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Amazing Christmas Party Entertainment with Close-Up Magic

Is your festive period looking a bit too frosty? Warm things up this Christmas with an enchanting Christmas Party Magician! Let’s face it, we’ve all had our fill of the same old Christmas parties.

Swapping secret Santa gifts, pulling crackers and battling with the photocopier, we’ve been there and done that. It’s time to add a touch of sparkle and create a truly unforgettable event this festive season!

Obviously, every xmas party is slightly different so for corporate events, there are a few different formats that you may like to consider when thinking about hiring a close-up magician...

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For the drinks reception:

A mix and mingle magician – here’s your standard when it comes to a Christmas magician. Wind them up and watch them wow all the guests, performing magic tricks that help set the party mood. Mingle magic is ideal for those looking for the wow factor during the drinks reception.

The Close-Up Corner – for those who’d like something a little classier combining amazing magic, a focal point plus a wonderful way to spark conversation. The Close-Up Corner allows guests to interact on their terms (much like having a casino table or a photo booth) experiencing, magic and mind reading with a little pickpocketing thrown in the mix!




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During the meal

Table Magic – as all your guests filter into the function room they may find themselves sat next to a bunch of stiff necks and party poopers. Having a Christmas party magician “table hop” with some outstanding close-up magic will help break the ice, get your guests laughing and most importantly it will help maintain a wonderful atmosphere as the Brussel sprouts are joyfully devoured!

Christmas party magician

So many guests?

If you’re having a large company Christmas party, you’ll be pleased to know that I have a plethora of wonderful Christmas party magicians to help spread the entertainment. Ideally, for your Christmas event, one magician can cater to 80-100 guests during your Christmas dinner. Are you ready for an absolutely amazing Christmas party?

Get in touch for our Christmas Party packages today.

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Perfect pre-dinner drink entertainment to kick-start your event

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A team of magicians for large events

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Intimate Dinner Party

If you’re having a Christmas party with 6-20 guests and find you’d like some serve up something a little different, my two courses of magical delights are a great way to remember the party season. Here’s the set-up:

A cosy dinner party, one table, and a host of guests savouring exquisite meals. Sounds nice, right? But wait, there’s more! Picture two servings of entertainment by yours truly slipped in between your starters and mains, or mains and desserts.

Say ‘sayonara’ to the same old small talk about how the chef has mastered the art of pot noodle gastronomy. Instead, let’s stir up some ‘did-that-just-happen’ moments that’ll turn this dignified dinner into a night to remember.

Good company, good food, and a good show – it’s like a three-course meal for the soul. And let’s be honest, that’s a combo that’s as rare as a well-cooked steak at a vegan BBQ.

A brilliant way to get the party started!

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After the meal

To keep your Christmas entertainment banging don’t dismiss having a close-up magician perform their amazing tricks after the Christmas pudding has been demolished!

Not everyone is keen on staying on the dance floor all night and often, there’s a break-out area where a great magician can work their…magic.

If you’ve got the space, The Close-Up Corner wins hands down but for those who’d like something to cater for a large group of guests all at once, consider a cabaret act…

A Stage Magician – Many Christmas party magicians will be able to provide a stand-up show to cater for numbers of 20 plus. Ideal if you’d like to ensure all the guests get to experience the perfect entertainment together. This performance sets itself apart from the previously mentioned mix and mingle/table magic by presenting effects that are more grand in scale, yet less intricate.

corporate event

Late Christmas Party?

It’s not unusual for your work Christmas party to take place after the tree and decorations have been popped in the loft. The above ideas are ideal if you’re looking for an office party magician to help entertain guests and swot those January blues!

Corporate Christmas events need not be the same as last year’s. A magician at a Christmas party will ensure that it’s not your usual ho-ho-hum festivity.

christmas dinner mind reading

The Room of Mystery

If you have a spare room available at the company Christmas party, you may like to chuck this unique format on your Christmas wish list! If you’ve been tasked with arranging the office Christmas party entertainment, The Room of Mystery could well be the key to a great night and you being crowned best in class!

Here’s the format:

A room that is kept off-limits for the majority of the evening, sparking curiosity and whispers amongst guests. As the evening rolls on, small groups are invited into this ‘mystery room,’ greeted by an array of magical delights that will leave them stunned and entertained.

They’ll get to witness incredible magic in the best settings available – no banging music or interruptions here which means you’ll get the best bang for your festive buck plus the wow factor that your works Christmas party deserves. With a mix of magic and mind reading plus a little pickpocketing, the Room of Mystery makes great entertainment for private parties, corporate events and of course, Christmas parties.

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Why hire a Christmas a Christmas Party Magician?

Unparalleled Entertainment: A Christmas Party Magician adds an exciting twist to your party, ensuring your guests aren’t stuck in an endless loop of Christmas carols and turkey-stuffing conversations.

Interactive Fun: Magic isn’t just a spectator sport. With a magician at your party, your guests can partake in the magic, making them feel part of the show.

Ice Breaker: A magician can act as an instant icebreaker, encouraging guests to interact and engage, thus creating a lively and social atmosphere.

Ageless Appeal: Magic has a universal appeal that transcends all age groups. From the young ones to the young at heart, everyone will be delighted.

Memorable Experience: Give your guests something to remember. The magic will be a talking point long after the Christmas decorations have been packed away.

Customisable Performances: A magician can tailor their act to suit your party theme, ensuring a seamless blend of fun and festivity.

Easy Set-Up: Unlike a band or a DJ, a Christmas party magician doesn’t need a stage or sound equipment, making setup a breeze.

Fills in the Gaps: Having a magician ensures there’s never a dull moment. They can fill in the gaps during the evening, ensuring continuous entertainment.

Stand Out from the Crowd: Hiring a magician will make your Christmas party stand out from the sea of typical holiday gatherings. For once, yours will be the party that people can’t stop talking about.

Christmas parties

Christmas Party Entertainment

If you’ve been tasked to put together your company Christmas party, hiring a Christmas party magician is a great way to get the party started. If the previous Christmas party was a big turkey then hiring a professional magician to do fantastic magic will go a long way to making sure this year’s event sleighs!

For large Christmas parties, let me provide my team of close-up magicians to help spread the festive cheer. For small groups, the Close-Up Corner can provide any corporate event with the x-factor your party deserves!

Christmas Parties in January

Who even has time to celebrate in December, really? January has become the new December, especially when your company is busier than a badger on a bypass during the Christmas season. Many companies opt for their festive shindigs a few weeks after Santa’s taken a break, with the bonus that you might score a better deal from suppliers.

Christmas party magician

“funny, engaging and very memorable”



About Chris

Close-Up Chris is a professional close-up magician who performs private and corporate events up and down the country.

He’s been performing professionally for over 25 years, so you can be sure your Christmas festivities are in safe hands!

If you’re after unique entertainment that will have your guests giggling like Santa on Boxing day with his favourite glass of plonk – get in touch.

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