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Progression of a PickPocket!

I’m primarily known as a Close-up Magician: performing wonderful, jaw-breaking feats of magic at close quarters. Hidden within this skill set is a silent assassin called…Bruce.

Bruce helps me take my performance to the next level by covertly borrowing wallets, watches, phones and more from my unsuspecting audience!

Meet Bruce!

meet bruce 2

He’s tall, dark (suit) and handsome with a chiselled jawline perfect for any selfie. And with the patience of a saint, Bruce is the perfect companion who allows me to perfect the art of (theatrical) pickpocketing!

Perfecting the extraction of personal items during the guise of a magic trick requires the perfect accomplice and Bruce is just that!

Be it a watch, wallet or phone, he’s provided me with hours of practice and despite being the strong silent type, his muted assistance has helped take my performance to the next level.

pickpocket watch

Why Pick Pocketing?

Twenty years ago, I saw an advert for a video teaching how to steal a watch off a spectator’s wrist without their knowledge. This captured my imagination! How would this be possible? There’s no way this is easily achieved without getting caught and landing an evening in A&E!

So that was my mission: To remove a miniature clock that was securely fastened to someone’s wrist under the guise of a magic trick!

I watched and re-watched the video and learnt the many techniques required to perform such an awesome feat.  I knew in THEORY how to accomplish the steal but practically I lacked real-world experience!

There were only so many times I could ask my mom to stand with her arm outstretched out whilst I fumbled to remove her watch. There was also the fact that I could see right through my mom’s claims that she didn’t “feel a thing”!

Next, I tried stealing from my own wrist. Ridiculous I know –  but I needed the practice.

Then Bruce walked (was carried) into my life!

It wasn’t exactly Bruce – his older brother I think. Standing in a shop window sporting the latest in fashion. It dawned on me that this was the perfect Sensei I required to develop my skills as a watch stealer and later on a pickpocket!

I informed my mom she was no longer required and mail-ordered my new assistant. We hit it off straight away!

It wasn’t long until we formed a partnership so strong we could have booked a honeymoon on the back of all the Rolex we’d stolen! As I’m a thoroughly decent chap and on the advice of my teacher, I returned all watches to their rightful owners.

If ever we’ve met, I can guarantee you the first thing I’ll notice is the type of watch you’re wearing and whether I fancy my chances! From there, I’ll see how you respond to tactile touch and if your defences are down! And because the attempted theft is disguised behind a cunning trick, you really don’t stand a chance! With one eye on your chosen card, your watch is the last thing on your mind until… I reveal it’s now on my wrist!

pickpocket phone trio

Time to further my inventory!


So with the art of watch theft firmly under my belt, Bruce and I decided it was time to take this pickpocketing lark more seriously. Watches were great but there was so much more on offer. We talked about the trickier items!

The kind of belongings that on the surface seemed quite frankly impossible to retrieve without detection.

We’re talking wallets within jackets, phones just inches from the height of privacy and ties wrapped securely around a marks’ neck!


pickpocket collage 6

Present day


So this is where you find me. At the beginning of a potentially fruitful adventure. Who knows what treasures we will find? My advice to you if you see me at a wedding or party near you; relax! Whatever I take, you get it back. All of it!

You’ve Bruce to thank for that!

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