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Unexpected Wedding Disasters!

Laughter: your failsafe for those unexpected wedding mishaps

There are few events that get planned as meticulously as your wedding.

But even after months of trawling over the details, you can’t plan for everything!

The best-laid plans always go awry and even if you think you’ve covered it all, the unexpected wedding spanner can still throw itself into the works.

Then what?

You can’t leave the biggest day of your life to chance – especially when there’s a simple backup plan that will restore the party spirit in a tick!

Let me explain…

sad maskTurn frowns upside down…

Laughter (really) is the best medicine!

As the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine (unless you have haemorrhoids, then cream is best!)

If you can get people to laugh – even when chaos is happening all around – it can change the mood instantly and get your wedding back into the right vibe.

That’s why a wedding magician (like me) goes way beyond “just” tricks – what I’m most interested in is getting reactions.

I want dropped jaws or BIG laughs – ideally a mixture of both – because these are the very emotions that can lift any event and provide the perfect remedy when things don’t go to plan.

REVERSEMagically reverse the chaos


And don’t kid yourself; you’ll be surprised what can go wrong!

Just imagine the following scenarios (I hope they don’t happen to you!!):

best manBest Man Stinkers

There have been cases when the Best Man reads the wedding party all wrong!

Instead of bromance and happy tears all around, the best man delivers a stinker of a speech full of filth, bad jokes, and embarrassing stories. Guests are cringing, the groom doesn’t know where to look, and the bride is fighting back her tears while guests try to stifle embarrassed giggles.

The atmosphere is ‘eggy’ and when the best man realises he’s royally screwed up, he just wants to disappear into a hole in the ground.

How do you recover your wedding from that?


Awkward, uncomfortable silence

Perhaps your wide circle of friends and distant relatives has resulted in a room full of strangers. This isn’t what you imagined. Instead of a big collective party with buzzing conversations and plenty of interaction, little cliques are forming because your guests are struggling to start conversations with the people they don’t know.

As a result, the atmosphere feels uncomfortable and no one is having fun – especially the bride and groom who didn’t imagine this when they dreamt of their big day.

foodThe food isn’t ready

After standing around for hours waiting for the photographers, the food is late.

Your guests are getting hungry (and starting to get grouchy).

You feel embarrassed because this doesn’t reflect well on your abilities as a wedding planner, and you’re desperate that the food isn’t what people remember from your special day.

sickThe food was awful

Worse still, the food is inedible!

After all that planning (and cost) you can see piles of discarded food, untouched plates, and guests rubbing their tummies!

bart simpsonTear-away kids

Even the best-behaved kids can cause chaos at a wedding when they get bored or tired.


Before long, your darling nieces and nephews hook up with your best friend’s twins and start hiding under tables, running around like loonies, and knocking over drinks.



How will you cater for these situations?

You could reach for the non-existent big red button and wash away your troubles with a double and ice while your party descend into chaos.




You can plan ahead with cunning methods of deception, distraction and laughter.

Because a brilliant wedding magician like me (cheeky) will bring all of those things along with my big bag of tricks.


So if the best man screws up, I can quickly change the atmosphere back to the right kind of laughs.


If the guests are shuffling around in silence, I can save the room with some lively talking points and genuine conversation starters.


If the food is late, let me provide some delicious (magical) hors d’oeuvres whilst the chef makes the finishing touches. Keeping your guest’s minds off their growling tummies with outrageous magic will be the perfect distraction!


And if the food is rubbish (I know, it doesn’t bear thinking about), let me create OMG moments to take their mind off this culinary faux pas (while you order the take-out!)

I can even entertain those tear-away kids so they don’t end up running into the cake table!

Hopefully, you won’t have any wedding day mishaps, but if you do, you’ll be glad you invested in magical entertainment – so your big day isn’t tarnished.

What to do if it rains on your wedding day?


And if nothing goes wrong, I’ll still be there to create the most incredible memories because I’m all about those magic moments that reveal your friends and loved ones at their very best.


Just imagine having pictures like these to look back on in years to come. That’s how fantastic wedding entertainment can ensure your day lasts a lifetime.

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