wedding games for guests

Wedding Games for Guests

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Wedding Games for Guests

Weddings are long old days and letting your guests fend for themselves is a wedding party faux pas that should haunt you late at night. Fear not – all you need is a little preparation and your wedding guests will keep themselves amused during those quieter moments.

So let me tickle your wedding fancy with a host of wedding games for guests that’ll make sure your wedding party will be one to remember…

Fun Wedding Games

Ring toss

The quintessential garden game for your drinks reception, striking the perfect balance between simplicity and sophistication—much like your cousin on a good day, or your best friend after a couple of drinks. This classic lawn game, featuring a ring that symbolizes the eternal love between you and your significant other, invites your guests to engage in a battle of wits and skill, all while pretending they’re not secretly plotting to win at all costs!

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Giant Jenga

Elegantly simple yet surprisingly intense, this game challenges guests to channel their inner neurosurgeon as they meticulously slide out wooden blocks. It’s the perfect addition to your outdoor wedding festivities – and fear not, should the skies decide to unleash their fury, this game transitions seamlessly indoors. After all, who needs fair weather when you’ve got the thrill of near-catastrophic collapse to keep the spirits high?

wedding game giant jenga

Wedding Speech Bingo

Distribute these cards during the wedding breakfast as a strategic move for the upcoming speeches. Your guests get to play a little game of “Spot the Cliché” as they check off the all-too-familiar phrases during toasts, with a prize for the lucky (or is it unlucky?) person who ticks off them all. Consider it wedding toast bingo – it’s our way of ensuring your guests actually pay attention, injecting a dash of entertainment into the proceedings. After all, who doesn’t love a bit of competitive spirit with their champagne?


Find the Guest Bingo

In a similar vein, have your guests locate a fellow guest that matches the description on their bingo card – it’s like a grown-up version of “I Spy” that forces your guests to mingle and get to know each other. Not only will this game break the ice, but it’ll also make sure everyone at your wedding is more than just a faintly familiar face in the crowd. I’m quite taken with this idea; it seems to have the magical ability to get guests to interact, creating the perfect backdrop for a wedding that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s a throwback to the kind of fun that doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection, sparking conversations and maybe even a laugh or two.

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Wedding Speech Sweepstake

Introducing a fantastic wedding game to engage your guests before the speeches even begin. It’s straightforward: have your guests take a stab at guessing the duration of each speech. Just make sure to keep the guesses away from the wedding table—we wouldn’t want VAR stepping in to meddle, would we? Congratulations, you’ve just levelled up your wedding reception with a game that will get everyone talking (and maybe betting). Who knew timing speeches could be such a blast?


Table Tennis

Perfect for those who wish to dazzle with their table tennis prowess when taking a break from the dance floor or propping up Nanna in her time of need after a spirited celebration. Should your wedding venue boast the luxury of space, consider the charm of a ping pong table. It’s not just a table; it’s an arena where the glory of “winner stays on” can unfold throughout the day. Who needs a dance battle when you have ping-pong duels to crown the true champion of the reception?

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Wedding Table Games

Word Search

Adults and kids alike are suckers for these and they make great table games during the wedding breakfast. Stick them on the table during meal and extra points if you want to personalise them.

wedding table games

The Wedding Shoe Game

Introducing the ultimate test of matrimonial knowledge – perfect for that lull right after the speeches at your wedding breakfast. Forget traditional games; it’s time for a showdown that doesn’t involve throwing bouquets or dodging flying garters. You’ll need a charismatic host, someone who knows their way around a microphone and isn’t afraid to put the newlyweds on the spot with hard-hitting questions like “Who’s more likely to turn the air blue when they stub their toe?” or “whose culinary skills are less likely to cause food poisoning?”

Picture this: the bride and groom, seated back to back in the arena (also known as the dance floor), armed only with their wits and a shoe belonging to each.

Get ready for laughter, some playful disagreements, and a light roasting of each other’s quirks because if you can’t publicly ridicule your life partner in front of all your friends and family, are you even married? For shoe game question ideas, see here.

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Bride and Groom Trivia

This delightful wedding game transforms the wedding breakfast, typically a 2-hour affair, into an interactive festivity. Small talk can be as challenging as understanding a magician’s secrets, so why not spice things up? Place a trivia sheet at each table, turning mealtime into a quest to uncover who truly knows the couple and who’s just in it for the gourmet experience. Tally the scores and reward the winners with a prize that’s definitely better than a bouquet catch. As for the losers? Have them frog-marched out of your wedding venue!

bride and groom quiz

Guest Mad Libs

Introducing a fill-in-the-blank slice of entertainment for your feast that doesn’t involve dodging awkward family questions. Whip up a card where your guests morph into amateur love gurus, doling out advice, survival tips for love’s battlefield, and date night inspirations that might save you from another night of Netflix indecision. Mad libs: because who doesn’t enjoy a spot of group therapy disguised as fun? Crafted for both the lone wolf and the pack.

