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Hire a Close-Up Magician for private parties, weddings or corporate events.

Hey you – I’m Close-Up Chris, a professional magician who knows his way around making events super fun and less…boring. Not only do I perform incredible close-up magic but I’m also a comedy magician who likes to bring the LOL’s with the OMG’s!

“incredible entertainment – the creme-de-la-creme of magicians!”



Why book a professional magician?

You see a close-up magician is much more than sleight of hand and card tricks – when you hire a magician near you, you’re getting so much more:

  • The ultimate ice-breaker to kick start your birthday party
  • Bring your guests together with highly interactive magic
  • Add the wow factor with first-class entertainment
  • Prevent awkward silences at your wedding, parties and events



Ranked 1st out of 299 UK Magicians

Close-Up Magicians for Hire

Not all magicians are equal and here at Close-Up Chris I only use the best magicians who know the real magic isn’t always the magic tricks but the way your professional close-up magician interacts with your guests, whilst making them feel at ease in an entertaining manner.

So you think an award-winning magician is enough to satisfy your party guests? Well, think again! Why settle for anything less than the absolute best magicians in the UK? With over twenty years of experience, these magicians are experts in wowing crowds at wedding ceremonies, children’s parties, and corporate dos. Don’t just settle for the usual magic tricks, go for the real deal and make your event truly magical!

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Hire a Party Magician

Close-up magic at your next 30th/40th/50th is an absolute showstopper! Prepare to leave your guests in awe while you effortlessly dazzle as the ultimate hostess with the mostess. Say goodbye to mundane conversations about the magic circle and the weather, and let us connect you with the perfect magician who truly knows how to kickstart the party! Let the magic begin!

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Cream of the crop

Hand-picked professionals offering the best magic!

No.1 Uk Magician

Ranked 1st of UK magicians by independent review site Freeindex

cosmopolitan magic

Magic so cosmopolitan you could sip it from a martini glass!

playing card

A close up magician is a fantastic ice breaker for your event

wow your guests

Amazing reactions-guaranteed! Check out all the reviews

plenty of guests

Perfect pre-dinner drink entertainment to kick-start your event

plenty of guests
Plenty of guests?

A team of magicians for large events

unique entertainment

Our team of magicians will make your event memorable!

camera magic

Create fantastic reactions for your photographer to capture!

Hire a wedding magician

Looking for a way to entertain all your guests while your fabulous photos are being taken during the drinks reception? Oh, we’ve got you covered! Don’t fancy a dull atmosphere at the wedding breakfast? Well, fear not, because our incredible table magic is here to save the day! And guess what? It’s the perfect remedy! Need something to combat that inevitable lull after the speeches? Well, our hilarious comedy magicians are at your service! They’ll dazzle small groups with their own unique style, using borrowed objects and a little mind-reading to boot! Wedding magicians are uber popular these days with jaw-dropping magic so cosmopolitan you could sip it from a Martini glass!

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Magicians for hire at your Corporate Event

Stiff neck business events? They can take a hike! Who needs to dwell on quarterly figures when you can hire a full-time magician to dazzle, swipe the MD’s watch, and inject some much-needed relief from the 9-5 grind? From mind readers, pickpockets, stage magic, comedy magic and close-up magic, let us find magicians for hire who can really transform your special occasion into something a little more memorable than last year’s snorefest!

If your special event requires more than one magician, our team of sleight-of-hand magicians will keep your guests amazed at your next event.

Perfect for drinks receptions, gala dinners, award evenings, company milestones, Christmas parties, we can bring first-class entertainment to the world of business.

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“funny, engaging and very memorable”



FAQ for Local Magicians


With headquarters in London and Birmingham, we’re perfectly situated to cover the UK and, let’s be honest, the entire world! Our passports are ready, our close-up magic is on point, and we’re all set to bring our modern magic to your private parties, weddings, and corporate events. We promise no cheesy magic cliches, just a perfect blend of professional expertise with a touch of sarcasm.


Absolutely not! Being a children’s magician is a whole different ballgame, and it’s an achievement in itself! Our award-winning magicians are experts in entertaining adults, bringing you top-notch close-up magic that will leave you spellbound. So, while we may not be in the business of pulling rabbits out of hats at kids’ parties, we guarantee to bring the fun and world-class magic to the grown-ups! For free quotes and expert advice in getting the best out of your mind reader or magician, get in touch today.


We’ve got some super cool formats for your next important milestone including the Room of Mystery and The Close-Up Corner

As close-up magic is the perfect ice-breaker (seriously, who needs awkward small talk?), we would highly recommend hiring a local magician to kick off the evening before the music gets cranked up and the alcohol starts doing its thing


Close-up magic is a form of magic that involves performing illusions and tricks up close, usually in front of a small group of people. Unlike stage magic which is performed on a stage for a large audience, close-up magic requires skillful sleight-of-hand techniques that are executed right in front of the spectator’s eyes. Performing outrageous tricks just inches from your guest’s very eyes is a real thrill (not for your magician of course, he’s seen it a 1000 times already!). It’s perfect for weddings, events, or indeed any place where there’s a gathering of people.

About Chris

Close-Up Chris brings the fun and first-class entertainment, full stop! He’s been performing for cash since 1998 and he knows how to handle a crowd! With a focus on entertainment rather than just cool card tricks, Chris has his audience participation down to a T.

With a touch of mind reading, a dash of pickpocketing and a huge serving of comedy, Chris is the best zero award-winning magician you’ve probably never heard of

Close-Up Chris