle

In the grand saga of wedding planning, where the budget is more of a moving target than a fixed number, a whopping 59% of couples have found themselves playing a thrilling game of “catch up” with their budgets, thanks to our dear friend, the economy.

Apparently, gold-plated dream weddings don’t mesh well with real-world bank accounts, prompting over half of you to scale back on life’s luxuries—like an extra photographer to capture every angle of Aunt Carol’s legendary dance moves, or gourmet midnight snacks that nobody really remembers eating. Despite these concessions, a third of you opted for more intimate gatherings, carefully curating guest lists to ensure every seat was a VIP (and possibly avoiding that distant relative whose name no one can quite recall). Meanwhile, 23% resorted to sending SOS signals to family vaults, hoping for reinforcements to shield the wedding from economic storms.

And yet, only a courageous 21% dared to trim their vendor lists, because, honestly, deciding between cake tiers and DJ sets is a dilemma no one should face alone. In this economic rollercoaster, it seems the dream doesn’t always align with the statement at the end of the month, but hey, who said love’s path was a straightforward budget line?

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Pearls of Planning Wisdom

Budgeting Beyond Your Wildest Dreams: Expect to spend more than expected. It’s like grocery shopping when you’re hungry. Everything seems essential.

Picking Your Wedding Dream Team: Think of choosing vendors like drafting for fantasy football. You want a well-rounded team that’ll bring home the win, without breaking the bank.

Venue Selection Savvy: Remember, your venue sets the stage. Whether it’s a barn with character over a ballroom with chandeliers, it’s about where your “I do” echoes just right.

Economic Reality Check: If the economy has you tightening your belt, just remember it’s about marrying your best friend. And hey, cake tastings are free, right?


Wedding Stats 2024

In summary, navigating the wedding planning seas with the Hitched Wedding Survey as your compass can help you find your way to marital bliss—without throwing anyone overboard. Just remember, at the end of the day, it’s about the love, laughter, and the “did they really just do that?” dance moves. Happy planning!

Meet Chris: The Wedding Magician Who’s Seen More “I Dos” Than a Rom-Com Marathon

In the grand theatre of weddings, where emotions run high and the cake runs out too quickly, Chris emerges as the maestro of close-up magic, turning skeptics into believers one trick at a time. This isn’t your garden variety “pick a card” affair; this is the kind of sleight-of-hand wizardry that has guests questioning the fabric of reality, all while reaching for another canapé.

Chris has been in the game longer than most of us have been pinning dream wedding boards on Pinterest. He’s the guy who brings that extra spark to your special day, with magic so seamless it makes the DJ’s transitions look amateur. And while he’s professional enough to rival any seasoned wedding planner’s Rolodex of contacts, he’s also got enough charm and wit to keep even the toughest crowds entertained—yes, including your Uncle Bob who still thinks disco balls are the height of party tech.

What sets Chris apart isn’t just his ability to make your ring-bearing nephew’s lollipop disappear (and reappear behind his own ear, much to the delight of children and adults alike). It’s his unique blend of humour and dexterity, appealing to everyone from your beer-loving college mates to your fiance’s fashion-forward cousins. With Chris, you’re not just getting a magician; you’re getting an ice-breaker, a crowd-pleaser, and a secret weapon against those inevitable lulls in the festivities.

So, if you’re looking for a way to elevate your wedding from memorable to downright legendary, Chris is your go-to. After all, in the world of weddings, it’s not just about tying the knot; it’s about creating moments so magical, they’ll be talked about long after the last confetti has been swept away. And with Chris on your team, you’re guaranteed a performance that’s as unforgettable as the love story it celebrates.

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