best time for wedding magician

Best Time to Have a Wedding Magician

Best Time to Have a Wedding Magician

There’s no doubt, that having a wedding magician perform can tie your wedding together perfectly adding excitement and surprise to your big day! But when is the best time to have a wedding magician?

Let’s look at some of the key parts of the wedding and highlight some of the benefits you’ll get by hiring a wedding magician.

The Drinks Reception

Typically, a drinks reception lasts 90-120 minutes. Once the bride and groom have been congratulated by all of the guests, what else is there to do?

Expecting guests to fend for themselves whilst you have multiple photographs taken is a sure-fire way of ensuring that they get bored quickly.

A wedding magician is a perfect tonic to gently break the ice, provide some intrigue and also get people talking.

For me, the drinks reception goes a long way in setting the tone for the rest of your wedding day. Just after the wedding ceremony, there’s a natural high and everyone is in fine spirits. Now is the chance to keep your wedding guests riding on this natural high!

As your magician wows small groups with outrageous feats of prestidigitation, people who wouldn’t usually talk to each other are brought together and conversation is naturally generated.

These good vibes, will fester and grow throughout the day/evening, culminating in a ‘magical atmosphere’.

Having a magician during the champagne reception allows brides and grooms to relax knowing their guests are well looked after whilst they have their group photos and play host to the rest of the wedding party.

When is the Best Time to Have a Wedding Magician
When is the Best Time to Have a Wedding Magician
When is the Best Time to Have a Wedding Magician
When is the Best Time to Have a Wedding Magician

Bonus! Nerve buster?

Entertaining the bridal party is a welcome distraction from the pending speeches that your Groom, Best man and Father of the Bride will have to make.

A session with your professional wedding magician during the drinks reception will help get them relaxed and in good spirits!

Double bonus

Your wedding photographer will love capturing your guests being entertained. Amazing magicians bring amazing reactions and those dropped jaws make great photo opportunities that you’ll love looking back on.

When is the Best Time to Have a Wedding Magician

After the wedding breakfast

After the wedding breakfast is over and the carb-coma is starting to set in, it’s easy for the energy levels to drop at a wedding. But having a wedding magician perform during this lull is a great way to keep things going. Not only will they help keep spirits high, but they’ll also be the perfect party starter for your evening reception.

As the waiting staff complete the room turnaround, hiring a magician is a conversation starter and helps to keep your day flowing.

Your evening guests arrive sober (usually!), so your magical entertainer will help break the ice and bring strangers together with hilarious card tricks and ice-breaking antics!

Usually, the magical entertainment is required until the cake cutting/first dance as this is, traditionally, when you want your guests to hit the dance floor.

When is the Best Time to Have a Wedding Magician

The Evening Reception

Again, as above but you may want your wedding magician to start a little later and help entertain those guests who aren’t too fond of strutting their stuff on the dance floor.

Let’s be honest, keeping guests glued to the dance floor is a difficult task and often you’ll find after the first tune or two, some will seek quieter pursuits.

If you have a separate room away from the DJ and his loud music, a professional magician can help provide some wedding magic to help give your evening reception a great atmosphere.

My Close-Up Corner is a fantastic and unique wedding entertainment format which your guests will love – providing great reactions, OMG moments and plenty of fun! It’s a perfect attraction that will allow your guests to become active participants in the entertainment, rather than being mere observers. From close-up magic to mini cabaret shows, this lull buster is ideal for a second room creating a focal point and generating excitement.

When is the Best Time to Have a Wedding Magician

The Wedding Breakfast

Certainly, wedding breakfasts can be dry events and of course, a wedding magician would certainly be an asset. For me though, there are better times to use a wedding magician. As a performer, I have never enjoyed interrupting guests from eating their food as this is when they are at their most relaxed.

I believe that having a wedding magician perform table magic whilst your guests are eating, is somewhat of an unnecessary luxury. After all, what’s wrong with allowing your guests to eat in peace? They have likely been looking forward to the food all day and may not appreciate being distracted with a mouth full of beef!

So, I would always recommend having some other entertainment such as a band to help provide a relaxed atmosphere during the wedding breakfast.

I do recognise that having strangers sit together for two hours may need addressing but there are plenty of fun activities you can try which allows them to enjoy the meal fully, such as:

– Table Quizzes

– Mr & Mrs Quiz

– Wedding Trivia

– Conversation Starters

a wedding singer

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When is the Best Time to Have a Wedding Magician

Before the ceremony

Traditionally, I would say this is not needed here. Although close-up magic is super versatile and can be slotted in between almost any gap, I believe that your guests should be left to enjoy the pre-ceremony and not be bombarded with too much entertainment before the Bride makes her big reveal!

I do offer an all-day package but this is done for the key moments of a wedding day – the drinks reception and evening reception. As mentioned above, these are the really important periods in a wedding that should be addressed in order to make sure your guests have the best possible time and avoid a very boring time!

When is the Best Time to Have a Wedding Magician

During the ceremony

LOL – not a great idea 🙂

When is the Best Time to Have a Wedding Magician

When is the Best Time to Have a Wedding Magician


Having a close-up magician perform at your wedding brings much more than amazing tricks! It provides your day with something truly unique that brings guests together in a shared experience and sets your wedding apart from the rest.

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A wedding reception needs a variety of elements to create an unforgettable day:

Great friends

A beautiful wedding venue

Amazing food

First-class entertainment



And of course, a little bit of magic!

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When is the Best Time to Have a Wedding Magician

Close-Up Chris:

Close-up Chris is a full-time professional magician who knows all about weddings! He’s a sensational socialiser who can help your wedding avoid those lulls and be remembered for all the right reasons. From Corporate events to wedding day entertainment, you can be sure he’ll perform magic so cosmopolitan you could sip it from a Martini glass!

If you would like to receive his wedding brochure, and packages and check availability, get in touch today!

When is the Best Time to Have a Wedding Magician