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Colouring in

Think colouring is child’s play? Think again. It’s a form of art therapy that promises a zen-like tranquillity amidst the post-cake-cutting chaos. And yes, it’s the perfect strategy to occupy the little ones, making it a hit for those who envisioned a serene, adult-only affair. No magic wands or fairy dust needed here—just the simple, yet profound power of colouring to maintain peace and quiet.

colouring in

Classic Lawn Games

Giant Connect Four

Wedding game ideas don’t come much easier than the old 1-2-3-4 combo. Just like the ring toss game, this can be played during the cocktail hour and has a nice gentle appeal whilst photos are taken.

connect four

Giant Chess

Searching for games that challenge the mind? If you’re looking for more complex games, step forward the King (or Queen) of board games – Chess. What will you open with? The Queen’s Gambit? The one-armed snake or perhaps disrupt the norm with The African Dung Monster. Chess is a timeless intellectual duel, promises to engage at least a duo for hours on end. However, let’s amend the traditional pace; and enforce a thrilling three-second rule for each move. Elevating the game’s tempo not only tests quick thinking but adds an exhilarating twist to the classic game.

giant chess


A simple game for a fun wedding vibe. Outdoor wedding games are a great way to encourage guests to get up and become an active player at your wedding. Boules can be played in small groups and it’s a great spectacle for the watching masses. if you can, get yourself a legit set of stainless steel beauties to give this classic game the respect it deserves. Perfect for the bride and groom to get involved in for a photo or two.

bocce ball


The world’s fastest racket sports aren’t confined to those elusive leisure courts that always seem to be booked. Instead, we cordially invite our guests to flaunt their hand-eye coordination in their finest attire, reminiscent of a bygone era. Ready to find out who boasts the most elegant backhand? Or who can unleash a return of serve that might just send the bridal party scrambling? Let’s keep it classy and slightly competitive, just like the good old days – minus the stuffiness.


Crazy Golf

Looking for lawn games that will last longer than a shot of tequila near Nanna? Crazy golf is an ideal game that will play big on your wedding day. Invite guests to try and beat the bride’s high score. See who can sink the ball amidst the rotating windmill of death. Of course, you don’t need to be a whizz like Tiger, the crazy element is where all the fun comes from to keep your guests entertained.

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Perfect for those tying the knot outdoors or amidst the beauty of a garden, croquet isn’t just your average summer wedding game. Sure, whacking a ball through hoops might sound easy, but let’s add the Pimms factor and see how “simple” it remains. Challenge your guests to a round post-Pimms and watch as the true croquet champions emerge, steady hand or not. And for a dash of flair, why not introduce themed croquet sets? Think Alice in Wonderland or vintage vibes to sprinkle a bit of charm and whimsy into the mix. Plus, it’s the perfect arena for couples to showcase their competitive spirit, leading their team to glory or, at least, to a memorable laugh.

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A Scavenger Hunt

One of the best wedding games I’ve played but what is a photo scavenger hunt? Picture groups of friends and family, lists in hand, scouring the venue for hidden tokens, cryptic clues, and completing fun challenges. From snapping a photo with the oldest attendee to finding something blue or even uncovering a secret message from the bride and groom, each task adds a layer of excitement and interaction. This wedding edition classic gets people up and about and is the perfect ice breaker for wedding receptions where guests don’t know each other.

Take a photo with someone wearing blue
Take a photo of someone playing bocce ball
Take a photo of someone playing beer pong
Take a photo of someone holding their partner’s shoe/partner’s shoes
Take a photo of the wedding party all dancing

You can either have people upload the photos to Instagram with your wedding hashtag or have them taken on polaroids and pinned to a memory board

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Wedding Reception Games

Board Games

It’s a neat idea to dump a load of board games on a table where guests can pick up and participate in group games during the dreaded lull (straight after the wedding breakfast leading into your evening reception. But not all board games are equal. Don’t either contemplate putting Monopoly, Risk or some basic trivia game out there, the gaming world has come a long way. Here are some wedding games that are hilarious and will get all the guests involved:

One Night Ultimate Werewolf (great for the whole table)
Wits and Wagers
5 Second Rule
Secret Hitler
Dobble (for both kids and adults)

classic game

Evening Party Games

The Water Game

Introducing the Water Game: the quintessential summer wedding entertainment that promises to drench your guests in laughter. At our establishment, it’s the unsung hero of outdoor fun.

The setup is simpler than assembling IKEA furniture. Gather the participants into a circle, anoint one as the host, and hand them a cup of water – the chalice of potential hilarity.

The host, now feeling the weight of their newfound power, selects a topic. For argument’s sake, let’s go with “types of car”. They then secretly jot down a type of car, guarding it like a state secret.

