wedding magician myth busters

Wedding Magician Myth Busters

Helping you pick the right Wedding Magician

Thinking of hiring a magician for your big day?

Awesome plan 🙂

But beware! All magicians are NOT the same. So be careful. Falling victim to one of these FIVE wedding magician myths could lead to disappointment.

So keep reading to discover the truth behind the myths and how you can pick a magician that ensures you have the best day of your life.

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Myth Buster 1


When it comes to booking entertainment for your wedding, you want to think about the big picture. This isn’t about filling time but instead creating an experience for your guests that intensifies the joy of the wedding. It’s about delivering opportunities that encourage people to talk, feel good, and ramp up the vibe.

That’s why close up magic is such a good investment for your big day.

It’s a subtle icebreaker that brings strangers together in a way that feels effortless and natural. With magic as a shared experience and a common talking point, everyone has a topic they can bounce off.

Seriously good close up magic also gets people excited. It makes people laugh and smile. It leaves them open-mouthed and aghast as they wonder how the tricks were performed! It creates such a good vibe and that spills out and influences the rest of the day.

There’s an unexpected benefit too that many people overlook…

The photo opportunities! Close up magic results in the most incredible facial expressions, so make sure your photographer stays close so he can capture you and your guests looking their very best.

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Myth Buster 2


It goes without saying that you want a magician who can put on an impeccable show. You don’t want your guests cringing because it’s blatantly obvious how the tricks are performed. That’s just awkward and incredibly uncomfortable to watch – and participate in.

But personality is still critical.

That’s because personality influences the delivery of the tricks – and you want someone who’s going to make your guests feel relaxed and comfortable.

So do take notice of how your chosen magician shows up. Are they relaxed, easy-going, friendly, and approachable? Or are they a bit standoffish, cheesy, clichéd, or fake with their smiles and banter?

When you’re making your choice, try to imagine the magician mingling with your guests.

That check will help you whittle your shortlist down to the magician who’s perfect for your wedding entertainment.


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Myth Buster 3

a newbie will do a good a job as a seasoned professional

In terms of cost, there is a huge spectrum of choices.

You can pay anything from £200 – £1000. But as with most things, you get what you pay for!

A newbie can still be highly skilled and talented, but because of a lack of experience, they may not be so good at working the crowd. The interaction your magician has with your guests will make or break the performance.

Remember, the crowd is the unpredictable aspect of the performance. You can polish and perfect your tricks in private – but there’s always a big unknown factor in every show.

  • Will people heckle?
  • How will the volunteers respond? (And what if no one volunteers at all?)
  • What if guests don’t want their conversation interrupted?

There are so many ifs and buts – and your magician needs to be able to handle them all confidently and personably.

So remember, when paying for an experienced magician you’re not only paying for high-quality tricks, you’re also ensuring your magician is ready to cope effectively with whatever the crowd throws at them.

For more advice on how much a close-up magician charges, check out this blog

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Myth Buster 4

wedding day experience is not essential

This is another myth that many couples overlook.

The truth is wedding day crowds are different than parties, social get-togethers, and kids’ shows.

For starters, there is often a big generational spread. From babies right up to centenarians! As a result, you need to ensure the magic pleases everyone. There’s a certain etiquette expected too. You want your magician to impress, but not take the spotlight. You want the show to be entertaining, but not risqué!

Your big day is too important to risk getting the entertainment wrong.

Remember, the entertainment has a big impact on the atmosphere, the conversations, and how everyone feels.

So don’t throw an unnecessary spanner into the works! Instead, book a magician who specialises in weddings and you’ll have peace of mind that the entertainment won’t be a disaster or a disappointment!

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Myth Buster 5

The style of magic isn’t important

False! It’s actually very important.

That’s because you want a style that will complement and enhance your day – not feel like an odd inclusion that clashes, makes no sense, and confuses your guests.

Think about the support acts at big gigs. The support sets the stage for what’s to come without overshadowing the real reason people have shown up.

It means you probably don’t want big elaborate illusions and over-the-top stage productions at your wedding.

Instead, choose close up magic. It’s subtle, yet powerful and non-intrusive, yet captivating. It’s the perfect form of entertainment to unite the party and get everyone in the best of moods.

what SHOULD you do?

Get a magician that will blow you away!

I’ve been performing at weddings and parties for over 20 years – they’re among my favourite events 🙂

I love the atmosphere, joy, and happiness that happens when two people commit to each other in front of the people they love. It’s always such a privilege to be a part of such a celebration.

So if you’re looking for a professional, experienced magician who knows exactly how to perform and entertain at your wedding or party, let’s talk.