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Make it unforgettable!

Because no one wants a dull wedding!

*Weddings are notoriously long and very samey.

*How do you make your day stand out?

*Will your wedding be memorable?

7 months ago, I got married and it was a real eye-opener. It made me see how difficult putting together a great and memorable wedding is.


If you’re like me, you want a day that lives long in the memory – for all the right reasons. Long after the final slice has been quaffed!

Having been to so many weddings, parties and events, I’ve seen many a boring event and this is something that played on my mind when planning my own wedding.

Question: How do you ensure that your wedding goes from “meh” to a-meh-zing (amazing)!?

Answer: Keep your guests guessing. Get them involved. Keep them engaged. Make them laugh!

I truly believe that great entertainment can make or break any wedding.

Sounds easy right?

“I truly believe that great entertainment can make or break a wedding”


Most weddings follow a similar format:


That’s one lengthy itinerary! Weddings are notoriously long so you’ll need to know when these dangerous lulls will occur.

Looking for wedding entertainment ideas?

wedding entertainment advice from Chris Peskett magician
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Introducing quality entertainment throughout the day is the key to a truly unforgettable wedding

This does not have to be hiring a wedding magician (though whilst you’re here…) but could be anything that:

  • Keeps your guests occupied
  • Generates talking points
  • Evokes laughter
  • Provides wonderful photo opportunities (you know – what a great wedding magician would do 😉 )


There are plenty of ways of spicing up a wedding and introducing these sideshows, will make a lasting impression on your guests.

I already know you’ve been to countless weddings where entertainment was the last thing on the happy couples’ mind. I know this because I’ve been there too!

It’s hard work to make chit-chat around the same three topics; the weather, upcoming holidays and er, the weather again!

Although the day is centred around them, to ignore the remaining 98 guests is a recipe for disaster – long drawn-out days.

And with so many hours to fill, there are many pitfalls:

Unforgettable weddings

Wedding Pitfalls

  • Whilst the Bride and Groom have their photos taken – who or what is keeping the guests occupied?


  • Whilst the Bride and Groom are schmoozing at the drinks reception – guests are left twiddling their thumbs waiting for their turn to meet the happy couple.


  • After the wedding breakfast comes a heavy lull – what’s in place to keep the day guests from dying an early death?


  • Your evening guests are turning up – how do you get them into the party spirit ready for the knees up on the dance floor?


  • Guests are getting drunk too early – can you prevent this?!
unforgettable weddings

Trust me – it won’t be those pretty chiffon chair backs or wedding favours that come to your rescue.

Instead, focus on giving your guests something to shout about!

Focus on providing:

  • Moments of fun
  • Laughs
  • Smiles
  • Amazing photo opportunities (you know, what a wedding magician does!).


These are the much-needed benefits of introducing quality wedding entertainment.

And with great wedding entertainment (ok, fine – like a wedding magician), you’re not just investing in the hours I’m there. You’re also investing in long-term memories for you and your guests.

I often meet up with past Brides and Groom and get this often:

“…we still get great feedback on your entertainment at our wedding. It’s the first thing our guests mention!”

“I remember when you stole my dad’s watch. It was so funny!”

Creating these powerful memories is just what your wedding requires. You won’t regret making your wedding unforgettable!

unforgettable weddings

What I learned from my wedding:



You’ll never regret a penny spent on giving your guests a good time – because you’ll benefit with amazing photos, piles of feedback about your awesome wedding, and amazing memories of a day that was perfect.

When it comes to picking wedding entertainment, of course, you should put a good magician at the top of your list (and now that my honeymoon is over I am available to hire!)

But in addition, consider what other unusual acts and entertainment you can throw into the mix to create a day that you (or your guests) will never EVER forget.

I promise you’ll be glad you did.

Pssst. If you’re looking for a brilliant wedding magician or you want to surprise your better half with some jaw-dropping entertainment on your big day, let’s have a chat.

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