And here’s where the plot thickens – each participant offers a guess. Echo the host’s secret choice, and you’re rewarded with an impromptu face wash. The soaked become the soaker, taking up the mantle of host for the next round.

It’s the kind of game that tests friendships, proves the unpredictability of human thought, and, most importantly, checks if your makeup is really waterproof.

Searching for wedding game ideas that’ll knock everyone’s socks off, engage the whole crowd, and fill your photo albums with unforgettable shots? Look no further and place this gem on your outdoor games list.

Of course, schedule its grand debut for the evening. After all, a little smeared mascara under the cover of night never hurt anyone—especially when it’s all in the name of fun.

Top Tips:

The selected category should not be so expansive as to permit the choice of something overly obscure, lest you find yourselves deliberating for hours on end. Go for something like letters of the alphabet or better still, days of the week!

outdoor wedding game

A Photo Booth

Not technically a game, but let’s be real, it sneaks onto this list as the ultimate ice breaker, turning guests into eager participants and leaving them with a souvenir to prove they didn’t dream the whole thing up. It also works wonders in warming up the room, creating that perfect buzz for your wedding celebrations – because what’s a wedding without a wacky hat, v sign and tongue out?

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Introducing a wedding-themed pinata as a children’s activity towards the end of the day is our clever strategy to gently nudge them into dreamland. After a marathon of festivities, a final bout of enthusiastic swings at a pinata is just the ticket to transition them from party mode to snoozeville, right on schedule for the adults to kickstart the evening’s encore. Naturally, I say this with a wink; it’s all in good fun and strategic planning.

Step aside kids, Nanna’s got this. She’s even brought her own baseball bat…



Looking for wedding reception games that will raise eye-brows and lower inhibitions. Probably best to chuck this on the dance floor late into the evening if you need an excuse to draw a crowd! A game that marries a wink of mischief and wonderful photo opportunities!


DJ Photo Wedding Game

Here’s a game that turns the dance floor into the main attraction and involves all your guests. Let’s face it, an empty boogie zone is every newlywed’s worst fear. To combat this, introduce your guests to the concept of owning the dance space early. Place the bride and groom in the spotlight, quite literally, by seating them in the centre of the dance floor. Then, have your DJ announce that each table will have a fleeting twenty seconds of fame to strike a pose with the happy couple. While this orchestrated chaos unfolds, your official photographer can capture the magic, ensuring every guest becomes a part of the wedding album. This method not only fills up the dance floor but also gets the room involved, and guarantees a few laughs and memorable photos.

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A Dance Challenge

A skilled DJ isn’t just spinning records; they’re magicians of the ballroom using every trick in the book to keep your guests grooving all night. And what’s their secret weapon? An impromptu dance competition. Picture it: boys vs. girls, groomsmen vs. bridesmaids, Nanna vs. Auntie Jane—it’s less of a dance-off and more of an epic showdown, minus the drama of a reality TV finale.

Let’s be clear, transforming your wedding into “Dancing with the Stars” isn’t the goal here. You don’t need a floor packed tighter than a rush-hour subway to make this a memorable moment. Instead, it’s about crafting a fun spectacle where your wedding guests can either jump in and bust a move or sit back, relax, and munch on wedding cake while enjoying the show. After all, it’s these unique, slightly off-the-wall moments that make your wedding unforgettable, not just another event where people awkwardly shuffle around.

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Arcade Games

Bring your nephew’s PS5 or rent some classic games for your evening reception to keep the wedding vibes lively. Think Pac-Man, Mortal Kombat, Mario Kart. Sure, things might descend into chaos, but imagine the delight when Nanna shouts “finish him” as she expertly defeats an unsuspecting child adds that special touch of extra fun you’re after, right?

arcade game

Final Thoughts on Fun Wedding Games

Keeping your wedding guests entertained isn’t exactly a walk in the park, but fear not! Introduce them to some wedding day games and watch as the potential snooze fest turns into an event to remember. You don’t have to sell your firstborn to afford these wedding games either. There’s a treasure trove of DIY options that promise fun without emptying your wallet. Take the wedding shoe game, for instance—it’s cheaper than a bag of chips and twice as entertaining. And that photo booth? Forget shelling out for high-tech wizardry. A homemade backdrop and your wedding party guests’ smartphones are all you need to create memorable snaps for your wedding album.

At the end of the day, the trick isn’t in splurging on the best wedding games but in creating engaging activities that breathe life into your wedding, especially during those moments when boredom threatens to crash the party.

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Chris is a professional wedding magician and wedding game enthusiast! He knows the true magic of games and how they break the ice, get guests chatting and having a fun time. His wedding entertainment is ideal for either the cocktail hour or into the evening and equates to some good old-fashioned fun. To check his availability for your wedding date, get in touch now.

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